UGG Inspired Boots Collection

For as long as I can remember, I’ve always lusted after Ugg Boots. I just thought they were the coolest thing ever!

Whether it was on TV or in my magazines…

I was constantly being bombarded with images of celebrities rocking Uggs.

Uggs paired with a short dress, skirt, or shorts, in my humble opinion, was just the cutest thing ever!

They also paired quite well with jeans (which is pretty much my standard go-to)!

They were the epitome of “Effortless Cool”!

Most importantly, Uggs just looked ridiculously comfy!

Sadly, at the time, UGG Boots were not sold in Kuwait. So, I just learned to live without them. Then when The O.C. came out (which is my most favorite girly-girl show ever, along with One Tree Hill) and I saw Marissa Cooper (played by Mischa Barton) rocking them Uggs, I started lusting after them, all over again.

I realize that they’re not the most flattering thing in the world and they’re actually considered a “fashion don’t” but like I’ve said before, I just do my own thing so I don’t really care what the rest of the world classifies them as, especially since Uggs are cool, comfy, and cute!

So back in the early 2000’s (I wanna’ say 2003) I was with a friend at Souk Sharq when I came across a pair of Ugg look-a-likes on display in the window of what was clearly a little girl’s clothing store called Etam or Tammy or something along those lines (right next to Debenhams). I’m a size 38 (adult women shoe size) so the chances of me ever finding it in my size were slim to none, but I barged in there, and shoved me feet into them anyway. Wouldn’t you know it? They fit perfectly!

They were fur-lined (faux fur of course), had a fold-over shaft that was held in place with a velcro tab, and came in a nice neutral beige. The boot’s brand is Totes but I don’t recall that being the name of the store. They were packaged in a big transparent pink box (further proof that they were meant for little girls lawl). These boots were pretty inexpensive but I would’ve gladly offered a kidney in exchange had they asked for it, because I’d been lusting after something similar for as long as I can remember! They were comfy! They were cute! They were cool! They were everything I wanted them to be and more!

I wore them proudly out and about all the time! I’d always (literally always) get stopped and asked where I got them from. I think it had more to do with the fact that at the time, nobody was wearing Uggs or Ugg-inspired Boots in Kuwait. Shortly after, Ugg-inspired boots started trickling into mass-produced fashion stores in Kuwait until everyone in the country had at least one pair, come Winter. That’s about the time the rest of the world started turning their backs on Uggs and Ugg-inspired boots deeming them not only unfashionable but straight up ugly (lawl)! Regardless, I not only kept mine but wore them everywhere! I’d practically live in them during Winter. I wore them to the chalet. I wore them to College. I wore them to Cinemagic Rooftop nights. I wore them to outdoor BBQs. I took them with me to Germany. To this day, I’ll wear them while pattering at home.

As expected, these boots are ridiculously comfy, to the extent that I’ve practically worn them out. In fact, I was at a sleepover when one of them literally fell apart (the sole completely detached from the rest of the shoe). Thankfully, my friend is an artist (ridiculously talented to the extent that people commission her to paint murals on their walls and such) so she’s always got tools and paint and whatnot laying around. Aside from making fancy-schmancy art pieces, she also makes her own clothes. I’m not talkin’ tacky rhinestoned jeans or whatever else people do with a hot glue gun. I mean trendy, high-fashion inspired pieces that would look completely at home on any given runaway. We’re always trying to talk her into starting her own line. Anyways, she saw me pouting, patted me on the head, disappeared for half a second into her bedroom, came back with some Gorilla Glue, glued the sole back to the thing, held it in place for a bit, and boom, done! She fixed it without me even having to take it off! That was four Winters ago…

I do hand them over to our housekeeper to get them cleaned regularly because this is intermediate-advanced level cleaning (I’m pretty much at beginner level) and I have no clue how she does it but she always hands them back to me as good as new… well, almost. However, there’s nothing anyone can do about their shapelessness (as you can tell by how droopy they are) at least I’m assuming (I daren’t ask). I’ve had them for 14 years (give or take) but I just can’t bring myself to get rid of them. They look pretty beat so now I just reserve them for home-use but I will make a quick run to the gas station, local co-op, or salon in them from time to time.

I got these forest-green Ugg-inspired Boots two years ago from Marks & Spencer (M&S). I believe it was the first time I’d ever entered the Avenues branch of M&S because I hadn’t even known of its existence up until then. I was only in there to take a quick peek but fell in love with these as soon as I laid eyes on them. I mean… just look at them. They’re a gorgeous forest green!

I feel that these look less like loungewear and more like something I can actually wear out and about (not that that’s ever stopped me before) so I’ve taken to favoring the forest green pair over the beige pair for everything from visiting my friends to running errands. They were also available in black but the forest green pair just spoke to me. Plus, as I’ve mentioned numerous times before, I believe greens makes my brown eyes look more green-y. At this point, I’ve probably paired these with almost everything in my closet. They looked a bit strange when I wore them with the H&M Black Biker Jacket (which I practically lived in this past Winter) but they looked absolutely gorgeous when paired with the H&M Burgundy Treggings and H&M Green Treggings!

They extremely comfortable and they look pretty cool and they’re quite cute so I’m super stoked that I found them randomly that day. As you can see, they’re pretty much in mint condition even though I’ve had them for +2 years (give or take). I feel like I should toss the beige ones now that I have these but I just can’t bring myself to get rid of them (they’re still wearable… at least for home… kinda’… sorta’… maybe?). Truth be told, I’ve been favoring the forest green ones over the beige ones ever since I got them.

So yeah, that’s my Ugg-Inspired Boots Collection. Again, UGG Boots or UGG-inspired Boots aren’t the most flattering thing in the world (make me look like a hobbit) and definitely aren’t appropriate for anything close to a formal dinner or whatever but when I fall for something, I fall hard. They’re casual (my vibe), totally laid-back, no-fuss no-muss (easy to slip on or off)! I love the two that I have so sooo much!

Hope you enjoyed this post!

5 thoughts on “UGG Inspired Boots Collection

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  2. Hi
    I’d like to buy some uggs for my girlfriend for Xmas… same as the ones the girl is wearing 2nd from the end on the right side…
    Coukd you please tell me where I can order them?
    Thanks so much


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