Sultan Center Personal Care Haul

I was only at Sultan Center (Salmiya Branch) to pick up yet another Cream Silk (my ride or die hair conditioner) but ended up getting everything else you see in the photo, as well.

Glade Spray in the scent Hawaiian Breeze
Aloha, instant vacay. When cool ocean winds meet the scent of fragrant tropical fruits, pineapple, and plumeria, you won’t even have to leave the neighborhood to get lost in paradise.

Okay, sure. It smelled nice, like something I’d find at Bath & Body Works and since I’m obviously going through Bath and Body Works withdrawal (I haven’t been in forever), I figured why not?Honestly, anything that’s has Hawaiian on it, I’m all about. The scent was nice at first but quickly became obnoxious over time. By the time the can was finally empty, I was so over the scent.

Febreze Air Freshener in the scent Ocean and Wind
Inspired by the bracing ocean mist that revitalises you when walking on the beach on a sunny morning

No notes, no nothing. I had to nick the excerpt off of Amazon, and even then it was for Ocean Mist not Ocean and Wind. Worthy of note, we don’t get all the cool scents like Bora Bora or Fresh Pressed Apple or Fresh Fall Pumpkin. I know asking for Big Sur and Fresh Cut Pine is pushing it lawl That said, I’m not ashamed to admit that I purchased this mostly because of the beautiful packaging. The scent was nice but I found the packaging (depicted photo, color scheme, and all) very aesthetically appealing!

Clorox Disinfecting Wipes (35 Wet Wipes) in the scent Orange Fusion

I use these all the time for everything; from wiping down my mirror(s), to maintaining the table I use for taking blog photos and everything in-between. I’m always dropping my phone face-down out on the dirty, dirty streets so I’ll use these to wipe down my phone. I use these on the door handles (and keys) in my apartment. I use them on my car’s steering wheel. I use them to wipe down certain handbags. I even use them on certain shoes, before placing them on the designated shoe rack, because God only knows what we dredge up from the outside. These are so handy for wiping down your Hair Straighteners and other Hot Tools that you use in conjunction with oils, serums, sprays, etc… or even just the handles of your hair brush (provided it’s not wooden or something else that’s destroyed by moisture). They are available in other scents (Original, Orange Fusion, and something Lemon-y) but this one smells the nicest! For larger surface areas and such, I use something completely different (depending on the area) because I consider these Clorox Wet Wipes as more of an on-the-go treatment, because I believe they’re not sufficient enough to take the place of daily cleaning and certainly not deep cleaning. That said, the family does employ the services of a live-in housekeeper (whose main job is to maintain the house and by extension my little apartment) to whom which I am extremely grateful for her efforts. Basically, I’m sayin’ the place is clean but I’m neurotic, regardless.

Dettol Anti-Bacterial Cleansing Surface Wipes (84 Large Wipes)

These I keep in my car for emergencies because even though I tell them not to, my friends insist on stuffing their faces in my car (and what with my non-existent driving skillz) consequentially leads to some spillage. Also, I’ll give my “jewelry” (usually from Claire’s Accessories lawl) a little pat down with these wipes, from time to time, because I trust Dettol to do a good job of disinfecting my earrings and whatnot. The scent is not exactly the greatest but somehow, some way, over the years, it’s grown on me and I find myself actually enjoying a straight-up eye-watering Dettol scent (for real).

Orange and Blue color scheme wasn’t on purpose (or was it?)

Lux Soaps!

Lux Aqua Sparkle for invigorated fresh skin (with refreshing Mineral Salts and Seaweed)

Mineral Salts and Seaweed! Need I say more? Regardless of the unfortunate name (sounds like a character from My Little Pony… or so I imagine) Aqua Sparkle actually smells pretty good! It’s a nice, clean, soap-y scent (I know, I know. I’ve got a way with words, “Soap that smells soap-y“. Now where’s my Pulitzer?) For real though, guys that complain of frou-frou soaps (overly floral fragrances) will have no issues with Aqua Sparkle (aside from the terrible name… well, only if they’re petty… like me). It’s not floral-y. It’s not fruit-y. It’s not musk-y. It just smells… clean, or at least, what I associate the word “clean” with, to be more precise. I feel like Aqua Sparkle is great for the summer (and chalet)! Worthy of note, this is contact lens-friendly, meaning your eyes won’t burn after washing your hands with this stuff and popping your contacts on. I bought a single bar previously and liked it well enough to get this pack.

