Marks and Spencer Snackage

Okay, so I’d actually gone in to Marks and Spencer looking for a pair of fishnet tights (because apparently they were having a “moment” in fashion) but once I noticed all the Easter-themed snacks, the tights were long forgotten. As always, I took photos of everything the very next day (in proper daylight and everything) but I guess I never got around to blogging about them and 5 months later, here we are. The reason I’m doing this (still) is because I was mostly disappointed with almost everything I’d purchased in my previous Marks and Spencer Snack Haualage (here) except for the Green Chilli, Lime & Coriander Pea Snaps. Everything else had tasted off including the Polar Bear Pals Gummi Sweet and Jelly Stars (how do you mess up Gummi Candy?). I faced the same issue again with this haul. It’s either the flavor is off, or the texture is strange, or the scent is vile. There’s always something weird about M&S snacks. I mean once is a fluke but twice? I wish there was somewhere I could find reviews or something about Marks & Spencer snackage so I’d know what to keep an eye out for, or at least what to avoid. That’s why I feel honor-bound (lawl dramatic much?) to go ahead with this post regardless of how much time has passed.

I really enjoyed these Green Chilli, Lime & Coriander Pea Snaps the last time around (I tend to enjoy anything lime-flavored, in general) so I got another pack (each large bag has 5 mini bags housed inside). The texture is nice and crunchy (kinda’ like Rusk or Shaboora in Arabic, except this stuff is flavored and not quite as hard). That said, I find the flavoring to be a bit mild (needs more lime, if ya’ ask me). In any case, these Pea Snaps make excellent snacks when you’re vegging out in front of the tv and craving something savory. Also, one mini bag isn’t enough to spoil your appetite for dinner or whatever. By that same token, KD 1/800 is a bit dear for the amount that you get (5 mini bags). These Green Chilli, Lime, & Coriander Pea Snaps might not appeal to the majority but I really like them!

These Prawn Cocktail Shells looked familiar… like something I might’ve had when I was a kid (but from a different brand). I was so sure that I’d love these chips/crisps that I bought two bags of the stuff (KD 1 each). I was so pleased with myself for spotting them too because they felt like something you’d find in China Town (… if Kuwait ever had a China Town, that is). Sadly, they smelled like death and tasted like flavored styrofoam.

You’d think due to my obsession with anything apple-related (blogged about here) that I’d love these Apple Crisps but that wasn’t the case. I mean, they weren’t bad but they weren’t great either. They were just meh. How should I put this? I guess you could say that they just tasted bland. Again, I was so sure that I’d get along with the Apple Crips that I bought four (KD /900 each).

How cute do these Mini Choc Chip Cookies look, right? I picked this up at the check-out counter (KD /900) just because it looked adorable! Sadly, the cookies were rock-hard and smelled fishy. My younger brother opened the pack, picked one up, and set it back down immediately (without even taking a bite) proclaiming that “these cookies smell fishy”. He wasn’t wrong. Each cookie literally smelled like some sort of fish. So… not cute.

These Chicky Choccy Speckled Eggs cost KD 1/900 and were part of the Easter display by the entrance to M&S (they display food by the entrance, in the food section, at the cashier, everywhere really). Again, the cute packaging suckered me in. I figured the kids would get a kick out of them as well (which they didn’t). Moment of truth, by regular standards, these weren’t the best. However, in comparison to the rest of the horrible stuff that I’d gotten from M&S (strange textures, strange smells, strange flavors, etc…) these were surprisingly okay (keep your expectations low and you’ll never be disappointed lawl).

Personally, I find Chocolate to be vile. I also find Star Wars to be equally vile. However, I got this Milk Chocolate R2D2 for my older brother who happens to be a huge sci-fi buff (Star Wars falls under that umbrella). It cost KD 6/500 but considering how overpriced everything else is at M&S I was expecting this to cost way more. Regardless of how much it cost, it was worth it just to see the look of delight on his face when he got this. He actually asked “How many batteries does it need?”, when I handed it to him (which seriously cracked us all up).

I don’t recall ever seeing a Milk Chocolate Stirrer before, let alone using one. Once I read “perfect with hot drinks”, I was absolutely taken with the idea of stirring one into my beloved Vanilla Nescafe (reviewed here). As you can see, each pack comes with 2 stirrers but since M&S (Avenues in general) is so far out of my way) I figured I might as well hedge my bets and get 2 packs. A pack costs KD /900 each.

Still Water (lemon & lime flavouring) which cost KD /800 was one of my favorite things in this haul! In my bid to become skinny (like Negan) I’ve tried to stay away from fizzy drinks but absolutely refuse to drink water. Unfortunately the options out here (Kuwait) seem pretty limited… or maybe I’m just hella’ picky. This stuff seemed promising but I was still a bit skeptical. I was so sure it was going to taste awful but decided on getting it anyway (I am a gambling woman after all) and was pleasantly surprised by the delightful taste! This didn’t taste like mildy flavored water. This straight up tasted like a legit fizzy drink… minus the fizz! As a bonus, the lemon & lime flavouring was to die! I’m definitely going to restock the next time I go back to M&S!

On a whim, I also picked up Still Water (strawberry flavouring) which cost KD /800 because I figured if one of them tasted awful, the other would surely taste semi-decent. Surprisingly, this tasted really good as well (what are the odds?)! I’m more partial to the lemon & lime but the strawberry is equally good!

Best find in this entire haul! I really hope M&S replenish their stock so that I can stock up on these yummy drinks! Oooh, can you imagine if they had other flavors as well? I die!

KD 23/350 minus KD 3/250 for the tights (which weren’t fishnets either) amounts to KD 20/100. It’s not exactly breaking the bank but I do feel it is a bit dear, for food… that’s mostly inedible (lawl). In the future, I’m definitely going to be much more wary of the M&S food section.

What about you? Any particular faves (food items) from Marks & Spencer? Or anything you particularly dislike from Marks & Spencer (food items)? Do tell!

3 thoughts on “Marks and Spencer Snackage

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  2. i hope the mini choc chip cookies arent THAT bad (or at least it was a bad batch?) I’m planning to gift it a to a friend as a thank you. :((( worried it would suck.


  3. Sorry Juju Jed :( I wish I could tell you otherwise but the mini choc chip cookies I got, had a distinctive, metallic, fishy smell to them. Bad batch or not, I never bought them again so I can’t really say. If you’re still planning to gift your friend with some overpriced cookies, you’re better off finding something at Save Co. which has way better (and yummier) stuff.


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