Flats Collection

I’ve always always hated Flats which is funny since I’ve somehow managed to accumulate 16 pairs. Truth be told, aside from the Multi-Color Print Black Slip-Ons all the way on the left and the Cobalt Blue right next to it, and the Black Sneakers all the way on the other end, all the rest (13 pairs) were purchased in one go (around early 2008) from the Kuwaiti equivalent of a $1 Store. They actually cost somewhere around KD 3/000 per pair so I felt like I was getting a good deal and kinda’ went crazy… regardless of the fact that I don’t wear Flats or even like them, for that matter. After this post, I’m going to be getting rid of all of them except for one.

Here are some of the colorful no-name brand Flats (except for the Cobalt Blue all the way on the right). Not only did I purchase Ballet Flats (which is something I’ve never ever worn… up til that point) but I even purchased the same style in different colors -_-

Here are all the Black Flats. Aside from the ones on the outer edges (Black Multi-Color Print Slip-Ons on one end and Black Sneakers on the other) the rest are all no-name brand Flats.

I wasn’t planning on getting anything from the Kuwaiti equivalent of The Dollar Store (Souk Bo-Imya) but then I saw these lovelies and was instantly smitten. I figured since I was going to be waiting in the really really long line to purchase these anyway, I might as well make it worth my while and pick up one or two more pairs… consequentially ending up with twelve pairs… all in one go (2008). Something about the style of this particular pair made them look somewhat Chinese, like something you’d pair with a Cheongsam (traditional form-fitting Chinese Dress). Also, I love this particular color combination (Black and Tarnished Brass) because from far away, you can almost mistake it for Baroque Print but will clearly be able to see the flowers up close. I’m not particularly fond of flowers nor do I care for botanical or floral themes in general, but this pair of Flats seem to be less prissy and frou-frou than most. In fact, they struck me as a bit Goth, if I’m being quite honest. I never actually got to wear them because Flats just are not flattering on curvy girls (or so I believe), and without heels, most of my jeans would just sweep the floor. Sadly, what with the packing and unpacking, they accumulated dents along the way eventually leading to the sorry state they are in now.

Adverts depicting Foldable Flats as the perfect solution when your feet are killing you from your high heels on your way back home from wherever (generally clubbing, as shown in ads) had been circulating in my magazines (and online) for quite some time. You just stuff them in your purse/handbag and pop them on whenever you need them. The Flats shown seemed bend-y enough and were available in several different colors. As soon as I saw them, images of Solidere’s treacherous streets in Lebanon (when you’re wearing sky-high heels) came to mind. I figured these would come in pretty handy, especially since a trek back home (way up in the mountains) for a change of shoes, was more than an hour away by car. With that being said, I’ve never actually stuffed either one of these in my bag, or taken them with me on a night out. It’s worth mentioning that the Foldable Flats in all those ads actually came with a separate draw-string bag so as not to contaminate the rest of your belongings whereas the ones I got didn’t. Not quite sure why I picked up the Bronze pair (metallics might have been trending?) but I’ve never ever worn them, to this day (They’re actually still in quite good shape) whereas I’ve actually reserved the Black pair for somber occasions such as funerals in Kuwait and such. I’ve worn the Black pair numerous times in the past and can honestly say that the soles (with snowflakes on them, for some reason) are ridiculously comfortable. With that being said, I don’t like how the elastic opening on these Flats make my socks bunch up. It just looks so awkward. Also, for some reason, the bow on these Bend-y Flats seems to infuriate me.

I don’t even know what I was thinking when I got these. The only thing that I can think of was that Metallics might have been trending? Or maybe I just got caught up in the moment (hey, since these are so cheap, why not get out of my comfort zone and branch out… like way waaay out). To this day, I’ve never worn these Silver Sequin Ballet Flats and definitely never will because they are too “show-y”. They haven’t held up pretty well (the insole area is mess) so I’ll be trashing them.

I had a small handbag in the same Red and White Striped Print that I’d just purchased from Germany so I figured I could do the whole match-matchy thing with these Flats. I didn’t wear these a lot but my favorite way to wear them was with a plain White Tee and some Classic Blue Jeans finishing off the look with the Stripe-y Flats and Stripe-y Bag. I’ve always found the Nautical Theme to be quite cute! With that being said, I find Flats to be unflattering on overweight women (such as myself). Also, these particular Flats gave me some pretty painful blisters at the back of my feet.

I keep harping on about it but my favorite novel of all time is Outlander (series by Diana Gabaldon that takes place mostly in Scotland) and as such, have developed an unhealthy obsession with all things Tartan… or anything remotely related to it, such as Plaid, hence this purchase, which was a total impulse-buy. I wouldn’t say that any of the Flats that I’d purchased that day were particularly well-made but these were hands down the worst, as you can clearly see because they’ve got no shape to them whatsoever. I still think the Red Plaid Print is quite cute though so I’m flirting with the idea of repurposing these… maybe cut off the backs and turn them into house slippers? That seems like too much work so I’m probably going to be getting rid of these as well.

I believe these were also available in several colors but I went with the Beige Plaid because I love neutrals and this one looked somewhat Burberry-esque. Also, the combination of Fabric (Stripes) and Vinyl (front and back) looked interesting. Sadly, I just couldn’t get past the huge bow… even if it did have studs on it. For some reason, I despise the bows on these Flats. It goes without saying that I’ll be getting rid of these as well.

