RC Q Lemonade

Throwback Thursday! … except it’s not really thursday and it’s not really a throwback, because I’ve never actually had RC Q Lemonade before today. I did try… erm… I wanna’ say RC Cola also known as Royal Crown Cola, but that was ages ago (possibly when I was a tween). All I remember is that the RC Cola had the exact same packaging as this RC Q Lemonade (small stout glass bottle with twist off aluminum cap) and the packaging was a dark navy with RC Cola in red print. My favorite Lemonade is from Raising Cane’s but I was at the little convenience store next to our home (not quite a baqala but more of a fir3) when I came across this stuff and decided to pick it up (along with another drink, KDD Power Fruits) on a whim. It did not look like it was going to be fizzy. It was. It also tasted very mild (at least to me), like one of those really weird-tasting, gluten-free, caffeine-free, low-glycemic, organic and vegan bottled sodas from Burger Boutique that always taste “iffy” to me, if not slightly medicinal. It wasn’t instant love but I don’t want to write off, just yet. I might pick another one up again at some point, just to say I’ve given it a fair shot. I just hope this doesn’t become my gateway drug (I’ve sworn of soda/pop/fizzy drinks for the past few months so I can become skinny (like Negan!) and I’ve been so good about it too… rarely cheating, if ever, until now… and it wasn’t even WORTH IT.

Fun Fact: In 1954, Royal Crown was the first company to sell soft drinks in a can, and later the first company to sell a soft drink in an aluminum can!

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