Dolce & Gabbana Light Blue Haulage

Invigorating Sicilian cedar melds with the crisp vibrancy of apple and the guileless charm of the bluebell, to evoke the essence of a South Italian summer.
The freshness of bamboo nestles amid a glorious feminine bouquet of decadent jasmine and delicate white rose.
Redolent citron wood is entwined with voluptuous amber and a suggestive caress of musk.

Summer just isn’t summer without my beloved Dolce & Gabbana Light Blue! I’d run out of Dolce & Gabbana Light Blue Eau de Toilette (reviewed here) so I picked up a new one, at Harvey Nichols. As a gift with purchase (gwp) I was also given a rather large Messenger Bag that had 007 embossed on it and a deluxe sample of Hugo Boss Red Shower Gel (pretty sure it’s for men but that’s ok because as long as they’re either woods-y or oceanic, I tend to enjoy certain masculine scents). The Dolce & Gabbana Light Blue Body Scrub Gel was purchased at Mishref Fair Grounds during the Perfume & Makeup Exhibition.

Look, look! It’s the iconic blue cloth-like (velvet?) packaging! So cool! Dolce & Gabbana Light Blue Eau De Toilette cost exactly KD 37/000 (worth it!) at Harvey Nichols and Dolce & Gabbana Light Blue Body Scrub Gel cost somewhere between KD 8-11 (can’t say for sure) at the Perfume & Makeup Exhibition (Mishref Fair Grounds).

I’ve mentioned before (during my earlier Bath & Body Works posts and more recently Victoria’s Secret posts) that I’m a huge fan of layering (to intensify the scent). Nothing sounds better than showering in this delightfully fresh and uplifting scent after a hot summer day at the beach and then spritzing the fragrance on sun-warmed skin afterwards!

I’m constantly comparing other products (including body wash and body scrubs) to me beloved Light Blue so why not spring for the real thing? When I randomly came across Dolce & Gabbana Light Blue Body Scrub Gel at the Perfume & Makeup Exhibition, I snatched it up immediately. That said, looking at it now, those little exfoliating granules seem way too spread out (which doesn’t seem promising) but we’ll see.

Oh and I finally found my previous bottle of Light Blue Eau de Toilette that I’d completely gone through. The only reason I was saving it was to take pictures of it for my original Dolce & Gabbana Light Blue post (here), but of course it was nowhere to be found when I actually needed it (lawl). Now that it has deigned to grace me with its presence again, I figured I could take a photo of both the newer version and older version side-by-side for comparative purposes. The only difference I can notice is that the older version has a dark blue cap whereas the newer version has a light blue (lawl) cap. Other than that, they’re pretty much the same. Same size, same everything really. As soon as I was done taking photos for this post, I accidentally dropped my brand new bottle of Light Blue EDT (naturally) cracking the cap -_-

Light Blue is the quintessential summer fragrance! Light Blue is a fresh and uplifting, crisp, citrus-y scent. I love Light Blue!

007 Messenger Bag

What an odd choice for a gift with purchase… It looks more like a laptop case bag really. I’m still deciding on what to do with it. Do I keep it? Do I give it away, and if so, to whom?

Hugo Red Shower Gel (deluxe sample)

I actually had a Hugo Boss perfume (it was the circular one) when I was much, much, much younger. I quite liked it because it had all the notes that I tend to enjoy and seemed unisex (if not straight up masculine). It was a one-time thing though (never repurchased it and completely forgot about the brand in general) so using this will be a fun trip down memory lane! At the very least, it’s a scented shower gel and I love those!

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