The Body Shop Camomile Waterproof Eye Make-Up Remover

Gentle, effective cleansing lotion with soothing camomile.

I still couldn’t find my beloved Clean & Clear Deep Cleansing Makeup Remover (reviewed here) so I went back to The Body Shop to pick up another Seaweed Purifying Facial Cleanser (reviewed here) and wouldn’t you know it, couldn’t find that one either! I’m cursed (lawl)! I don’t particularly care for other forms of makeup removal (cleansing balms, oils, micellar water, etc…) and generally prefer to use the cold cream method (or lotion or gel, basically anything that can be wiped off with a cloth or tissue, and doesn’t leave any annoying residue). I picked up the Camomile Waterproof Eye Make-Up Remover because it had similar packaging (sorta’) to my beloved Clean & Clear Deep Cleansing Makeup Remover, supposedly removes Waterproof Eye Make-Up, and lastly because Camomile (Chamomile) is meant to be skin-friendly (soothing to skin and whatnot).

First of all, this stuff had an unexpectedly funky scent. I can’t quite place it, but I found the scent to be unpleasant. Even after washing my face, I could still detect the scent (albeit faintly) which I found annoying. Also, the packaging was not the easiest to work with. It was fine when I first got it because it was full (obvi), but once I got closer to the half-way mark, I really had to mess with the packaging, to get the product out. I thought that was surprising because if anything, you’d think it would be the opposite, since this stuff had a lotion-y consistency. Regardless, I’ve never experienced this problem with any of my other makeup removers. As for the performance of the product, it did remove my eyeshadow, but not my mascara (which wasn’t even waterproof). Even after applying generous amounts to a cotton pad and letting it soak in forever, I still found traces of mascara smudged underneath my eyes, the next day. I’m not saying it didn’t remove my mascara at all (no black mascara streaks on my pillows, thankfully). I’m just saying it didn’t remove my mascara off completely, which was enough to drive me crazy (OCD). I tried everything but this Camomile “Waterproof” Eye Make-Up Remover just seemed to be too gentle to be of any real use to me. That’s all well and good. I reasoned with myself that maybe it’s because this stuff is meant for people with sensitive skin, since Camomile is meant to be soothing and whatnot. Only, if that were true, then why did this stuff burn my eyes? I had to consciously brace myself for the sting, every single time! Personally, I found that a bit much to put up with, for an ineffective product, especially when you factor in the faulty packaging and strange off-putting scent.

I cannot in good faith recommend this to anyone.

3 thoughts on “The Body Shop Camomile Waterproof Eye Make-Up Remover

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