Boots Haul (Hair Stuff)

I picked up a few items (hair stuff) from Boots. All of them are repurchases… kinda’.

I’ve been in love with Batiste (literally, in love from Day 1) ever since it first arrived to our Kuwaiti shores. It really was great at extending the life-span of a salon blow-out (giving you an extra day before having to wash your hair) but I loved it because sometimes when I dry my hair while it’s still dripping wet (don’t have time to let it air-dry for a bit), it kinda’ goes flat but Batiste adds volume to my roots, instantly! I’ve also introduced it to more than a handful of my girlfriends (some loved it, some didn’t). I started off with the Clean & Classic Original mostly because we didn’t get Coconut & Exotic Tropical in Kuwait (which probably would’ve been my first pick) back when I was a blonde. The other scents Floral & Flirty Blush (blech), Sweet & Spirited Boho, and Spicy & Sensual Diva just weren’t for me. I switched to A Hint of Color Medium & Brunette when I stopped getting my hair dyed blonde (I wanna’ say around 2012). It blended into my natural hair color beautifully and it smelled absolutely lovely! I’ve repurchased so many cans of the A Hint of Color Medium & Brunette over the years.

I literally just ran out of my latest can so I wanted to repurchase one or two more. I hit up all the Boots branches closest to me (x2 Avenues, Jabriya, Soug Sharq) but just can’t seem to find it anywhere so finally at the Soug Sharq branch I gave all of the scents available a quick sniff and decided on Fruity & Cheeky Cherry (because it smelled kinda’ sweet). Funny how now that I’m no longer interested in Coconut & Exotic Tropical since I’m no longer a blonde, there were huge cans of the stuff (significantly larger than all the other scents that were available) in literally every Boots that I went to. Back home, I was horrified when I first sprayed Cherry on my hair because I’d totally forgotten that this stuff was white (“invisible”) and this is even after I tested the scents out in-store, mind you. I’d gotten so used to my beloved A Hint of Color Medium & Brunette that it never even occurred to me that Cherry would to be white (I was just sorta’ expecting it to have the same dark brown color as Medium & Brunette). I mean it’s not really a big deal since it actually does become invisible after you zhuzh up your hair but still… I really hope they’re not phasing out A Hint of Colour Medium & Brunette because aside from being more discreet (less high-maintenance than white powder) I was also very much in love with the scent. Batiste Dry Shampoo in the scent Fruity & Cheeky Cherry retails for KD 2/500.

I think this is my fourth or fifth bottle of Boots Expert Build-Up Removal Shampoo (first hauled here and reviewed it here). I love this stuff! It’s a fantastic clarifying shampoo that’s excellent for deep cleansing your hair (gets rid of residue from the Dry Shampoo (mentioned above lawl) and Hair Spray, Heat Protectant Sprays, Hair Serum, Hair Oil, etc… ) at a budget-friendly price. I’ve been asked by a reader where to purchase the Boots Expert Build Up Removal Shampoo because apparently it’s either already been phased out abroad or is in the process of being phased out. Unfortunately, I do not know where else you can purchase this stuff because I get mine from the Boots (store) at the Souq Sharq (mall) in Kuwait (country). The only thing I can think of as to why it’s still being sold in Kuwait is because our stores are always lagging behind but eventually it will be phased out of over here too. I wish I could be more helpful but I’m just a regular person who also happens to be a fan of this stuff. Boots Expert Build Up Removal Shampoo retails for KD1/750.

I ♥ scrunchies! I don’t care whether the rest of the world deems them fashionable or not. They’re just so damn handy! Whether I’m working out (lol, as if) or just working or taking off my makeup or putting on my makeup or trying on some clothes or deep cleaning my apartment or whatever else, nothing irks me more than my own hair getting in the way! I just flip my hair upside down and use a scrunchie to tie it all up in a super high ponytail and that’s it, problem solved. If I’m going out in public, I’ll lower the ponytail (still pretty high, photos here) so I look like less of a pineapple or just gather my hair up in a top bun. Scrunchies get mah herr off mah face and that is why I will always love scrunchies! You could say the same for hair ties but actually hair ties create these awkward kinks in my hair which is why I use them less often. I usually go for velvet scrunchies because they have more of a grip to them and even then, they tend to slide down and slip off my hair when it’s been straightened (pin straight, poker straight, you get the idea). Generally, I go for Black (regardless of brand) because it’s just what I like. I’ve purchased these particular ones from Boots before and liked them well enough, but just like most small hair accessories, they gather together when I’m asleep and quietly plan their mass exodus until one day when I’m looking for a scrunchie/hair-tie/bobby-pin/hair-clip but obviously can’t find any (not a one!) because they’ve all gone to the place that they all eventually go to. I’m sure you’ve all experienced this before at some point. Anyhow, since my latest batch of scrunchies have abandoned me, I needed at least one more but Boots were having a BOGO (Buy One Get One Free) on select items so I picked up two scrunchies for the price of one. Hopefully if I’m nicer to them these two might last longer than the others did. Boots Black Velvet Scrunchie retail for KD /500 per pop.

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