Claire’s Choose Happy Notebook

This pretty notebook shouts summer with a sky blue cover and palm tree design featuring graphic print glitter text ‘Choose Happy‘ written across the front.

How adorable is this notebook? I absolutely love the graphics and the color scheme! It’s all so very cute and summer-y! I know, I know. As an adult female, I really should stop visiting Claire’s (namely because it’s a little girls’ store) but I just can’t help stopping by from time to time, because it really is such a cute store and I always find the cutest things there (like this notebook)! ^_~

Look at how glittery it is! So pretty! Plus, I really like the message “Choose Happy”. I dunno… it just appeals to me.

Teal Palm Trees! How cool izzat? I’ll tell you. Very!

I couldn’t resist picking up this Claire’s “Choose Happy” Notebook because it was just so stinkin’ cute! I got it so I could jot down notes, make lists, etc… so I really appreciate the fact that the pages were lined (so annoying when they’re not because my sentences end up slanting downwards lawl). I also like that it’s a spiral notebook meaning I can rip the pages out (if I choose to) as opposed to ones where you end up destroying the notebook by doing that. I dunno what else to say. It’s a notebook, it’s cute, and I enjoy writing in general (as you might’ve already surmised from this blog lawl) so… yeah. Claire’s “Choose Happy” Notebook cost KD 4/500 and can be found at… Claire’s.

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