American Gods

Wow! I’m not quite sure what I just saw, but I really enjoyed it and look forward to more! The show is based off Hugo and Nebula Award-winning novel published in 2001 by English author Neil Gaiman. The novel, according to Wikipedia is a blend of Americana, fantasy, and various strands of ancient and modern mythology.

Basically, this show is like Game of Thrones with Gods; Old Gods vs New Gods. The soundtrack is pretty cool! The cinematography and special effects kinda’ remind me of both 300 and Sin City. The cast is incredible!

If you haven’t watched it yet, I strongly suggest you do!

Warning – spoilers after the jump – Warning

The Cast

Ricky Whittle melted my heart on Single Ladies (estrogen-fest), Mistresses (estrogen-fest), and The 100 (teen angst) but his role as Shadow Moon (a.k.a. puppy) on American Gods was a match made in Heaven (couldn’t resist lawl). As Shadow, he’s got that endearing, “good-guy” naivete (like a cute little lost puppy) which makes him ridiculously adorable, but he’s also insanely hot (those smoldering eyes though)!

Laura Moon is played by Emily Browning. It irked me throughout the show that I couldn’t quite place her even though I knew those ridiculously high cheekbones looked familiar. Emily has been in the movies Sucker Punch and A Series of Unfortunate Events to name a few. She’s absolutely gorgeous!

I vaguely remember Ian McShane from John Wick but he’s also been in Ray Donovan, American Horror Story, Game of Thrones, and John Wick 2 since. Most might recognize him from Deadwood. As Mr. Wednesday on American Gods, I find his “used-car-salesman smarm” not only amusing but quite charming! I really like the chemistry between Mr. Wednesday and Shadow which makes it fun watching them together, despite the fact that Mr Wednesday is obviously manipulating Shadow.

Mad Sweeney the Leprechaun might look familiar because he’s played by the actor Pablo Schreiber and was also in The Manchurian Candidate, The Wire, Numb3rs, Weeds, 13 Hours and Orange is the New Black. I think he looks quite attractive in this role (bar the promo shot above) and we’ve already established that I think Irish accents are magical anyway, so that doesn’t hurt either. I believe Mad Sweeney brings humor (albeit very very very dark humor) to the show. I mean whoever heard of a 7 foot tall Leprechaun… and an unlucky one at that?

Bilquis is played by the actress Yetide Badaki. She’s had short stints on Lost, Masters of Sex, and NCIS: New Orleans. Most worthy of note (at least in my eyes) is that she lent her voice to Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare for the character Ebele Yetide. Out of all of them, Bilquis is the one that terrifies me because of her… ummm… ability (which also happens to involve nudity). I won’t go too much into it but let’s just say it makes Game of Thrones look PG13 in comparison.

Czernobog is played by Peter Stormare who was also in The Lost World: Jurassic Park, Minority Report, Constantine, Prison Break, The Blacklist, and John Wick 2 to name a few. He’s also lent his voice to so many animated series and videogames. With that being said, I recognized him immediately as the crazy astronaut (my fave character in Armageddon) who has the best line in the movie “American components… Russian Components… all made in Taiwan!“. Czernobog is very single-minded (just wants to smash stuff with his ginormous hammer) and not surprisingly is just as quote-worthy (“…is good?”) as all of the other characters Peter Stormare has played. Such a talented actor!

Orlando Jones plays the part of Mr Nancy (love those puns!) but has also been in a bunch of stuff from well-known shows to movies. Most worthy of note (in my eyes) is the fact that he lent his voice to Halo 2.

This is a mismatch if I ever saw one but apparently Easter is going to be played by Kristin Chenoweth (why?). I’ve seen her in a bunch of stuff but I mostly remember her from her stint on Glee.

Mr World is played by Crispin Glover who I recognize as the Thin Man from Charlie’s Angels: Full Throttle but he’s played a lot of other unusual characters in movies and shows throughout the years as well. From what I understood, Mr World is the leader of the “New Gods”. I haven’t seen enough of Mr World to form an opinion yet but I’m leaning more towards not liking him.

Look, guys! It’s Dana Scully (The X-Files)! This was a delightful surprise! Gillian Anderson plays the role of Media who also happens to be one of the “New Gods”. As Media, she’s absolutely enchanting on-screen which I find deliciously appropriate!

The role of Technical Boy is played by Bruce Langley who is fairly new to acting. Technical Boy is also part of the “New Gods”.

Low Key Lysmith (geddit? Low Key LOL) is played by Jonathan Tucker who has been in a bunch of stuff including The Texas Chainsaw Massacre, The Ruins, Hannibal (tv series), and Kingdom. He’s also going to lend his voice to Call of Duty: WWII (release date is this November!). He’s very likable and very cute in a mischievous sort of way and I hope to see more of him in the second season of American Gods.

The Jinn is played by Mousa Kraish who it seems has been typecasted into a certain role which I guess turned into a good thing since it landed him this gig which will surely be his breakout role. Funny enough, he’s got lovely brown eyes (so huge he looks like an anime character) and yet he’s cast as The Jinn so we never get to see his eyes (lawl). During a certain scene, I was like “aww they like each other. How cute!” but then I saw more of The Jinn than I ever cared to (full frontal nudity) and it turned into a full on extremely graphic sex scene which left me thinking “well, that escalated quickly”.

Robbie is played by Dane Cook (why?). I’ve enjoyed his stand-up especially when he went dark but he always came across as a jerk so I guess him playing a jerk wasn’t a stretch.

Even after I just finished watching the fifth episode, I still don’t know what exactly is going on! It’s crazy! It’s got a little bit of everything really. The gist of it so far is Mr Wednesday recruits Shadow, which makes the “New Gods” nervous. We’re still being introduced to new characters every other episode, which is awesome! You can kinda’ suss out which God is which (for example Mr Nancy > African Trickster God – Anansi) without them actually having to spell it out on the show (ok, they kinda’ did with Mr Nancy so that was a bad example but you get what I mean, yeah?) which is also fun! I haven’t read the novel but a lot of the cast are actually fanboys/fangirls and reached out to the creators and straight up asked to be in American Gods. I’m always sad (I say always, but it’s only been five, lawl) when an episode of American Gods ends but also equally excited for the next one!

It’s not going to be to everyone’s taste but so far, I absolutely love American Gods! Like I said, Game of Thrones… but with Gods!

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