Lux Sweet Embrace for a long lasting, alluring fragrance (with fragrance pearls of Passionflower & Vanilla Oil)

I’ve purchased and reviewed Sweet Embrace before (here) because of the intoxicating Vanilla scent but when I repurchased a whole pack (here) from Carrefour, that scent was non-existent. I picked up yet another pack from Sultan Center, hoping that if I got them from the same place where I first noticed the heady Vanilla scent, they’d smell just the same as the ones that I’d fallen in love with originally. Sadly, no such luck. Sweet Embrace, you disappoint me.

Zee repurchasez. I’ve already discussed Cream Silk in a previous post so I won’t go on too much about it here, but in case you are interested you can read my “Ode to Cream Silk” post (here).

Garnier Ultra Doux 5 Plants Vitalizing Shampoo

Last time, I got the regular size of this 5 Plants Vitalizing Shampoo from the Ultra Doux line from Garnier, which I loved so much (reviewed here)! So this time, I got the largest size available. Although it’s a bit harsh for everyday use, it works great as a deep cleansing/clarifying shampoo. Plus, it has a zesty uplifting scent! That said, I did notice that the scent was more subtle in the larger packaging. They both smell the same, but the scent is more potent in the regular (smaller) packaging.

St. Ives Purifying Sea Salt Body Wash

Finally, we come to the product I was most excited about, the Purifying Sea Salt Body Wash from St. Ives. I don’t believe I’ve ever come across another body scrub or body wash that I’ve loved more than this one…ever! The formula was – in a word – perfection! It was both delicate on the skin yet so abrasive! It lathered up nicely and the buffed the skin evenly! It smelled absolutely delightful! It even healed any blemishes! You can read my full review of it (here). Unfortunately, I just could not for the life of me, remember where I got it from. Meaning, once it ran out, we were donezo. I rationed it (like any sane person, duh) but all good things must come to an end and so it eventually ran out. I searched everywhere for this stuff (for years!) but could never find it until now. I was ecstatic when I recently found this at Sultan Center! What’s more? There was rows and rows of this stuff! Meaning, I could easily replenish my supply any time I ran out of it. I greedily snatched it up and gleefully ran (okay, drove) all the way home, anxious to use it during my pre-bedtime shower.

Horror of all horrors, this stuff was completely different! Gone was the perfect texture and consistency and along with it the the rough yet gentle abrasiveness. Gone was every single thing I’d loved about this product in the first place. Even the scent was different. This new formula had the thickest consistency I’ve ever come across in a body wash (ever!) to the extent that it strongly reminded me of the Macadamia Deep Repair Hair Mask (reviewed here). Honestly, it felt less like a body wash (to be used in the shower) and more like a body cream (to be used after a shower). It even performed like how a body cream would, should someone choose to use it in the shower, in lieu of body wash. Forget the scrubbing and buffing, this stuff didn’t even cleanse! It pretty much felt like I was only covering the dirt, sweat, dead skin, etc… almost forming a barrier of sorts, rather than actually getting rid of the dirt, sweat, dead skin, and whatever else. Even the once delightful scent had changed to a blatant lotion-y scent (similar to the scent of Nivea Creme). I was beyond devastated!

The people over at St. Ives had reformulated my beloved Sea Salt & Kelp Body Wash into something beyond recognition. That said, I’m hoping beyond hope, since this newer version is called Sea Salt Body Wash (minus the Kelp) that I’m wrong, and that my beloved Sea Salt & Kelp Body Wash (with its perfect formula) is still out there, waiting for me. Realistically speaking, the photo depicted on the packaging on both versions is exactly the same which means, all hope is lost. Why, guys, why? I ask, nay, beseech you to bring back my beloved formula! Pretty please?

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