The Walking Dead Season 8 Premiere

When you show up late to work because you were watching the The Walking Dead premiere.
Priorities, people. Priorities. ^_~

It’s now 7:15 in the morning and I just finished watching the season 8 premiere of The Walking Dead (100th episode). Normally, I’d watch The Walking Dead with my younger brother, on a Friday (after he comes back from praying at the mosque), in the Cinema Room. If not, I’d wait until I got back home (after the end of a work day), finish up all my chores (so they don’t weigh on my mind while I’m trying to watch the show), order in some pizza (Solo Pizza Napulitana via Carriage because I’m always starving mid-episode), and have a nice long shower (because it takes about an hour or so for the food to arrive, which is just about as long as my shower). At 11pm every Monday (Sunday for people in the U.S.), when everyone has gone to sleep or is in the process of getting ready to sleep, I can kick back and relax and fully immerse myself in The Walking Dead and then Talking Dead (which I only started watching after the episode where the zombie ate Rick’s wife Lori at the prison) right after, without any distractions or interruptions.

I actually discovered The Walking Dead with my older brother when we watched the pilot (he wanted to watch a sci-fi show called Terra Nova which was good but I advocated for The Walking Dead because… zombies, and won) and then the entire first season together but then I got engaged and had to prep for marriage and then I got married and moved out for a bit but then came right back home and eventually got a divorce. I tried getting my parents into it (my dad said that in his entire 74 years on this Earth, he’d never seen anything more terrifying and disgusting in reference to that zombie from the first episode, you know the one) which didn’t pan out and my siblings scolded me for subjecting my dad to that. I’ve tried watching it with my girls, on several occasions, but one seems to think everyone is hot for everyone else (“oh he totally wants her”, in reference to Dale and Andrea having a conversation, even though I kept explaining that it was a father-daughter relationship) and the other two never stop talking, one narrating the show in real-time and actually talking over it (“Oh, he’s trapped. Uh-oh he’s opening that door. He shouldn’t open that door. She’s totally gonna’ get killed. Look, she made it.”) and the other constantly asking us questions as if we’ve got some sort of insight and aren’t watching the episode for the first time (“What’s going to happen? Are they going to make it? Is it a trap?”). People yapping during a movie or a show annoys me in general but to do it during The Walking Dead which is practically sacred to me, is unforgivable. Thankfully, the rest of my girlfriends are either too scared to watch it or lost interest after a certain point. I haven’t even attempted watching it with my favorite cousin because every time we get together we start giggling like little kids (We went to see Logan (4D) together at the theater which was a big mistake because it was a really good movie but the harder we tried to stifle our laughter, the more we laughed) so I’m definitely not watching The Walking Dead with her.

That’s why I’ll either watch The Walking Dead alone or with my younger brother (because we barely even breath while watching the show and only discuss what happened after the episode ends) but he refuses to watch Talking Dead and I can’t really fault him for that. I mean… Chris Hardwick is annoying as hell – he keeps hinting at things, pretending he doesn’t really know, but he clearly does (he’s either watched the episode before it aired or been told by the execs or something to that effect) because the things that he hints at are usually very, very specific (“Oh, it seems like Madison Clark has a dark past and she’s been through some serious stuff”). I like the guests that he brings on the show though, from Greg Nicotero, Scott M. Gimple, etc…, to one or two surprise members of the cast, to random celebrities like self-proclaimed The Walking Dead Super Fan Yvette Nicole Brown (it took some time but she grew on me and now I simply adore her). I haven’t watched it yet because I’m busy “working”… at work. However, I can’t wait for the 2-hour special of Talking Dead when I get back home. Supposedly, Rick and Daryl (and a surprise cast member, here’s hoping it’s Negan) are going to be on the show tonight!

Anyways, I figure it’d be fun to do a weekly post on each new episode of The Walking Dead (and possibly Talking Dead), right after watching it. Obviously, it’s going to contain spoilers so consider yourselves warned and steer clear, until after you’ve watched the latest episode. There aren’t going to be any earth-shattering revelations. It’s just my thoughts and opinions (likes, gripes, hopes and predictions). It goes without saying, but everyone is welcome to share their own thoughts too.

