Caprice Papadopoulos Wafer Rolls Hazelnut and Cocoa Cream Filling

Caprice Crispy wafers with cocoa and hazelnut filling that melts in the mouth and awakens the senses. One is never enough with this unique irresistible recipe… A perfect choice for you and your friends, as a daily indulgence but also on more special occasions. In two delicious flavors: Caprice with hazelnut and cocoa cream and Caprice with dark chocolate cream filling. A brand with a history, a recipe that has been adored like no other, a sweet addiction!

These are pretty old-school (way back when) so chances are you’ve seen them around Kuwait. It’s true, you really can’t just have one. I was craving some recently (out of the blue) but couldn’t find any at Sultan Center so I hit up the nearest cooperative which happened to be Qadsia and now, as you can clearly see, I’m hooked all over again! I’ll munch on these when we go for higher rounds in zombie mode on Call of Duty (when getting up to fix a snack or get actual food is not an option). They’re a huge hit with my friends too. That said, we’ve all had these before, at one point or another (like I said, old-school) but nostalgia aside, these are so good! You get a hit of chocolate without it being too… chocolate-y (thanks to the crispy wafers). It’s sweet and crunchy yet nice and light. If you haven’t tried them out yet, give ’em a shot. They come in several sizes; the 400g tins (as shown) which retail for KD 1/380, the smaller 250g tins and even smaller 115g tins.

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