Sultan Center Snacks Haulage

So yeah, I wasn’t joking when I said I primarily live on junk food. I’m always craving savory snacks or tart and sour candy. Normally, I find chocolate to be vile except when it’s “that time of the month” (aka Strawberry Season aka Shark Week) and even then, I’ll only have certain kinds. All of the above was purchased from Sultan Center (Souk Sharg) as per usual.

Oreo Cookies are a classic fave (who doesn’t love Oreos?) so when I saw these Red Velvet Oreo Cookies, I just had to get them to share with the family. Unfortunately, they weren’t up to snuff as everyone (myself included) prefer the Original over this Red Velvet version.

Again, I hate chocolate but when it’s that time of the month I’ll crave certain kinds of chocolate. Aero is one type of chocolate I tend to enjoy (from time to time).

I believe it’s because Aero is aerated (as you can see from the bubbles) so it feels less rich and heavy. I just like the way it melts in my mouth! Usually, I’ll pick up an Aero Chocolate Bar (or two but any more would be overkill and would actually gross me out) so I was delighted when I came across this pack of Aero Minis which were perfectly bite-sized (just enough to satisfy my cravings without grossing me out).

Ritter Sport Strawberry Yogurt Chocolate is another longtime favorite of mine. My friends and family aren’t huge fans of this stuff but I can down an entire bar, by myself, in a single sitting. You’ve got the sweetness of the chocolate on the outside, but then you’ve got the tartness of the strawberry yogurt on the inside, which once again, makes the chocolate less rich and less heavy (less chocolate-y?) which to me, is the best way to indulge in some chocolate!

I’ve never tried Milka Strawberry Yogurt Chocolate before but I picked it up this time hoping it would turn out to be a “dupe” of my longtime favorite. With that being said, Ritter Sport Strawberry Yogurt Chocolate tastes way better, but this’ll do in a pinch (when Ritter Sport is out of stock).

Strawberry Yogurt Chocolates <3

I adore Starburst Fruit Chews because they taste amazing (so tart!) and smell great too! I’ll always prefer Skittles over Starburst, but like I said in my Skittles post (here) I tend to stray from time to time. Normally, I buy Starburst Fruit Chews in their regular packaging (individually wrapped in a stack) but once I spotted this pack that read Starburst Minis, I was sold.

Unfortunately, I should’ve read the writing on the packaging because these came unwrapped, and in Kuwait that meant they were stale AF. In fact, they were so stale that they didn’t even have that delightful smell that usually accompanies them and they were too hard to bite into, even though they were only Minis!

I’m always down to try out new flavors of potato chips (because I love potato chips, in general) and these Pizza-flavored Pringles looked new to me. They were aight.

For the same reason mentioned above, I picked up these Lay’s Stax in the flavor All-American Cheeseburger which honestly tastes no different than Barbecue-flavored Pringles.

You can never have enough cheese so… Lay’s Max Creamy Cheddar.

Fico Dracola resembled a childhood favorite of mine so I picked these up on a whim for nostalgic reasons but honestly I remember them tasting much nicer.

Generally, I’ll only crave savory snacks…

but when it’s that time of the month, I’ll “indulge” in some chocolate.

That healthy living though ^_~

7 thoughts on “Sultan Center Snacks Haulage

  1. Sultan Center always bring food items that aren’t sold anywhere else in my country, i remember how I almost got a nervous breakdown because Dr Pepper was slowly disappearing from Carrefour and Al Fair. Luckily I live next to Sultan Center now <3


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  3. Hi-Hi Rei! How goes it? You guys have a Sultan Center over there as well? No way! I thought it was just a local thing over here! That’s so cool! And you live next to one as well? Lucky duck! I’d actually live in one… if I could haha

    Now we can compare notes on all the cool Sultan Center finds (just kidding but not really kidding) ^_~


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