Lux Sweet Embrace Soap

Embrace the sweet scent of LUX® Sweet Embrace. Leave a trail of attractiveness wherever you go, just like Vanilla Oil.

Leave a trail of attractiveness? LOL This isn’t the 50’s. It’s almost insulting how dumbed down the ads are in this area of the world. My sole purpose in life isn’t to be “more attractive” hah That’s rich coming from a self-confessed make-up junkie but then again, I like makeup and anything makeup adjacent because it’s fun. Okay, I’ll take it down a notch. We are talking about soap here after all. So once again, I was browsing the aisles at Sultan Center when my not so sensitive nose detected a highly pleasant aroma. I traced it back to a bar of soap by the brand Lux in the scent Sweet Embrace with Fragrance Pearls of Passionflower & Vanilla Oil. Scent-wise this stuff was the good kind of vanilla (yes, there actually is a bad kind, believe it or not). Rather than buy a whole pack only to discover it left that horribly “hydrating” residue (pet peeve of mine), I decided to just pick up one to try out first.

As you can see, this thing is huge. Okay, maybe not huge but rather larger than the average bar of soap. Also it has beautiful etchings on it of flowers (blech) in a background of lace (pretty). It fits well in the hand… I dunno what to say here people. It’s a bar of soap lol It cleans well and doesn’t leave any residue which is pretty much all I’m looking for. The gorgeous vanilla scent that tends to linger afterwards is a bonus. Not quite sure why it’s orange though but I guess it’s because PassionFlowers are orange, maybe? All in all, I really enjoyed using this (it lasted for quite a bit which I guess can be attributed to it’s size) and I will definitely be repurchasing a pack of Lux Sweet Embrace Soap in the near future.

3 thoughts on “Lux Sweet Embrace Soap

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