Boots Gourmand Haulage

I hadn’t planned on purchasing anything from Boots (Jabriya) but it was right across the street from my salon and I figured what the hey. I stepped in for a quick peek and as you can see, snagged the cutest little products! By now, you’ll know that I’m quite fond of themes, so once I picked up the Pretty Patisserie Body Butter Trio (which I’d been eyeing initially), I grabbed a few other vanilla-scented products to fit in with the theme… in my head (lawl).

Pretty Patisserie Body Butter Trio
These delectable body butters are almost good enough to eat! Pamper your skin with a choice of strawberry, peppermint or lemon after showering for a spine-tingling sensory experience.

How stinkin’ cute? Just look at that adorable packaging! It’s all cakes and color and macaroons… and the Eiffel Tower and a poodle thrown into the mix. Sorry for the terrible quality as these were taken with my older camera (before it died). The little tubs remind of travel-sized The Body Shop Body Butters which I used to love in the past. Plus with scents like Peppermint Creme (Wuuut?), Lemon Creme (I die!), and Strawberry Creme, how could I resist? I especially love that the color of the tubs correlate with the scents housed inside. Even the brand name, Pretty Patisserie sounds ridiculously adorable! Talk about cuteness overload!

Prize Cosmetics Gourmand Vanilla Ice Cream Soap

I searched high and low for anything about this product but apparently Prize (Pereja?) Gourmand is a Turkish brand. You can find a lot of their products (namely shower gels) at Boots in a variety of Gourmand Scents (I wanna’ say I saw Red Velvet at one point) including the one shown, Vanilla Ice Cream. I enjoy purchasing the occasional bar of Soap every now and then, as opposed to Liquid Hand Soap (for the hands der) and Body Wash (for the body obvi). Looking at it right now, I’m pretty sure it’s meant for the body (not just the hands) but I’ll only be certain after the first use. This thing is huge (practically dwarfing all the other products next to it) and smells pretty good! Certain takes on Vanilla can gross me out but in general I tend to enjoy a good Vanilla scent. Hopefully this’ll be one of the better ones.

Boots Keep It Sweet Vanilla Delight Body Mist
Bring a little sunshine to your day with Boots Keep It Sweet Vanilla Delight Body Mist. Spritz and spray throughout the day to leave skin softly fragrant.

Lastly, I grabbed this cute little thing because I’d been seeing it at Boots for years and always ignoring it (I’ve got way too many fragrances and body mists and whatnot). Since this haul was mostly gourmand-based, I went for it this time. A good warm Vanilla always reminds me of some of the happiest days of my life (swimming with summer vacation friends at the pool and then showering and immediately spraying on a Vanilla Body Mist on sun-warmed skin as we head out together for the night)! The vanilla scent du jour was The Body Shop Vanilla perfume. I’m hoping this’ll be similar to that. Regardless, Vanilla is always an appropriate summer fragrance.

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