Sultan Center Snackage

Another day, another Sultan Center snackage haul.

I’m always craving savory snacks (like 24/7) so I picked up some Pringles in the flavors Pizza and Loaded Baked Potato. I wasn’t wowed by Pizza (previously purchased here) the first time around, but I wanted to give it another chance. I keep hoping it’ll taste like a yummy margarita pizza (mostly because of the picture depicted) but sadly, no such luck. Same with the Loaded Baked Potato which I was hoping would taste somewhat similar to loaded potato skins. It’s just not the same without the bacon bits. That said, these two were alright. They weren’t amazing but they weren’t all that bad either.

Pop Tarts are a childhood favorite of mine, especially the S’mores ones. I never ever got to actually experience roasting marshmallows by a campfire before sandwiching them between some chocolate and graham crackers, but I do remember reading about s’mores in one of my childhood books (The Babysitters Club series) and was absolutely smitten with the idea! So I was delighted when I came across S’mores Pop Tarts (same thing, no? ^_~) at Sultan Center for the first time (as a kid) and purchased them along with Blueberry Pop Tarts and Strawberry Pop Tarts. I don’t like jam (at all!) and the fruity Pop Tarts tasted way too similar to jam for my liking, which is why I found them to be vile, especially the frosted ones. The S’mores Pop Tarts however tasted great! I’ve been repurchasing them (on an off) ever since. I’ve never seen the Red Velvet Pop Tarts before (and even though it didn’t pan out earlier with the Red Velvet Oreos earlier) I purchased them on a whim.

How cute is the Ritter Sport Yogurt Chocolates (Assorted)? It comes in the flavors Yogurt (white wrapper), Black Currant Yogurt (purple wrapper) and Strawberry Yogurt (pink wrapper). Obviously, my favorite is the Strawberry Yogurt (previously hauled here) but the rest taste really good too. I really like the fact that it’s all neatly packaged in a cute little box because you can set it on your coffee table at home for when guests come over, or you can leave it out on your desk at work to share with your coworkers. I also like that these are bite-sized so for me the taste of chocolate doesn’t get overwhelming (I don’t enjoy chocolate-y chocolate lawl) and for everyone else there’s less guilt about indulging in a piece or two.

It was that time of the the month and I was craving some chocolate but I couldn’t find Aero Minis (previously hauled here) so I grabbed these Galaxy Ripples Milk Chocolate Bites instead, which were a poor substitute. They were too rich and heavy (and overall too chocolate-y lawl) for me. I happily passed them along to my younger brother.

I got these KitKat Cookies & Cream Mini Moments for my younger brother and his wife because they seemed to be new. I wouldn’t dream of trying them because they seem too chocolate-y for me (lawl) but according to my younger brother and his wife, they tasted quite nice.

Kopiko Coffee Candy is the hard candy I was searching for previously (here). At the time, I couldn’t find it so I ended up getting a pack of Werther’s Original instead (which is nowhere near the same). Like I said before, I don’t drink actual coffee, opting instead for ridiculously sweet psuedo-coffee drinks. With that being said, I absolutely adore the scent of coffee! Kopiko Coffee Candy has that amazing coffee scent and tastes really really really good! Even the packaging looks really cool! That’s why I’ve been a longtime fan of the stuff. I leave some in a bowl on my desk at work for everyone and during Winter I’ll leave a pack in my car (the heat would make them go stale during summer) for myself and my friends. I really enjoy hard candy in general but this stuff is the best!

I love Haribo Worms! It’s right up there with Skittles as a long-time fave! In fact, I’ve been favoring Haribo Worms over Skittles way more, recently. They’re just so gummy and chew-y and taste-y!

I haven’t had tictac (orange) in ages but I grabbed one on the way out.


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