Throwback Thursday: Maybelline Baby Lips


As a devoted lover and collector of lip balm, I was pretty stoked to try out Baby Lips by the brand Maybelline. I know I say this a lot but… I’d been dying to get my hands on Baby Lips, ever since they first started being featured all over YouTube and the blogsphere. What with Kuwait being Kuwait, I had serious doubts about seeing Baby Lips in stores here (locally) anytime soon, if ever. I did the next best thing and stalked until I finally got my hands on these babies. Let me tell you, it was no easy feat. They kept running out of stock (almost as soon as they arrived) way before I could place my order. It was incredibly frustrating! Meanwhile the hype surrounding Baby Lips grew and grew! Eventually (around the summer of 2012) I finally managed to purchase Cherry Me (red), Grape Vine (purple), Peach Kiss (shimmery nude) and Pink Punch (pink) from I passed on getting Quenched because it was clear and Peppermint because yuck. I found even more shades at Watsons (their version of Boots) in Thailand, while I was there on my honeymoon. My friend got me Baby Lips (in a shade completely new to me) from India while she was there on her honeymoon. I guess each region has not only different variations on the packaging and the names, but also their own versions of shades (and accompanying scents) such as Lychee Addict, Watermelon Smooth, and Mango Pie. Years later (possibly 2014?), Baby Lips started appearing at Maybelline stands in Boots Stores all over Kuwait.

I got Cherry Me (red) because I loved how red lip balm (Nivea Fruity Shine Strawberry Lip Balm) gives lips that gorgeous juicy stain (like you’d been sucking on a popsicle). Sadly, I find the artificial cherry scent in most products to be offensive and this was no different. Also, the red shade wasn’t as vibrant as the other one (from Nivea) that I was used to, as Cherry Me was more of a darker berry shade on me.

Grape Vine (purple) I had to get because it was scented like grape candy! With that being said, I knew it was going to be a dark shade but I didn’t realize just how unflattering it would be on me. I mean it seriously minimized my lips which is unforgivable but the scent was yummy so that made up for it… kinda’.

Peach Kiss (nude) was lovely! I was a bit annoyed at first that unlike the others, this one some shimmer but quickly got over it once I noticed how pretty it was layered over lipsticks. Again, I think anything peach-scented is vile but this was actually quite nice. Out of all of them, Peach Kiss was my favorite! It even had an adorable name!

I had to get Pink Punch (pink) because I love pinks! I had high hopes for this, but it was a blue-toned pink that looked like a chalky, hot mess against my skintone. I believe this was quite possibly even more unflattering on me than Grape Vine. The scent wasn’t too bad as it kinda’ reminded me of KDD Fruit Cocktail.

L-R Grape Vine, Cherry Me, Pink Punch, Peach Kiss

The packaging was quite fun! Everything was bright and colorful! Even the font reminded me of graffiti! I loved that each shade had its own color scheme as well as its own scent correlating to its name! I did not however love the shades themselves (except for Peach Kiss) as they weren’t the most flattering on my Kuwaiti skintone. Also for once, I actually didn’t appreciate the fact that these were so pigmented. It made them feel more like actual makeup (for going out) rather than a lip balm (to slather on before going to bed or whatever). I had to be extra wary of my pillows (I need 2 pillows to sleep, one stacked on top of the other) so this stuff wouldn’t smear on them. I know everyone loves Baby Lips and I really wanted to love them too, but something about the way they sit on the lips just felt… off. Don’t get me wrong. They moisturized my lips and made them feel quite soft but Baby Lips aren’t as emolient as my favorite C.O. Bigelow Lemon Lip Balm from Bath & Body Works (reviewed here). I’m not saying they are waxy (not by any means) but they did feel a bit thick. So, no, I did not love Baby Lips. In fact, the most intriguing thing about Baby Lips was the name Baby Lips (that’s what suckered me in).

Maybelline Baby Lips can be purchased at Boots for KD 1/430 a pop.

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