Sephora Loyalty Program

Here’s everything I know about the Sephora Loyalty Program in Kuwait, so far. Supposedly, signing up for the Sephora Loyalty Program is free. However, you can only sign up after making a purchase. In my case, I was only at the check-out counter because I was getting the GlamGlow Holiday Set (hauled here) and a few of the newer (at the time) Sephora Face Masks, when they asked me if I had a Sephora Card and if not, would I be interested in signing up for one (as they were ringing up my purchases). Once you sign up for the Sephora Loyalty Program at the check-out counter at Sephora, they hand you a White Sephora Card. After 72 hours, your Sephora Loyalty Program account is finally activated (you get access to the site) and you get an e-mail with a voucher (that expires in 2 months) to claim your “Welcome Gift”… with your next purchase. Personally, I thought that was silly. Why couldn’t they have just given me the “Welcome Gift” when I signed up in-store? I’d just made a purchase. I was already there. I wasn’t about to drive all the way back to the Avenues (which isn’t exactly the most convenient of locations really) just to make yet another purchase at Sephora (so soon after my previous Sephora purchase), just to get the “Welcome Gift”.

Visit your nearest Sephora store now to receive your first treat with your next purchase! Choose between a free Sephora 125 ml Supreme Body Lotion or a Sephora 140 ml Lagoon Creamy Body Wash.

*Please show this email on a printout or your smartphone, or ask one of our beauty experts.

As you can see, in my case, it was a choice between either a body lotion or a body wash, from the home-brand (Sephora). Personally, based on the photo in the e-mail, I thought the “Welcome Gift” seemed very generic, boring, and quite frankly, cheap. I’d expect this from stores that weren’t doing so well but from a prestigious brand like Sephora? Shameful (shame, shame, shame lawl). I mean… people spend so much money at Sephora and I feel that the “Welcome Gift” should reflect that by at least being somewhat appealing. Here’s a an outlandish suggestion. How about Sephora (store known for selling makeup) present people with an actual makeup item as their “Welcome Gift“? Generally, Red Liquid Lipstick is a hit with the majority. Everyone is obsessed with Highlighters at the moment. Even a Bronzer would probably be very welcome. Maybe a cool Makeup Brush or some really good Skincare. Basically, anything that would get the girls excited. Obviously, I didn’t go back to pick up my “Welcome Gift” and after 2 months, the voucher expired anyway (no skin off my nose really).

The more you shop at Sephora, the more points you get on your White Sephora Card. Kinda’ like the Alshaya Privileges Club actually.

Apparently, in Sephora (Kuwait) every 800 fils or KD /800 (exactly $2.65 U.S. Dollars) is equal to 1 point.

Meanwhile, in Sephora (U.S.) every $1 (exactly 300 fils or KD /300) is equal to 1 point.

Just sayin‘.

So you start off with a White Sephora Card. After accumulating 200 points (spending KD 160/000), you get upgraded to a Black Sephora Card and you get to pick a free gift from a pitiful pre-selected… selection (they looked so dusty, dirty, and straight up ratchet in the glass display at the check-out counter). The final upgrade at 1,500 points (which you reach after spending KD 1,200/000) is a Gold Sephora Card. If you manage to accumulate another 1,500 points (within a year), your Gold Sephora Card is renewed for another year. However, if you don’t reach the 1,500 mark, you are downgraded back to a Black Sephora Card (all the points you’ve accumulated on your Gold Sephora Card will be transferred to your Black Sephora Card) so you could work your way back up to a Gold Sephora Card (so stupid). Supposedly, each card comes with it’s own set of “perks”.

Your Sephora White Card is your ticket to beautiful rewards

Getting on board the Sephora Loyalty Program is quick and easy! Simply sign up and join upon making any purchase at our stores!

  • WELCOME GIFT Present your Welcome Email to redeem a free gift
  • EXCLUSIVE NEWS & SPECIAL OFFERS throughout the year
  • WEB ACCOUNT to easily access your point balance and                          update your personal details

Get upgraded to Black status upon accumulating your first 200 points. When you reach 200 points, a prestigious brand gift is yours to choose from a delicious selection in-store.

Basically, you get the card (Sephora White Card), an e-mail (with a voucher for a “Welcome Gift“) and an account (at Other than that, I have yet to receive a single e-mail from Sephora with any Exclusive News & Special Offers (I’ve checked both my inbox and junk mail). It’s kind of surprising actually because you’d think they’d spam the life out of you… but not even a peep (aside from the initial “Welcome Gift” e-mail), so far.

The Sephora Black Card, a never-ending beautiful journey

In addition to the benefits of the Sephora White Card, gain access to even more rewards with your Sephora Black Card.

  • 200 POINTS = A prestigious brand gift
  • EXCLUSIVE ACCESS to private Sales
  • A GIFT for your birthday

(*) For each two hundred (200) points accumulated the cardholder will receive by email a gift voucher to redeem against one (1) gift to be chosen by the Loyal Customer from a selection made by Sephora in its absolute discretion. Gifts to be collected are subject to stock availability. Cardholders will be regularly receiving news and special offers from Sephora by mail, emails or SMS on the addresses and/or phone numbers they have provided here above.

