H&M BOGO Deal (Salmiya)

I got these awhile ago at H&M (Salmiya Branch) when they were having a Buy Three Get Fourth Free Deal and I hadn’t been in the mood to try any clothing items on. I though I’d hauled these before but I guess I never got around to it.

A selection of press-on, pre-glued nails in a range of vivid colours and bold designs

I picked up two packs of these Press On Nails in the style Get To The Point (lawl) for KD 3/900 per pack. Each pack comes with 24 Press On Nails. I’ve always wanted to try the “talons” look but my natural God-given nails refuse to cooperate so these Press On Nails were the next best thing. Knowing how H&M operate, I’d probably end up falling in love with these Press On Nails only to never be able to find them in stores ever again, which is why I got two. Also, I figured I could mess up as much as I wanted with the first pack (practice) and hopefully master the art of applying them, since I had a back-up. Mostly though, I love them because they are plain Black (so very me)! In case you are interested, I do believe they’ve been stocking the same style in a Mauve-y Nude called As I Am more recently.

A silky black liquid eyeliner with a long-lasting, smudgeproof formula and rich colour payoff. The precision felt tip enables a multitude of looks from a slender line to a dramatic sweep.

I was in dire need of a Black Liquid Eye Liner so I picked up two of the Precision Eye Marker in the shade Jet Black for KD 3/500 each. I know I just picked up Schwing Liquid Liner from theBalm but I can’t seem to find it anywhere. I’d be getting ready to go out or whatever with my eyeshadow already applied and everything and then spend the next 15 minutes searching for a liquid liner before eventually giving up and going with a pencil liner. I mean it’s not that big of a deal but certain eyeshadows can make a black pencil liner look lighter and not quite as pigmented and sometimes I just don’t want that. I’ve actually used the Precision Eye Marker from H&M before and it’s pretty good. I figured I’d get two if one of them decides to just up and disappear (as they tend to do when I need them the most) or I could just give the other one to my sister or whatever.

Well… this is awkward. Actually, it’s only awkward if you make it awkward. Okay, so I got this stuff in February and it’s June now. No big deal, right? Like I said, I thought I’d hauled it earlier. Oops. Anyhow, I ended up spending KD 11/300 for 2 packs of Press on Nails + 1 Precision Eye Marker since the second Precision Eye Marker ended up being free.

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