Back from Hiatus

Sometimes I go through these phases, where I feel like doing one thing and only that one thing, for the longest time. For example, I’ll come back home after a long day at work and go right back out, to meet up with my friends, setting all my other interests aside.

Other times, my sole focus (during my spare time) would be on blogging consistently. It might seem easy-breezy, snapping some photos and banging out a few words to go with them, but in all honesty, it’s a bit more than that. I have to take the proper lighting into consideration, the accuracy of the hue, the dimensions, etc… Then after typing out the words, I have to read and re-read them to catch any mistakes (of which I make many, especially when drowsy). I mean sure this is a personal blog and is therefore informal (casual) so mistakes along with run-on sentences and improper grammar are a given, but sometimes when I read back what I wrote, it just doesn’t sound right (doesn’t exactly roll off the tongue, it just doesn’t “flow”). Sometimes, my purchases will live in their packages, perfectly wrapped up as the day I got them, because I still hadn’t gotten around to taking photos of them. I’m neurotic enough that I refuse to start using them until I’ve photographed them for a haul post first. Between the arduous task of taking the photos and writing a few (or not so few) words, I’m not always in the right head space to blog. You have to be in the proper mood, as well.

I love movies! I’ve always loved movies… but sometimes I’ll go through these phases and abstain from watching a movie for a year or two (not even exaggerating), just because. No rhyme or reason. Then, I’ll watch a really good movie out of the blue and all of a sudden become obsessed with movies all over again. The thing is, I want to be absolutely riveted by a movie. I enjoy having my heart in my stomach during the entire thing. I enjoy not noticing the passing of time to the extent that I’m shocked or even saddened when the movie ends. I enjoy the joy that watching a good movie brings. If I find my mind wandering, then it’s not a good movie. For some reason, when I’m into movies, that’s all I wanna’ binge on. When I’m into tv shows, then I’m no longer into movies. Sometimes, I’ll get sick of both and prefer watching stuff on YouTube. Sometimes, I’ll go through these phases where all I wanna’ do is play videogames in my spare time. Other times, my favorite thing to do would be to read. These are all normal things except when I go through a “phase”, it’s literally all I wanna’ do for weeks on end, sometimes months.

More than movies, I enjoy binging on tv shows now. Unlike movies, you feel a bond towards these characters that you’ve been watching for years and years. Even with reality tv shows and talk shows (I simply adore Conan O’Brien!). With the really really good shows, although you’ve become familiar with the characters over the years, the story-line never gets stale. One of my pet peeves with girly-girl shows (and why I classify them as such) is because Boy A, Boy B, Boy C, and Boy D, start off with Girl A, Girl B, Girl C, and Girl D, but throughout the years everyone ends up with everyone else at one point or another. It’s like “I’m in love with you but I’m gonna’ go through all of your guy/girl friends before eventually finding my way back to you”. It’s so cheezy. That’s why I don’t classify girly-girl shows as good shows. Another pet peeve is “filler” episodes. Back in the day, when I was still in school and obsessed with Buffy The Vampire Slayer on Showtime, they legit sang throughout an entire episode ergo “filler”. I’ll usually stream the shows that I’m not that invested in (play them in the background while cleaning house) from because the quality isn’t that great. My favorite thing to watch are “Pilots”. They’re so full of potential! Some are hits and some are misses and some sadly never get picked up. I watched The Walking Dead‘s pilot when it first came out and felt euphoric throughout (issues). If you’re wondering how I get my hands on Pilots before they’re released, I download them from

Like I said, I’ll go through these phases where all I wanna’ do is watch YouTube videos (not necessarily related to makeup) in my spare time. This in my humble opinion is the worst time-sucker out of them all. Sometimes, I’ll just be listening to really good music and lose track of time (*cough* Aoki *cough*). Other times, I’ll be focused on something recent that might’ve intrigued me for example the beef between Nicki Minaj and Remy Ma. Mostly though, my favorite thing on YouTube is going down the rabbit hole. There’s a million and one conspiracy theories about anything and everything but my all time fave has got to be “The Illuminati”. A friend of mine suggested I watch Zeitgeist (years and years ago) and after I did, I was obsessed forevermore! Sometimes I’ll come across incredibly strange YouTube channels but that’s the fun of it. Sometimes, I’ll become infatuated with certain people and search for everything I can find on them on YouTube such as Neil deGrasse Tyson (so endearing!). Some channels I watch regularly like Inside Gaming (Machinima) but that was back when Adam Kovic, James Willems, Bruce Greene, Lawrence Sonntag (so cute!), Sean Poole (lawl), Joel Rubin, and Matt Peake were there. My favorite and by far the funniest was James! I still watch the ETC Show though. I was subscribed to Russel Brand‘s channel because it touched on my love of conspiracy theories. Then out of nowhere, he pops up on Joe Rogan‘s podcast (talking about Kundalini! I die!), who in turn has had Neil deGrasse Tyson on his show as well. Throw Bill Burr into the mix and you’ve got the Trifecta! I also happen to be a huge Bill Burr fan. He’s the funniest comedian out there in my humble opinion (after Conan, of course) and yes I am subscribed to his podcast as well. In fact, I listen to it religiously. I love it when my interests overlap! When Bill Burr popped up on Conan right after the Elections, I was not only soothed but elated!

