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I was delighted when I came across Makeup Revolution and its sister brands I Heart Revolution (which are known for their Too Faced Chocolate Bar Palette dupes among other things) and Freedom at the Perfume & Makeup Exhibition at Mishref Fair Grounds (October-November). I’ve heard of those brands before but I wasn’t aware that they’ve already made it to the shores of Kuwait. There wasn’t a huge selection but everything looked quite cute! I picked up an Eyeshadow Palette (one of the Too Faced Chocolate Bar dupes), a Contouring Palette, two single Highlighters, a metallic Eyeshadow single and a Contour Brush. They even threw in a free Lipstick as a gift with purchase (gwp). I mean everything was super cute and super budget-friendly!

I Heart Revolution I ♥ Chocolate – Salted Caramel Eyeshadow Palette

Who loves salted caramel?

Revolution brings you the best salted caramel recipe. There is no better combination than these 16 shimmer and matte addictive shades. From delicious nudes to tempting pinks to bring you salt and sweet at the same time.

It’s sweet, it’s buttery, it’s salted caramel goodness.

Top Row
Delicious – White (matte)
Tempt – Black (matte)
Heavenly – Dusky Pink (matte)
Drizzle – Brown (matte)
Enjoy – Dark Grey (shimmer)

Middle Row
Choc – Dark Brown (shimmer)
Cake – Icy Pink (shimmer)
Perfect – Grey (matte)
Crunch – Blue (shimmer)
Sweet – Orange (matte)
Fudge – Brown (shimmer)

Bottom Row
Salted – Taupe (shimmer)
Candy – Light Brown (matte)
Caramel – Copper Bronze (shimmer)
Spoon – Rose Gold (shimmer)
Yum! – Champagne (shimmer)

I already own many of the Too Faced Palettes including the original Chocolate Bar Palette so I didn’t feel the need to spend even more money on the Too Faced Semi-Sweet Chocolate Bar Palette. With that being said, I Heart Revolution I ♥ Chocolate – Salted Caramel Eyeshadow Palette is meant to be a dupe for the Too Faced Semi-Sweet Chocolate Bar Eyeshadow Palette and at just a fraction of the price, I really couldn’t pass it up. The packaging is quite sturdy. It’s got a huge mirror as well and its got a decent selection of shades (with adorable names). Overall, I think the whole thing is way cuter than its Too Faced counterpart! I know that I Heart Revolution has a dupe for pretty much every Too Faced Eyeshadow Palette so depending on how well Salted Caramel performs, I might be looking into getting those other dupes from I Heart Revolution.

Makeup Revolution Ultra Contour Palette

The complete contouring and highlighting palette is here!
The ULTRA CONTOUR PALETTE has 8 powders for perfect contouring and sculpting.
Including 8 brand NEW shades for contour and shaping, with an additional 2 of our favourite merged baked highlighters for illumination.

Top Row
1 – Beige (matte)
2 – Yellow (matte)
3 – Peach (satin)
4 – Icy White (shimmer)

Bottom Row
5 – Warm Brown (matte)
6 – Cool Brown (matte)
7 – Darker Warm Brown (matte)
8 – Peach (shimmer)

I just had to get the Ultra Contour Palette by the brand Makeup Revolution because it seemed like such a great palette! Once again, the packaging was quite sturdy and it had a nice large mirror. The palette itself came with 8 shades to play around with! That Yellow shade in particular seemed quite intriguing, as did the Cool Brown shade directly beneath it. Plus, I’ve always had a soft spot for baked makeup products and the fact that this had 2 baked highlighter shades only helped to further cement the notion that I just had to get it. I could use it for contouring and highlighting as it was meant to be used, but I could also use it to set my foundation (if I ever wore any) or concealer (which I do tend to wear). There was a cream version of this palette (or at least similar to it) but I passed on that one because I believe powder is just all-around easier to work with. Another palette that was great value for money from Makeup Revolution!

Also from Makeup Revolution I picked up one of their Awesome Metals Foil Finish Eyeshadows in the shade Rose Gold. I’d been eyeing one of the Stila Magnificent Metals Foil Finish Eyeshadows but I’ve always had issues with ordering from Stila online and sadly can’t seem to find any Stila products available for purchase locally (in Kuwait). At a fraction of the price, these Makeup Revolution Awesome Metals Foil Finish Eyeshadows seem to be a pretty good dupe because not only do they share almost similar names but they also both come with an adorably tiny tube of liquid eye primer and a mixing tray. The texture seems so interesting as well! I can’t wait to use Rose Gold as a topper over other neutral eyeshadows for that gorgeous glowy look!

Radiance & Light in a compact. Swoon at our new breathtaking NEW Radiant Lights Illuminating Baked Powders.
Subtle shades to breathe illumination and light in to the complexion.
Baked to perfection our Radiant Lights will bring Instant Illumination to Your Skin or specific Highlighting. Enclosed in handbag friendly mirror compact and available in 3 stunning shades. Breathe, Exhale and Glow

Something about the Radiant Light Highlighters from Makeup Revolution drew me in. If I’m being honest, the packaging is a bit bulky but it comes with a decent-sized mirror. I really like the circular design imprinted (embossed?) on the product as well, because it kinda’ looks like something you’d find at The Body Shop (Honey Collection). These were available in 3 shades; Breathe (Ivory), Exhale (Champagne), and Glow (Peach). Knowing next to nothing about them, I didn’t want to risk getting any of the other two, only to find out that they were too frosty on my Arab olive/brown complexion so I went with only one, choosing the shade Glow. It seemed like it would be a lovely subtle highlight for the daytime! At KD 3/750 I thought the Makeup Revolution Radiant Light in the shade Glow was an absolute steal!

The Vivid Baked Highlighters from Makeup Revolution strongly reminded me of the Extra Dimension Skinfinish from MAC. There were only 3 shades available; Golden Lights (green-y one), Peach Lights (orange-y one) and Pink Lights (lilac-y one). I kept humming and hawing over them during my first few visits to the Perfume & Makeup Exhibition before eventually biting the bullet and picking up the Makeup Revolution Vivid Baked Highlighter in the shade Pink Lights during my last visit (because they’d run out of all the other shades by then). On one hand, did I really need another highlighter… and an impractical shade at that? On the other hand, it was only KD 2/500 (pretty much dirt cheap) so it wasn’t exactly a splurge or anything like that. That’s also why I didn’t mind the flimsy packaging either. Plus the design and shade and the whole thing just looked so, so, so pretty! Yes, I did pick up a few Colourpop Highlighters in a shade similar to Pink Lights shortly after, but that’s different because they all have different textures (logic!).

Makeup Revolution Ultra Metals Ultra Flat Contour Brush was the only brush I picked up from them. I could live without all the other ones they had on display but there’s something about a densely packed angled brush that seriously appeals to me. It was a pretty Rose Gold-y/Coppery color which was different for me. Plus, I figured this Contour Brush would go hand in hand with the Ultra Contour Palette. Since the bristles are synthetic, I could even use this brush with other textures besides powder products such as liquid, cream, gel, and so on. Practicality aside, just look at how the bristles are angled at the top. It just looks so stinkin’ cute!

I got the Freedom Pro Lipstick in the shade Pink Lust as a freebie.

I’m really pleased with the haulage (it might seem like a lot but everything was so budget-friendly) and I’m so happy that Makeup Revolution and its sister brands Freedom and I Heart Makeup are finally available for purchase in Kuwait. Now I just need to pinpoint there actual physical location (didn’t occur to me to ask at the time lawl).

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