Basically, once you hit the 200 points mark, you get a Black Sephora Card and a “Prestigious Brand Gift” (LOL) to show for it. I’ve seen those “Prestigious Brand Gifts” in the glass displays at the check-out counter. Personally, I’d describe them as sad, ratchet, embarrassing, etc… (you get the picture) and not really something that I personally would covet (coming from a person who gets excited over scented handsoap and anti-perspirant, mind you, so that’s really saying something). Also, the time to redeem your “Prestigious Brand Gift” is only valid for 6 months. As for the Invites to Exclusive Events and Special Previews (so pretentious lawl) and the Special Offers throughout the year and the Fabulous Personalized Offers (what’s the difference between all those “offers”? I feel like they’re just repeating the same thing, only wording it differently) I can’t really comment just yet because I’m still on my White Sephora Card but to me it sounds like a whole lotta’ nothin’ (based on my experience with the non-existent Exclusive News & Special Offers that were promised as the benefits of having a White Sephora Card). Everything is “special” and “exclusive”, apparently (someone really needs to sit them down and explain the definitions of those words, pronto). Also, why is having access to the Web Account listed as one of the benefits of having a Black Sephora Card? I already have access to the Web Account (which you automatically receive once when you sign up for a White Sephora Card). At least you get a “Birthday Gift“, (only valid for 2 months) which based on what I’ve come to expect from them, is probably going to be something that isn’t doing well (sales-wise), so they’ll try foisting it on their loyal customers instead. I’m very tempted to rack up enough points (to get upgraded to a Black Sephora Card) just to prove my point. Aside from the “Prestigious Brand Gift” (every 200 points, valid for 6 months) and the “Birthday Gift” (valid for 2 months), there doesn’t seem to be any actual perks to having a Black Sephora Card. It’s like they couldn’t be bothered (even the excerpt is in all-caps lawl).

Welcome to the ultimate world of beauty

You are pure Gold. Let us treat you to the exclusivity you deserve.

  • BIRTHDAY GIFTS GET CELEBRATED with a 250 AED/SAF/QAR or 25 BHD voucher to be spent at Sephora
  • PRIVATE SALES Meet us for exclusive beauty moments with Private Sales lasting longer just for you.
  • A PRESTIGIOUS BRAND GIFT A prestigious BRAND GIFT available every 200 points
  • EXCLUSIVE OFFERS Receive premium surprises, free points and special services
  • YOUR VIP PRIVILEGE Every 1000 Sephora points, enjoy another special precious and premium GOLD GIFT
  • MINI-MANAGAZINES & E-NEWSLETTERS Everything you need to know about trends, new sensational products and beauty places to be…
  • SNEAK PREVIEWS Try new products before anyone else: your opinion counts

Basically, they’re sayin’ if you don’t have a Gold Sephora Card, your opinion doesn’t count (just kidding… but not really). Also, what’s the purpose of having more points (free or otherwise) if the points are effectively useless? The mini-magazine and e-newsletter sounds like potential spam and not something I’d be interested in (I mean is a joke!) but it’s just annoying how they advertise something without following through. I could be totally wrong though and they might actually be treating their Gold Sephora Card members really well, inviting them to Sneak Previews (which does sound really cool), possibly inviting them to Private Sales, and such. Again, there’s the Prestigious Brand Gift (every 200 points) but also a Special, Precious, Premium Gift (every 1,000 points). I doubt either one of those “gifts” would be half-way decent. Also, notice how for the “Birthday Gift“, all the other countries (Emirates, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, and Bahrain) get a voucher and yet there’s no mention of Kuwait (saaad faaaace). I feel like “Premium Surprises” and “Special Services” could totally be a thing in other more civilized countries like the United Arab Emirates or Qatar and such (as opposed to being on the list just to make the Gold Sephora Card in Kuwait sound fancy). Finally, unless you accumulate 1,500 points on your Gold Sephora Card within the year, they’ll take you back down to a Black Sephora Card (transferring your points) so you could work your way back up, again (fun).

So to recap:

White Sephora Card (free)
Black Sephora Card (200 points)
Gold Sephora Card (1,500 points)

White Sephora Card Benefits:

Welcome Gift
Account at
Special Offers

Black Sephora Card Benefits:

Birthday Gift
Brand Gift (every 200 points)
Special Offers
Sneak Previews
Private Sales

Gold Sephora Card Benefits:

Birthday Gift
Brand Gift (every 200 points)
VIP Privilege Gift (every 1,000 points)
Special Offers
Sneak Previews
Private Sales
Mini-Magazine and E-newsletter.


Welcome Gift” is valid for 2 months
Birthday Gift” is valid for 2 months
Prestigious Brand Gift” (every 200 points) is valid for 6 months
VIP Privilege Gift” (every 1,000 points) is valid for 6 months
Gold Sephora Card” is valid for 1 year (unless you reach 1,500 points in which case your Gold Sephora Card is renewed for another year, however if it’s less than 1,500 points, you’ll get taken back down to a Black Sephora Card and all the points you’ve accumulated thus far will be transferred to your Black Sephora Card)

I believe that pretty much covers the Sephora Loyalty Program. Obviously, I’ll continue blogging about the whole thing (down to the nitty gritty details) while I’m experiencing them. That said, I’ve got to deal with a minor hiccup, first (I lost my White Sephora Card already, lawl) but once that’s sorted, expect constant updates on the Sephora Loyalty Program.

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