OPI Mini Haul

Gargantuan Green Grape: Green kissed by the summer sun (creme finish)

Down to the Core-al: The beauty of this brilliant coral goes beyond skin deep (shimmer finish)

Bubble Bath: Sweet candy pink (sheer finish)

Also at the Perfume & Makeup Exhibition at Mishref Fair Grounds (October-November) I passed by the OPI booth and they were having a Buy 3 (nail lacquers) for 4 (kd) deal, whereas normally a bottle of OPI nail polish retails for something around KD5 each. Out of the pitiful display, I managed to spot these babies, and quickly snapped them up.

I’ve had my heart set on Bubble Bath for the longest time (even before I started this blog) and have attempted purchasing it from Amazon.com several times in the past but Aramex straight up confiscated my shipment (refused to ship it from the States to Kuwait) due to shipping restrictions. Of course searching for it locally was out of the question because when it comes to nail polish (and this goes for OPI, Essie, and China Glaze as well) the selections available for purchase are always random. As such, I was delighted when I found Bubble Bath! It’s such a quintessentially feminine shade that’s been touted – for years – as a favorite by many! I believe it’s quite versatile as well because you can wear it as a light wash of color, or build up the opacity with more coats, or even use it for a french manicure, and it would still look fantastic any which way you choose to wear it! Also, due to the fact that Bubble Bath has a sheer finish, I don’t have to worry about having an ultra-precise application! I’m super stoked that I finally got my hands on Bubble Bath!

My all time favorite nail polish will forever be ChinaGlaze For Audrey (reviewed here) however I do have a soft spot for minty greens and pastel-y teals in general, so Gargantuan Green Grape was an obvious choice for me. It might not be the easiest nor most appropriate color to wear (at work, for example) but I do so love a good green! Even now, looking at it makes my heart sing with joy! It just looks so fun!

Finally, I snagged Down to the Core-al because it looked straight up neon! Thankfully, the shimmers are barely visible on this thing. I feel like Down to the Core-al would look ah-mazing with a tan!

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