MAC Saint Germain Nail Polish

When you’re feeling blue… paint your nails pink!

On a completely serious note (well, as serious as can be when ultimately, we’re talking about nails here…) it’s funny how something as trivial as a mani-pedi can cheer me up (almost instantly) when I’m feeling down. It’s actually pretty common for women to alter their appearance after going through a significantly challenging situation (death of a loved one, miscarriage, divorce/break-up, getting fired, etc…) be it an extremely out of character haircut (for example; going from having long hair to extremely short hair), a change in hair color (brunette to blonde and vice versa) or even opting for some surgical enhancements. If you’re a non-Muslim, tattoos are another very popular option. Whatever the change is, it’s usually something drastic. The same thing applies on a smaller scale (getting into a fender-bender, gnarly fight with a loved one, dealing with the flu, having a bad day at work, etc…) and for some reason, something as trivial as a mani-pedi just makes me feel… better. Obviously a mani-pedi doesn’t actually solve anything and yet it has a comforting effect (for me, at least) as if to say “You’re gonna’ be okay, girl.”

Even personal grooming or (lack-thereof) – which is another aspect of outward appearance – can sometimes not only reflect a person’s mood, but also affects it, for example; men who haven’t shaved their face for a few days, visibly perk up once they do. Personally, I get bummed out when my nails start looking worse for wear, however, by that same token, a fresh manicure and pedicure always makes me feel human again. That said, I’m not the type of girl that has a meltdown when she breaks a nail. In fact, I’m constantly biting my nails but I’m learning to control that. Full disclosure, I’m actually quite hopeless when it comes to doing my own nails, which is why I get them done by a professional at the salon. It doesn’t help that my nails are predisposed to looking beat (full story here). Regardless of whatever I’m going through at the time, a quick glance down at my well-groomed nails (preferably coated with a fun and cheerful color) somehow manages to boost my spirit. Again, I’m well aware of how trivial a mani-pedi sounds and obviously don’t expect it to actually solve anything real but I find the psychological aspect of it to be pretty interesting. Isn’t it fascinating how our outward appearance and our feelings are so intertwined with each other?

MAC Saint Germain Nail Lacquer (hauled here) is described as a light cool pink in a cream finish. Its lipstick counterpart (MAC Saint Germain Lipstickclean pastel pink in an amplified creme finish) is a chalky hot mess against my complexion but somehow Saint Germain Nail Lacquer is quite flattering on me (or so I feel). MAC Ice Cream Cake Nail Lacquer (hauled here) which is described as a creamy blue pink, is very similar, if only the tiniest bit darker. When I’m rockin’ a lil bit of a tan, I usually tend to go for MAC Snob Nail Lacquer (hauled here) which is described as a light neutral pink in a cream finish. Truth be told, I feel like it’s a more elegant pink (especially on longer nails) because it’s such a subdued pink. When I’m really dark, I’ll opt for China Glaze Shocking Pink Nail Lacquer (think of it as MAC Candy Yum Yum Lipstick in nail polish form) which is a neon pink that dries matte. It’s a very fun shade (especially on toes) and although it might seem easily dupe-able, I have yet to find something similar (for my skintone). That said, sometimes a girl just wants a nice, cute, girly-girl pink on her nails. Not too dark, not too light, not too neon, not too bright (I made that rhyme, ON PURPOSE). For me, that’s MAC Saint Germain Nail Lacquer.

Every time I happen to glance at Saint Germain on my nails, I feel a li’l surge of delight! Not quite sure on the hows and whys of it, but having well-groomed nails (especially in such a cute shade) just makes me happy and I truly believe Saint Germain is the quintessential girly-girl pink!

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