Loewe Aura Loewe Floral Eau de Parfum

Aura Loewe Floral
The most floral variant of Aura Loewe. An Aura full of secrets and subtleties, contrasts and contradictions. A feminine and inspiring eau de parfum where a floral bouquet based on violet, rose and jasmine stands out. The unique and unmistakable essence is brought by the carrot seeds, used for the first time in a LOEWE fragrance, as well as the emblematic note of LOEWE leather.

Either you have it or you don’t.

Head : carrot seeds, bergamot, lemon, green chord
Heart : violet, rose, jasmine, orange flower
Base : vanilla, musk, patchouli, Loewe leather

I was at the Perfume and Makeup expo at Mishref Fair Grounds during the month of October, when I was smitten by Loewe Aura Loewe Floral EDP.

The tagline came across as very “You can’t sit with us” which turned me off.

I wasn’t a fan of the Art Deco style of the bottle either. In fact, the cap strongly reminded me of The Body Shop Honey Lip Balm. It’s cute as a lip balm but not so much as a cap on a perfume bottle from a prestigious Spanish brand.

However, I did like the look of the leather tag (with the name embossed on it). The original Loewe Aura was introduced in 2013 and was followed by Loewe Aura Loewe Magnetica. The one I purchased, Loewe Aura Loewe Floral was released just before Valentine’s Day (2016). As I said before, I purchased this in October 2016.

In the interest of full disclosure, I haven’t actually sniffed any of the other Loewe fragrances. The guy at the booth spritzed some of this stuff on the fragrance strip. I walked away to check out the other booths but kept the strip in my hand, sniffing it over and over until I eventually went back and purchased the perfume. It was clean, powder-y, somewhat sweet. The dry-down was heavenly! Regardless of the word “floral” in the name, this was right up my alley. A lot of people compare Aura Loewe Floral to Lancome La Vie Est Belle but I’ve never sniffed it so I can neither confirm nor deny that. I fell in love with Loewe Aura Floral because it came across as just so lady-like. I figured it would be perfect for Spring.

They tend to be more generous with fragrance samples during the Perfume and Makeup Exhibition (read: depending on how much you’re willing to spend on their products) and I was delighted by one sample in particular. It wasn’t because of the scent per say. It was more because of the presentation itself. It came in a card, as you can see.

I mean… is that not the most charming thing ever?

Everything from the fragrance notes to an actual depiction of the perfumes was available on the fragrance card. The whole thing elevated the Spanish brand, in my eyes, to a whole other level!

Best of all, instead of shelling out KD 32/000 I only had to pay KD 25/750 which is just another one of those perks of shopping during the Perfume and Makeup Exhibition.

Definitely give this a sniff, the next time you get a chance to because you might just fall in love!

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