Riffi Exfoliating Loofah Massage Strap

A daily riffi massage has lots of benefits:

  • Stimulates Circulation
  • Invigorates Blood Flow
  • Results in smoother, clearer, better toned skin
  • It even helps combat cellulite
  • Superhygienic and durable due to riffi original fibre
  • Prevents and soothes tension of the back muscles, even in zones which are difficult to reach

If you’ve got sensitive skin (in any way), feel free to stop reading at this point.

Nothing but nothing, beats the feeling of a having a nice, scalding hot shower, coupled with some extremely hardcore exfoliation action using a riffi Massage Strap all lathered up in a scented Bath & Body Works Shower Gel! It’s beyond therapeutic! I mean, the fact that it’s actually called Massage Strap is deliciously apropos! There are many, many reasons why I absolutely love these riffi Massage Straps, the main one being how extremely rough the fibers are (my mother refuses to believe that these were made with humans in mind, as she feels that they’re ridiculously rough and therefore more likely something created for household pets). Sure, they are a bit… painful (lawl) but that’s easily fixed by generously applying Shower Gel to the “Massage Strap” and getting a good lather going. With that being said, I use Exfoliating Gloves and Shower Puffs (all of which are replaced regularly) for the more sensitive areas of the body.

Another thing I love about these riffi Massage Straps are the practicality of their design. At this point, it’s safe to say that I’ve tried my hand at every Shower Accessory that’s meant for exfoliating, from those awkward long-handle sticks with a chunky square loofah on one end, to those skinny Japanese Shower Cloths from the brand Salux (keep wanting to call it Parlux, for some reason) and everything inbetween including the usual Shower Puffs, Exfoliating Mitts, Exfoliating Gloves, etc… In the past, I was using a very badly designed Loofah (Sisal…?) – the beige-yellow netted kind that can be found at the more Traditonal Shops and Souqs in Kuwait – that had no form to them (tapered on the edges, widest in the middle), no handles (you had to loop your fingers in, on either side to be able to scrub your back), terrible quality (stretched out with use and eventually ended up becoming even more lopsided). Basically, they were an all around mess. In Arabic, they are referred to as a leefah (as opposed to loofah).

On the other hand, these riffi Massage Straps are longer, wider (covering more surface area therefore saving more time) and they come with ergonomic handles (so convenient)! Aside from using the handles when you’re scrubbing your back, tummy, thighs, etc… you can also use them to hang up the riffi Massage Strap to dry (when you’re done with your shower). Supposedly, riffi uses special fibers or whatever but you can never be too careful about drying your stuff (anything stored in the bathroom) after a shower (inflow of humidity), otherwise they’ll grow all kinds of nasty bacteria and mold. These riffi Massage Straps also came in several colors; Purple (my first!), Blue, White, etc… I wanna’ say the colors mean something (Purple=roughest, Blue= slightly less rough, etc…) but I could just be making that up (lawl) so don’t quote me on that.

At this point, it’s safe to say that these riffi Massage Straps are not only my favorites but without a doubt, my Holy Grail Shower Accessory. To this day, I take mine with me everywhere, from family summer vacations abroad in Europe when I was younger, to short weekend trips with the girls to neighboring countries like Dubai when I got a bit older, to long business trips farther out (Germany) and summer resort destinations such Sharm El-Sheikh (Egypt) and Phuket (Thailand). Once, I even forgot mine back in Kuwait (I’d showered with it and hung it up to dry for a bit but due to my naughty habit of packing my suitcase at the last minute, I only remembered my beloved riffi Massage Strap once our plane touched down in Europe) and went into hyperventilating mode until my mom managed to get one of her friends (who was going also going to be visiting that same country, with her family in tow) to pass by our home (back in Kuwait) to pick up the riffi Massage Strap and bring it with her to Europe. I mean, I’d be pretty bummed out if I had to give up makeup (for whatever reason) but I’d straight up die if I had to give up these riffi Massage Straps (y’all don’t even know)! I’ve repurchased these things for years and years and will continue to do so, because these riffi Massage Straps are hands down the best at exfoliating my skin!

In collaboration with doctors and dermatologists, the riffi Original Massage Fiber has been specially developed to cater to skin needs. Unlike mass-produced (low quality) products, riffi products are handmade, using select environment-friendly raw materials.

If you’re like me and enjoy a good physical exfoliating session, than you’ll love these, specifically the ones in the Original or Classic range which are actually categorized as “intensive“. I mean… the fibers on these riffi Massage Straps are so rough, they take physical exfoliation to the next level! In the interest of full disclosure, I’ve read several articles where dermatologists actually warn against over-zealous exfoliation because it can damage your skin. With that being said, I actually prefer ultra-rough loofahs (the rougher the better) because I don’t feel as clean unless I’m practically bleeding (which doesn’t exactly sound the most sane… but it’s just my personal preference). I absolutely love how it makes my skin feel squeaky clean! Plus, I’ve tried my hand at Dry Brushing (increased blood circulation, helps to minimize cellulite, etc…) in the past and even though I liked the after effects, it kinda’ took a lot of elbow grease (which made it feel like a chore). However, by using these riffi Massage Straps you can get the effect of both Exfoliating and Dry Brushing simultaneously, with very minimal effort!

Also, did I mention that these things are super rough! I know, I know, I keep repeating that but you guys, I cannot emphasize enough how wonderfully abrasive these riffi Massage Straps are! Again, not exactly great for sensitive skin (or possibly any kind of skin, lawl) but I personally love them!

These riffi Massage Straps are the roughest, toughest and honestly the best straps ever! They’re such good quality (made in Germany), they really last for a good long while (they don’t start falling apart after only a month like those other no-name brand exfoliating gloves) and they’re super easy to maintain (just toss it in the washing machine every now and then, along with the rest of your laundry). Best of all, they exfoliate like no other! To date, I haven’t found anything better or even remotely similar which is why these riffi Massage Straps are my absolute favorite! At only KD 5/000 a pop, you really can’t go wrong here.

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