H&M Black Wide-Leg Pants

I finally got the Black Wide-Leg Pants that I’ve been obsessing over! I first saw these pants at the Avenues Phase III Branch of H&M (directly across from Harvey Nichols) but they were too small, which is why I decided to visit the Salmiya Branch of H&M but never found them (I don’t believe they were ever stocked over there) but finally hauled them from the Avenues Phase II Branch (across from Shake Shack).

It’s a long, straight leg with pleats at the top and pockets on each side (+5 swag points), a concealed zip on one side, and a hook-and-eye fastener.

I live for Wide-Leg Pants! It might just be my memory playing tricks on me but I believe I fell in love with the look of Wide-Leg Pants when I saw James McAvoy sporting a pair on Children of Dune back when I was a tween. He was topless and walking around barefoot. I thought that looked ridiculously cool! As such, I started noticing the topless-and-barefoot combo accompanied with Wide-Leg Pants on males a lot more, especially in Anime, hence the affinity. Not that I’m about to start walking around topless anytime soon but there’s something to be said for strutting around barefoot in Wide-Leg Pants. It just makes me feel ridiculously cool! I could go on and on about how cool these Pants are but I’ll let the pictures speak for themselves. With that being said, these are way too long on me so high heels are my only option. I’m so happy that I found these pants! Now I can quit stalking all the H&M branches in the country… These Wide-Leg Pants retailed for KD 16/950 which is a bit dear considering it’s from H&M but I would’ve payed an arm and a leg if they’d asked for it.

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