Blistex Blissful Butters Lip Protectant

Blistex Blissful Butters is a super-smooth, super-creamy, blissfully rich balm.

Luxurious Feel: A velvety smooth balm with rich, long-lasting moisturizers delivers an indulgent, pampering experience.

Triple Butter Blend: A soft creamy formula, enriched with Shea, Mango and Tucuma butters, plus vitamin E, leaves lips deeply moisturized and completely hydrated.

SPF 15 Sun Protection

I picked up Blistex Blissful Butters awhile ago at Sultan Center (hauled here) after missing out on purchasing it from after they closed up shop.

It had standard packaging that we’ve grown accustomed to seeing from Blistex but the color was different, which was nice. The packaging and the product were a warm beige-y neutral shade that matched the name Blissful Butter (at least in my mind). Truth be told, I was a bit wary of what the result of overzealous reapplication might look like (because who buys lipbalm and isn’t constantly reapplying it like a crazy person?) but thankfully this applied completely clear and didn’t build up (waxy barrier) regardless. It absorbed easily and made my lips feel all soft and pillow-y. With that being said, the constant reapplication did irritate my lips and made them burn, which I felt wasn’t very “Blissful” at all. I don’t have sensitive anything (aside from jacked up nails) but I did go ham with this stuff. Still, isn’t Blissful Butters stuff formulated with all the good stuff (shown on the packaging) that’s meant to “pamper” and whatnot? Anyways, if I licked my lips after a fresh application, all I could taste was bitter chemicals with a sweet aftertaste. However, if I licked my lips after I’ve given it time to settle a bit, I could taste a very faint sweetness with a chemical aftertaste. Strongly reminds of Bath & Body Works Liplicious Cupcakes Coconut Cream Lip Gloss actually (reviewed here). The worst thing about Blissful Butters in my humble opinion is the scent. I believe both the taste and scent are meant to be vanilla-oriented. Unfortunately, the scent strongly reminds me of milk or milk candy rather. There was this milk candy I used to get in my candy haul during Gurgi’an (Arab version of Trick or Treating) when I was younger. It wasn’t the one that had pistachios and came in clear packaging either. This had legit packaging (that had a cow depicted on it) and everything. It smelled and tasted vile! That’s exactly what Blissful Butters reminds me of and as such, I just can’t stand the smell.

This! This right here is what suckered me in. The photo of the “Butters” (I tend to romanticize things in my head) and all the blather on the back of the packaging is what got me. Like I said, I always fall for every single marketing ploy (lawl). I mean don’t get me wrong. Blissful Butters was rich and creamy, and it did moisturize my lips and made them feel softer, and I’m sure a lot of people actually like (if not love) this stuff. However, I absolutely detest the vile “milk candy” smell.

With that being said, I’ve actually gone through the entire tube and finished it all up (lawl). Hey, I wasn’t gonna’ toss something I spent my hard-earned monies on just because it smelled like death, okay? Like I said, it did what it was supposed to do. However, I will not be repurchasing this ever again. I used it up for the sake of using it all up and can now move on to something else (Thank God). In conclusion, Blistex Blissful Butters was not the pampering and blissful experience I was promised (at least not for me).

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