Maggi Soup

Let me preface this by saying I don’t cook… ever. The closest I’ve come to actual “cooking” or anything of the sort, is tossing a couple of Pop-Tarts in the microwave. For me, cooking was never a necessity. Just like the majority of Arab households, we employ live-in housekeepers who would do all the cooking and anything pertaining to it such as grocery shopping, meal prep, etc… If I happened to get the munchies at midnight, I have no qualms (I know, I know, I’m a horrible person) with waking up a family member (mom, older sister, younger brother) and asking them to fry up some chicken nuggets for me, bearing in mind that all the bedrooms are on the top floor whereas the kitchen is on the ground floor. My dad has told me off several times for waking my mom up just so I can stuff my face, and my sister moved out once she got married, and my younger brother has learned to ignore my phone calls after midnight. With that being said, there’s always some snacks and fruit and such in the dining area and leftovers and such in the kitchen. If I’m willing to be patient, I could always have my pick from the obscene amount of fast food restaurants that all happen to deliver. As such, I’ve never felt the need to learn how to cook.

I got the flu recently and was craving some soup which in our household is pretty much synonymous with Maggi. Me being me, when I enjoy something, I want it all the time… until I get sick of it. I quickly worked my way through the entire supply of Maggi Soup we had at home (prepared by the cook) and went out and got some more from City Center (Salmiya Branch) once I was feeling up to it. They had flavors way more interesting than the usual Veggie/Noodle soup and Mushroom Soup that I’d been guzzling all week. Don’t get me wrong. I love a good Cream of Mushroom Soup (in fact, I got a few more of those as well, in different packaging for whatever reason) but after having it more than three times a day for a little over a week, I was kinda’ getting sick of it for the time-being (true to LuLu fashion) and wanted to switch it up a little so I got all the different flavors I could find…

I got Maggi Asparagus Soup with grated nutmeg because I’ve never tried that particular flavor from Maggi before and I’m delighted to report that it tasted pretty good regardless of the fact that I don’t recall noticing the grated nutmeg which I feel they just tossed in there just to make it sound fancy (read: pretentious). I mean… hey, it worked! I did try it out after all.

I also got Maggi Cream of Spinach Soup with white pepper which tasted really really yummy! I liked that it looked fun (green) too! This was a hit with the family as well!

My favorite by far would have to be the Maggi Tomato Soup. Unfortunately I don’t have any to show you (photo nicked off google) because I pretty much inhaled the ones I got almost instantly. They had some pretty weird variations like Tomato and Beef Oat Soup (so so bad) and Tomato Chicken Noodle Soup (marginally better) but I loved the plain Tomato Soup! Surprisingly, my entire family could not stand the plain Tomato Soup. They said it was like drinking “daqoos” (tomato sauce used to add flavor to chicken/rice/etc… in traditional Arab dishes). For the record, I’m the weirdo that actually enjoys downing a Virgin Bloody Mary.

Step 1 – Empty the contents into 1 litre (4 cups) of room temperature.
Step 2 – Stir well until dissolved then bring to a boil. When it starts boiling, simmer for 3 minutes on low fire and stir occasionally.

I wanted soup but everyone from my family to the household staff had better things to do than accommodate my incessant cravings, so it occurred to me that I could just “make” my own soup. As you can see, the directions were simple enough. I’ve never used an oven-top stove (or whatever it’s called before) but the markings were pretty easy to decipher. At first, I was afraid the whole thing would blow up but eventually I manned up and lit the thing and made my first… pot of soup (as you can see, I’m pretty much useless when it comes to cooking terminology) and I’ve been making (calling it “making” seems like a stretch lawl) my own soup ever since! As such, I’ve slowly warmed up to the idea of this whole “cooking” thing and I’d like to explore it some more!

These Maggi Soups are the easiest things to “make”. I’ve been “making” them for our Ramadan meals regularly now. Even better, you can always spruce them up with a bit of “garnish” (leafy green stuff) or spice them up with erm… some spices (lawl) or a sprinkle of some lemon juice or whatever, to alter the flavor. Personally, I’ve been adding a dollop of whipped cream to the Tomato Soup whenever I make it, in the hopes that the majority of the household would come to embrace it but no such luck. They still hate it but I love it even more with cream! So yeah, “cooking” is fun!

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