Teeez Cosmetics

Has anyone actually seen or heard of this brand before? I was at Mishref Fair Grounds (October) when I came across the Teeez Cosmetics booth and because it was my first time ever seeing this brand, I decided to pick up one thing to try out from them (but you know how that goes, and I ended up with three instead) regardless of how expensive this brand was. I mean it wasn’t Chanel expensive but their price point was higher than MAC‘s… if that makes any sense. Honestly, the wacky packaging is what drew me in, but the gorgeous shades is what made me actually buy.

I picked up a single Lipbalm and two Eyeshadows.

This incredibly nourishing and softening lip balm comes in four lip-smacking scented versions. What’s more, the antioxidant properties mean you can use it on and on and on and on and on….

The display had a whole slew of Lip products from Lipsticks to Lipgloss which was a bit overwhelming if I’m being honest so I decided to go with an Object of Affection Lipbalm of which they only had four; Lucky Cherry (Fuchsia), Summer Blossom (Orange), Strawberry Fields (Red), and Vanilla Sky (Nude). Initially, I wanted to go with the Nude one just because it looked complimentary against the orange packaging (don’t judge me). Thankfully, it occurred to me that the Nude one and the Orange one might be quite sheer (since these are lipbalms after all) and I’m not big on Fuchsia so I went with the Red because I believe a nice sheer Red can make your lips look juicy (like you’ve been sucking on a Popsicle). Plus, with a name like Strawberry Fields, how could I resist? I don’t like how it clashes with the packaging but it does come with a pretty decent-sized mirror. The outer packaging looks pretty nifty (if a bit busy) too! I haven’t used this yet so I can’t attest to the scent but hopefully it’ll smell like yummy strawberry candy! Apparently these were released in the Sugar Rush Collection.

Curious array of 18 intensely, eye-catching hues add intrigue to any outfit. Some are double changeant, others are triple. They’re all exquisitely crafted finishes from shimmering to metallic to high gloss. In a kaleidoscope of sublime colours with staying power. The effect? Luminescent. (Literally!) Including Argan Oil with anti-aging properties to moisturize your skin for a smooth texture. Don’t miss this bit of velvety bliss for outrageous on-trend eyes.

I was instantly smitten by the ridiculously adorable packaging! The cute, spherical (sadly, very reflective) balls were called Spectrum of Stars Eyeshadow and were also from the Sugar Rush Collection. Upon closer inspection, even though they all had lovely names such as Blueberry Dream, Lilac Glaze, Minty Haze, etc… only one shade stood out to me in particular. It was a gorgeous duochrome shade called Wisteria Shadow (and the only shade with Shadow in its name). It looks like a straight up Gunmetal in the pan but when swatched it’s actually more of a purple violet with a blue flash (as you can hopefully see). It looks much darker in the pan than it actually is when swatched. It’s so stinkin’ pretty, I can’t even…! I can totally see myself wearing this as a light wash of color all over the lid, with some black liner, and lots of mascara. Oh and this felt super silky so I guess it really does have some form of Argan Oil. In any case, I’m super excited about this too-cute-for-words Spectrum of Stars Eyeshadow in the heartbreakingly gorgeous shade Wisteria Shadow and can’t wait to wear it out and about!

Available in eight different colors, these eye shadows look just as stunning used alone as they do combined in any number of compositions. The creamy texture facilitates application, and has a sophisticated sparkling finish. The unique changeant effect of ‘Sweet Sins’ leaves your eyes twinkling with different shades of joy, while the warm white hue of ‘Beautiful Day’ can also be used as a highlighter underneath the eyebrows and on the inner eye.

Lastly, I picked up an Island Palette Eyeshadow (why is it called a palette if it’s just a single shadow?) in the shade Sweet Sins which is another lovely duochrome. The outer packaging was honestly quite creepy but the “palette” itself was a pretty copper-y color and I liked the graphics it depicted.
Sweet Sins isn’t unique by any means as it is easily dupe-able (every other brand has their own version of it, at this point) and I already have a handful of similar shadows (for example, MAC Club Eyeshadow) so I tried reasoning with myself to put it back. Clearly, that didn’t work. Instead I justified this purchase by telling myself that Teeez is a new brand and I was “testing” out the product so it’s for “research” purposes and I’m actually doing the entire world a favor and somehow my purchase of this shadow will indirectly contribute to finding a cure for cancer. I know, I know, I’m quite noble (or slightly insane…). Anyhow, this was from the La Isla Chic Collection.

Wisteria Shadow is the purple-y one. Sweet Sins is the green-y one. All sheen-y, and duochrome-y and so, so pretty! <3

Here are some more swatches in different lighting (natural lighting, artificial lighting, etc…) Again, Sweet Sins is the one to the right or in some photos at the top whereas Wisteria Shadow is the one on the left or in some cases at the bottom.

Overall, I’m pretty pleased with what I got. I mean the sales assistant promised me the moon and stars (and I kinda’ felt bad for her because at that price point for a relatively unknown brand, I didn’t expect she was going to generate much interest and be able to sell much) but after I made my purchase at the designated cash register and came back to her for some samples (for me) or even a brochure (for my blog), she was all “who dis?” (lawl). In any case, they’ve got a wide selection of products in all kinds of different colors and finishes, each line having its own humorous title whereas the shades themselves have got more whimsical names. Also, the packaging is quite fun (the outer packaging is insane! lawl) especially since it’s not all uniform. Plus, most of the products have skin-friendly ingredients (for example, Argan Oil) and whatnot, and some of them are scented.

Keep reading if you wanna’ know more about the brand or just check them out at https://www.teeezcosmetics.com/

Teeez Cosmetics was created for the creatives. The individual that thrives in their own individuality. As a disrupter in the land of beauty brands, Teeez is about celebrating the art of what makes each of us unique, from the inside-out, and translating that through our everyday style. Be as rebellious and innovative as you dare to be. We support that, and we want to be a part of it. It’s why we’re here. At Teeez, we are designers, thinkers, dreamers and doers. We believe in making a statement without having to say anything at all. Our products are nourishing, all wrapped up and presented in one-of-a-kind casings with hand-drawn designs, produced in Italy’s finest factories and completely cruelty-free environments. Because every accessory we carry must be a part of us and our unique fashion statements- and that doesn’t end with lipstick. The Teeez experience is a full-functioning, 360 degree lifestyle for jet-setters and go-getters. Whether online or in-store, we are a community of fearless femmes always on the glamorous go, and we want you to join us. Make Teeez a part of your colourful world. Together we are gorgeously unstoppable.

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