NESCAFÉ® VANILLA Instant Foaming Mix

Vanilla-infused frothy cappuccino creates a perfect café-inspired cup you can sip wherever you are.

I tried getting into drinking Tea (Gschwendner and Teavana) but it’s not just for me. I’ll drink regular ol’ Tea (with a disproportionate amount of sugar poured in there just because I like my Tea extra-sweet) when I get the occasional bout of the flu. Also, I’ll enjoy Lipton Iced Tea Lemon (never the Peach, ugh!) during the Summer, but for some reason it’s almost always out of stock in the entire country (even though the horrid Peach is always available). Aside from that that, I’ll be sticking with my Nescafe Vanilla pseudo-coffee drink, thank you very much.

Wait. Let me see if I can get this right on my first try. My ex-mother-in-law (there we go, first try!) introduced me to Nescafe Vanilla back when I used to live with my ex-husband in his family-home. She was sipping on Nescafe Vanilla from an average-sized cup but the delightful vanilla scent lingered around her sorta’ creating a scent-bubble. Almost immediately after I’d asked what she was sipping, one of their many household staff appeared with Nescafe Vanilla in the cutest little mug with a teaspoon attached to the side (almost like the one I got here) and a matching saucer, with a little bowl of sugar and such. It tasted nice but unlike normal people, I prefer my drinks to induce diabetes, so 7 teaspoons of sugar later, it was juuuuust right. Nescafe Vanilla quickly became my favorite hot drink. It’s been 5 years since… and I’m still just as obsessed! In fact, I still drink this stuff on the daily!

As you can see from the instructions, it was idiot-proof super easy to “make”. A Nescafe Vanilla carton came with 10 sachets each. You just emptied the sachet into your mug (and in my case, 7 teaspoons of sugar) and added the heated water. I’ve never used an electric kettle before because as I’ve mentioned earlier, I never needed to. Aside from the household staff in my er, household, I’d just wake up a family member to make something for me (it’s pretty much “forbidden” by my father for anyone to request anything from any of the household staff after 10:00pm except during Ramdan when everyone’s sleep schedule shifts) or I’d just order in. It’s not that I didn’t want to learn. It’s just that it never even occurred to me to learn. Honestly, I was shocked by how simple it was. Fill the kettle with water. Turn it on. Wait. Boom. Done. Stupid simple.

Anyhow, I became ridiculously particular about how I made my Nescafe Vanilla. I’d slink off to the kitchen at my ex’s home (where they had CCTV Cameras) and even though it off-set my paranoia (I don’t like being watched) because I knew they (4 sisters-in-law) were able to watch me from their family living room and possibly comment on this “outsider making herself right at home… in OUR home”, I’d set about making my psuedo-coffee. Like most people who try to get as many tasks done before the microwave beeps when it’s done nuking the food, I’d switch the electric kettle on first, then try to get whatever else done, as opposed to just standing there staring at it and waiting. While the eletric kettle heated the water inside, I’d then add the powder from the sachet to the mug. Then I’d add 6-7 teaspoons of sugar. I’d still end up having to wait for a bit if nobody had used the electric kettle recently. Once it was done heating the water, this was where I got particular (read: anal). I’d pour very little water, very very slowly, making sure it was a steady stream, while simultaneously stirring the mixture with a spoon. I feel like this way ensures that you don’t end up with little chunks of unmixed Nescafe Vanilla powder when you’re drinking. I dunno’… I just feel like my way just dissolves the powder better. You could always fill the cup with water all at once and then stir the whole thing but I’m crazy like that. Here’s the strange part, I don’t drink it once it’s done. I don’t even take a sip. Truth be told, I don’t eat or drink anything overly hot or overly cold because I feel like it’ll upset my tummy. Instead, I’ll wait for 15 minutes for it to cool before I start sipping it.

I almost forgot to mention the most important part. Aside from smelling fantastic and tasting delicious (with the help of spoonfuls of sugar) this stuff also foams up on it’s own! I know that’s like whatever but I get a kick out of watching it happen. I was blown away the first time! I was all “You mean I don’t have to go to Starbucks or get some fanchy-schmany Nespresso machine to make that happen? Wuuuuuuut”. Even minus the mountains of sugar that I like to add, it’s actually yummy on it’s own. It’s hot and soothing during cold weather or first thing in the morning (year-round). AND IT’S FROTHY? Witchcraft, I say. After taking a quick peek at the back, it’s mentioned that this stuff is Made In Korea (hence the witchcraft). Also, LOTTE-Nestlé. Mayhaps this is the very same Lotte that used to make the strawberry-flavored gum from my childhood at the chalet? In any case, I absolutely love Nescafe Vanilla!

I have to have Nescafe Vanilla at least three times a day. Sometimes, I’ll even drink it back to back. Like I said, I don’t drink water, ever. With that being said, I always feel parched (surprise surprise) and that’s where this stuff comes in. I love starting my day off with Nescafe Vanilla! It’s especially yummy and warm when you first wake up. I’ll take a sachet with me to work and make myself a cup (or three) over there too. I’ll legit fantasize about drinking this stuff (from my excessively large mug) back at home, any time I’m out and about and starting to feel tired. I’ll reward myself with it as a treat after I’ve finished a particularly draining task. I’ll drink it when I want to wind down from the day. I’ll drink it when I’m getting ready to go to bed (which bemuses my family). I’ll drink it when I’m blogging. I’ll drink it when I’m watching my favorite tv shows. I especially look forward to drinking this stuff once I get out of the shower. A huge mug of this stuff fresh out of the shower, man-oh-man, nothing beats that feeling! It’s just the best!

I used to collect coffee cups and mugs from all over the world… even though I don’t drink actual coffee. This right here is my most favorite mug ever! My dad and older brother hate this particular mug. My older brother thinks it should only be used for cereal or soup. My dad has straight up called it “disgusting” (lawl). Clearly, they think it’s a bit excessive. In fact, my dad lectures me every single time he sees me drinking it. I keep trying to explain that it’s a psuedo-coffee drink and I’ll probably die of diabetes before I die of a caffeine-induced heart-attack but he lectures me still… which is fine because it means he cares. As such, I’ve tried to find different alternatives like Tea (Gschwendner and Teavana) figuring I could eventually make the switch to Green Tea or something somewhat healthier than Nescafe Vanilla but as I said, that didn’t pan out. What can I say? I like what I like.

Just look at how frothy it looks! I think the fact that it’s a powder and you just add water and it’ll turn into what you see above is really cool! It makes me feel like some super advanced technology witchcraft went into creating this stuff. The fact that it’s Made In Korea (who happen to be ridiculously advanced as a country… in every aspect not just technology-wise) further cements that notion. Secretly, when I sip on my obsene cute mug of Nescafe Vanilla, it makes me feel like I’m somehow connected to the world shown in my favorite Korean Drama Shows (I know I know, I am a nerd). That just makes me love this stuff even more! Nescafe Vanilla is stupid easy to make, fun to watch foaming up and all, smells fantastic and tastes great!

All Middle East countries except Syria & Yemen.

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