I love RPGs! Always have, always will. With that being said, I’ve developed a taste for FPS that sprung from Halo 2 and would grow to Halo Reach (fave!), Halo 3, and so on until I discovered Black Ops 2, zombie mode specifically. I passed on Call of Duty: Ghosts because eww but I got Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare for zombies. Unfortunately, zombies can be a bit draining especially if you’re trying to do the Easter Egg (which can take up +3 hours or more) and that’s even with all 4 people knowing exactly what they need to do. As such, my friends being the little girls that they were, convinced me to switch to Multiplayer and I slowly but surely got into that too. Now I have no problem switching back and forth. I just don’t do Campaign. I also don’t do “Core” because it shows the mini-map and apparently I can’t read it because I’m so used to Halo‘s minimap. I just prefer “Hardcore” because it’s more realistic (or at least as realistic as can be with all that flying around and wall-running). I got Black Ops 3 mostly for Zombies but I switch back and forth because like I said you can get get a bit burnt out on zombies whereas multiplayer is fact-paced. I think I might’ve lost my mind at one point trying to upgrade to a Fire Bow on Der Eisendrache which requires all kinds of fancy trick shots and I unfortunately can’t aim… like, at all. More recently, I’ve purchased Call of Duty Infinite Warfare and Modern Warfare Remastered (2 in 1 sorta’ deal). The zombie mode is quite different (Zombies in Spaceland has an awesome soundtrack, all 80’s baby!) with The Hoff (lawl) as a DJ at the theme park for whatever reason. More recently, Xbox One included Black Ops 2 (which was originally a Xbox 360 game) on their Backwards Compatibility Games list. I’m actually installing it right now (which is why I’m blogging since I can’t download nor stream). My brother lent me Final Fantasy XV to play and his copy of Harry Potter and the Cursed Child to read while my older brother gave me Resident Evil 7 months ago as a birthday gift (I’m a Sagittarius) but I’m pretty much obsessed with COD at the moment to think about trying anything else. I mean once that lady came at me with the chainsaw on RE7 I was done. I switched it off. I’ll probably go back to it once I’m burnt out on COD (is there such a thing?), then again that’s what I said about Dying Light but never got back into it, so who knows? What with Ramadan coming up, I know it’s not a good time to start Final Fantasy, especially since I watch (to unwind from COD lawl) my brothers play Zelda. That’s too many games to keep track of… especially since I’m a backseat driver and always yelling at my brothers to try this or try that when I’m not even playing. Only yesterday, my buddy told me that Black Ops 3 is releasing not one, not two, but EIGHT remastered zombie maps! I die! Plus, Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare just dropped (as in TODAY!) the new DLC which of course means another new ZOMBIE MAP!

Like I said, when I’m watching a tv show, I don’t wanna’ switch to anything else. When I’m watching a movie, I don’t feel like blogging afterwards. When I’m blogging, I don’t feel like going out later. When I’m out with my friends, I don’t want to go back home. When I’m home, I don’t wanna’ leave. When I’m on YouTube I pretty much lose myself down the rabbit hole. When I do something, it’s all I wanna’ do… until I get sick of it and move on to something else, for the next few weeks/months. I’m horrible at time-management…

With that being said, life is painful and short. So when you’ve got time to spare, you should always make sure that you’re enjoying that spare time! Some people enjoy running in place on a treadmill. Others enjoy fishing. While others still enjoy baking. I enjoy barking out orders through a cheap headset (that came with the Xbox One) while my buddies and I run around a map trying to find parts in the most random places and piecing them together while being chased by zombies (Easter Egg stuff). It gets complicated. It can be overwhelming. It can be time-consuming. It can be draining. It can be exasperating. For me, regardless of all that, it’s always fun!

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