Warning Spoilers Ahead Warning

Okay, so after watching Season 8, Episode 1 called Mercy all I have to say is… not enough Negan. I was so looking forward to more of Negan‘s delightful quips. If any other character said those exact same lines, it would come across as cheezy but somehow with Negan it just works and he pulls it off, effortlessly (biased? who? me? nuh)! However, as much as I love Negan, if I were Rick standing outside with a clear shot at Negan like that, I would’ve taken the shot (as opposed to striking up a conversation with the man that’s been terrorizing everyone for so long). That said, this is a show and just like with most shows, sometimes we have to suspend our beliefs for what the producers want and in this case, the producers wanted them to have a chat (completely understandable). I mean Rick could’ve taken the shot, ending Negan‘s life (God forbid!) and by extension freeing everyone else… but then what? They all live happily ever after (for the rest of the season)? That one scene where all the groups (Hill Top Group, Kingdom Group and Rick’s Group) were intermingling with each other was cute for about all 2 seconds before it came across as cheezy. If there was no imminent threat always looming over them, there’d be a lot more of that. Who would wanna’ watch that? Personally, the reason why I watch The Walking Dead is to see how the characters interact with each other in the face of soul-crushing tragedy. It’s frustrating watching them endure but also very satisfying when they rise. If Negan was killed now, a new “Big-Bad” would pop up, based on the show’s previous seasons and quite frankly I’m not ready to say goodbye to Negan yet (I’m hoping against hope, that Rick & Co. after defeating Negan, give him a fair shot at redemption (and eventually he works with them against the newer “Big-Bad”).

I got this sense of deja vu while watching Carl, but then after seeing the missing-torso zombie, it finally registered. I don’t understand the point but basically it’s a throwback to the pilot episode. Okay, here’s my mini-theory; If Carl is the new Rick, then the mystery kid (the guy that Rick scared away and Carl went back to with an apology note and food, in this episode) is the new Morgan. So Carl and the mystery kid will go on to form a friendship akin to the one Rick and Morgan had/have… which would explain the throwback scenes that seem pointless otherwise. I mean Rick is already parroting the mystery kid by the end of the episode, “May my mercy prevail over my wrath” (verse from the Holy Quran that was said by the mystery kid to Carl and overheard by Rick). Yeah, I’m sticking with my mini-theory. Can’t wait for everyone else to watch the episode so I can run it by them and see what they think.

That said, I don’t know what’s up with all the flash-forwards with Rick, but it doesn’t bode well. Whenever people on the show start imagining a happy future surrounded by their loved ones, they usually end up dead, shortly after. Come to think of it, Rick did say something to Carl along the lines of “This is the end of it.” before leaving, and Michonne did say “This is your show” to Carl and finally, Rick told Maggie “After this, I’m following you.” So, maybe Rick and Maggie end up dying during the skirmish? But then The Walking Dead wouldn’t be the same without Rick… plus, his eyes were red-rimmed so maybe Negan kills Rick’s kids? No, that’s too mean. Plus, what’s the point of keeping Judith alive this whole time only to have her killed off? More likely, Negan kills Michonne. Yeah, I’m thinkin’ Negan will try to kill Carl but Michonne will step in (probably taking a bullet for Carl) which ends up killing her. Sounds about right, especially when you factor in that every woman Rick has ever had feelings for, ends up dead. Maybe I’m overthinking it? See? This is where Talking Dead comes in handy and fills in a few blanks (since they are privy to insider-info).

I find that most of The Walking Dead episode are more of a slow-burn, as opposed to the action-packed season premieres and season finales. This season premiere episode wasn’t exactly uneventful but it wasn’t the most exciting either. I have to admit, the Negan and Father Gabriel pairing is amusing (I still remember when Negan called Father Gabriel creepy at one point, lawl) and I can’t wait to see how they get out of this one!

I like how I started this around 7am and now it’s already 3pm :/

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