Sultan Center Necessities Haul (Toothbrush, Soaps, Anti-Perspirant)

Nothing lifts my spirits faster than creature comforts (stuff that smells nice or looks cool or both!). You’d take a look at these things and think, “not the most exciting of hauls, girl” and I’m totally with you. They look pretty blah but… BUT, keep reading and find out why you’re wrong! That Black (so cool!) Toothbrush is a Colgate® 360°® Charcoal Toothbrush (360! Wuuut! Charcoal! Wut!) and right next to it is a very possible Bath & Body Works Foaming Hand Soap dupe and next to that is the single-best-smelling-hand-soap of life (y’hear me? Life!) and finally an anti-perspirant (okay, fine, this last one might be boring for you guys, I’ll give ya’ that, but I can’t help getting excited over scented anti-perspirants and a possible favorite at that, granted I have yet to sniff the thing and all this is just pure speculation but a girl can dream speculate).

Colgate® 360°® Charcoal has charcoal infused bristles for a healthier whole mouth clean*.

Bacteria can cause tooth decay and gum problems. Did you know that 80% of the bacteria in people’s mouths are not on teeth? Colgate® 360° Charcoal is designed to seek out and target hidden bacteria in hard-to-reach places with its cheek and tongue cleaner and rubber polishing cups.

In addition, Colgate® 360°® Charcoal’s thin and long charcoal slim tip bristles reach deep between the teeth and along the gum line.


  • Slim tip charcoal infused bristles
  • Rubber polishing cups
  • Cheek and tongue cleaner
  • Small compact head for easier reach
  • Ergonomic, non-slip rubber thumb grip
  • Comfort-grip handle

I’ve tried my hand at Charcoal Face Masks (Origins), Charcoal Scrubs (Lush), Charcoal Pore Strips (Biore), Charcoal Towelettes (Garnier), Charcoal Blotting Linens (Boscia) and even a Charcoal Konjac Sponge (Boscia) so it goes without saying that I’d definitely be down to try out a Charcoal Toothbrush (Colgate). My younger brother has been trying to convince me to get an Electric Toothbrush for more than a decade now, but I’m not down for that because it seems like too much a of a commitment since every couple of months, I tend to toss out my toothbrush. I’m not picky when it comes to which brand I go for (provided the bristles are firm). I just choose whichever looks the most interesting to me and right now it’s this Colgate 360 Charcoal Toothbrush (because of all this charcoal business). Plus, I’m a firm believe in brushing your tongue (not just your teeth) and this supposedly helps with that. At the very least, this Colgate 360 Charcoal Toothbrush is black, which I think looks pretty cool!

Indulge your senses and pamper your hands with the decadent scent of Softsoap® Whipped Cocoa Butter. Infused with real cocoa butter extracts, its aroma makes every hand wash a treat, while rich foam gently cleans skin.

I haven’t been to Bath & Body Works in forever and as such, have been going through B&BW Hand Soap withdrawal. I’m fully stocked up on B&BW Candles and I tend to use body lotion and body wash (read: shower gel) from other brands (not just from B&BW) so that’s not even an issue. I’m kinda’ over Bath & Body Works; the collections they release are never up to date (I can never find the latest collection until a couple months after it’s already been released world-wide), the newer scents that they release aren’t that exciting, the signature scents (what little we have in Kuwait) are boring, the scents of their products always turn (read: go bad) shortly after purchase, everything always looks ratchet (either banged up, dusty, or severely picked over by aggressive customers) and lastly, I feel like the quality has gone down over the years (even the large 3-wick Candles smell weak now), all of which makes me quite hesitant to fork over my hand earned cash. Oh, oh, almost forgot to mention that everything is ridiculously over-priced! That’s why I picked up this Softsoap Foaming Hand Soap in the scent Whipped Cocoa Butter hoping it would be a decent, budget-friendly alternative. That said, I’m more partial to Deep Cleansing Hand Soaps (ones that come with little exfoliating beads, Bath and Body Work‘s in particular), as opposed to Foaming Hand Soap, but this was all I could find. What’s more, Sultan Center had a range of different Softsoap Foaming Hand Soap scents. So if things works out, there’s more scents to choose from. I chose Whipped Cocoa Butter mostly because of the pretty background on the packaging but also because I recognized the Vanilla Flower and generally (for me) Vanilla is always a safe bet.

Nivea Lemongrass & Oil Soap
Revitalize with NIVEA crème soap Lemongrass & Oil with pampering oils and the energizing scent of lemongrass. With new Hydra IQ technology that leaves skin moisturized for softer and smoother skin.

People! PEOPLE! The scent on this soap is EVERYTHING! I will try (and probably fail) at describing how gorgeous this smells so just do yourself a favor and go give this a sniff! I only picked it up off the shelf because it read “lemongrass” (I’m all about that lemongrass goodness!) and also because of the picture of a lime. After giving it a sniff (through the cardboard packaging) I was completely smitten with the scent. It had an absolutely delightful zest-y sweet lime scent (that strongly reminds me of 7 Up/Sprite) that sometimes veers towards Skittle territory (kinda’ like these Boots Zingy Lime Fizz Shower Gels) mixed in with a faint soap-y scent. All I can say about the scent of the Nivea Lemongrass & Oil Soap is… LIVING FOR THE SCENT!

I could not find anything online about this Nivea Fresh Comfort Anti-Perspirant. I could find stuff on Fresh Natural (previously reviewed here) and Dry Comfort (never purchased before) but not a thing on Fresh Comfort. I mean there is another anti-perspirant from Nivea also called Fresh Comfort but the picture is totally different so… yeah. Anywho, my all-time favorite anti-perspirant was a Lemongrass & Grapefruit scent from the Go Fresh line from the brand Dove (reviewed here) but they discontinued it. My second favorite was Nivea Happy Time (reviewed here) but they discontinued that as well. Based on the picture (slice of lime floating over a wave) depicted on the packaging of Fresh Comfort, I’m hoping assuming that the lime means it’s going to smell citrus-y and uplifting, while the wave means it’s going to smell aquatic! I love both those scents so Fresh Comfort might very well be my new favorite! However, it does not bode well that there’s literally nothing about Fresh Comfort (same packaging) online, at all. I affectionately call it the “anti-perspirant curse” because every time I fall in love with one, they discontinue it right away. Every. Single. Time. To further prove my point, somehow Fresh Comfort Anti-Perspirant has up and disappeared (I can’t seem to find it anywhere). I distinctly remember accidentally whacking the door to my apartment with the Sultan Center plastic shopping bag and hearing the glass bottle make an unhappy noise so I guess it was unhappy with the rough treatment and just decided to leave. The worst part is, I don’t even know what it smells like because I didn’t want to open it just yet (once you open it, the countdown begins and you have to start using it) since I was already using another anti-perspirant, the Suave Almond and Verbena (reviewed here) meaning I don’t even know if it’s awesome and worth repurchasing (and if the original resurfaces I could always just save it for later, as a backup) or if it sucks and I shouldn’t get another (just in case the original turns up and I end up with two anti-perspirants in a scent I dislike). As I said, it’s “the curse”! For real, I’m sure it’ll turn up soon… maybe.

I’m most excited about these two right here! Knock on wood, I’ve been pretty lucky in finding all these wonderfully-scented lemongrass and lime products (even if one of them did run off)! Hopefully the lucky streak continues and more and more companies start making products that are lemongrass-scented or lime-scented or both!

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