The Taupe-y Olive with Copper Sequins (middle) looked absolutely gorgeous to me! The color combo alone looks stunning but even the texture (the tiny little stripes that vary in brightness) looks so cool! I also picked up the Beige with Iridescent Sequins because the sequins looked quite pretty, like something from a fairy! Again, this was in 2008, way before all this Unicorn/Holographic business was trending. I figured since I already got two of those Flats in the same style, might as well get a third in a more practical Black. In reality, I only got some use out of the Taupe-y ones before realizing that these Flats have zero arch support and were therefore less than ideal for walking.

Don’t judge me by this photo! I know, I know, these look hideous. They were. They still are. My mind-set was since I already had 10 pairs of Flats in my shopping cart (which I grabbed at some point) I might as well get 2 more pairs (in for a penny in for a pound) on the off-chance that someday I might actually need a pair of Pink Flats or Blue Flats. These are by far the ugliest things I’ve ever owned, particularly the Pink ones. The sequins don’t make it any better, either. I’ll be relieved to see these go.

After I’d payed for all those Flats and left Souk Bo-Imyah (kuwaiti equivalent of the dollar store) which was located in the bottom floor, and made my up towards the ground floor to leave the building, I came across a shoe store called Prince or something along those lines (still in that same building). The coolest looking Flats I’ve ever seen were on display in the vitrine! They were slightly more expensive than all those other cheap-y ones that I’d just purchased… I wanna say KD5, possibly KD7, maybe even KD9 but no more than that (can’t remember, this was way back in 2008). They were Black. The outer layer was made out of a shiny material (pvc? vinyl? leather? I dunno’) and had a Quilted Design. Arguably coolest of all is that they had buckles (as opposed to all those hideous bows)! I was instantly smitten! Sadly, these had no arch support or any of that business either. Basically, it was like walking barefoot because I could pretty much feel everything I was walking on, from gravel to little sharp pebbles. As such, I reserved these for funerals in Kuwait… until they started falling apart. After this post, I’ll be trashing them.

Towards the middle of that very same year (2008) I ordered these Multi-Color Print Black Slip-Ons by Xhilaration by Target through Amazon.com via Aramex (phew that was a mouthful). This pair was the closest I’d ever come to owning Converse Sneakers (sole-wise?). I liked that these were Black but the designs (Butterflies and Skulls) were all colorful, practically neon against the darker background, which was fun and cheerful! I also liked that they were Slip-Ons (no muss, no fuss) and possibly made out of canvas material. I figured since I was a size 38 in Kuwait, I should order US size 8… logic! Needless to say that my feet kept slipping out of them as I walked, but aside from being too big, these were quite comfy. They also added some height to my short frame. They were only $3.74 (about 1 Kuwait Dinar) which was significantly cheaper than the Flats I’d purchased from Souk Bo-Imya (Kuwaiti equivalent of the dollar store). I still like these a lot but see no point in holding on to them so they’ll be going away too.

Towards the end of that very same year (2008) I ordered my very first (and last lawl) pair of Skechers from Amazon.com via Aramex. The first time I ever heard of Skeckers was from a quote in the movie 10 Things I Hate About You about Skechers. I don’t even know why but I just assumed it was a brand popular for selling… wait for it… Trapper Keepers in the same way that everyone had to have a Jansport backpack for school. I only realized what they were once I started getting into girly magazines and saw ads for Skechers in them. Obviously this was year and years before we had Skechers in Kuwait. I wasn’t lusting after a pair in particular but my Light Blue Nike Sneakers were just about ready to give out and I was looking for a pair to replace them, from any brand. At first, I dismissed them because they looked like Water Shoes (the kind you wear when wading into the sea). Upon closer inspection, I realized they were actually Sneakers. Aside from looking pretty cool, the sides were perforated (breathable) and the straps at the top gave them that cute Mary Jane vibe. These were called Biker’s Aspire Sneaker and cost $30. I got them in a size 8 (US) but surprisingly they fit perfectly! Even better, I could walk in them for hours… and actually have. I wore these all the time during a certain job that involved a lot of running around (literally). I wore these whenever I was traveling (so comfy for the airport and in other countries that involve a lot of walking like Dubai). I wore these when I was working on a certain someone’s political campaign (which involved a lot of back and forth). I’ve also taken to wearing these to funerals in Kuwait. I’ll always slip these on when I know my friends are going to be doing a lot of shopping walking. They look, fit, and feel great! As such, I’m going to be keeping these Black Skechers (the only pair I’m actually holding on to).

Lastly, I picked up these gorgeous Cobalt Blue Quilted Flats by the brand Nine West at Sears (Al-Dajeej) somewhere around early 2009. I can’t remember how much they cost because I picked up a handful of other things as well. They clearly didn’t fit me (too big) but they were the only pair available and I just could not turn my back on them. I loved the mish-mash of fabrics and textures! It had a Black Suede cap-toe. It had Black on the back as well. The Cobalt Blue (nylon?) on the sides had a cool Quilted Design. Even the little bow, I found endearing! I just found these Cobalt Blue Flats to be quite gorgeous! The Black all over, served to enhance the vividness of the Blue. They even added some height to my short frame! Unfortunately, my feet kept slipping out of these (even with the thickest of socks) as I walked. As such, I’ll be giving them away with all the rest.

These are all the Sequin-y Flats. All I can say is, never again.

These are the Black Flats. Somewhat practical, but I don’t need 1,000 pairs, y’know?

These are the Shiny and Metallic Flats (aka What Was I Thinking? Flats).

These are the more “Fun Print” Flats (Stripes, Plaid, etc…)

Unlike all those cheap-y no-name brand Flats, these actually help up quite nicely, even after being stuffed in and out of boxes repeatedly (over several moves). With that being said, 2 out of the 3 don’t fit (too big) which is why I’m only going to be keeping the Black Skechers and getting rid of the 15 other pairs.

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