Victoria’s Secret Buy Two Get One Free (Fragrance)

I was at the Avenues Phase III (for the release of H&M x The Weeknd Collection) when I decided to check out the Bath and Body Works branch over there, as well. To get to B&BW, I usually have to cut through Victoria’s Secret. While there, I noticed that Victoria’s Secret were also having an offer on their fragrances (Buy Two Get One Free) so I decided to take advantage of that deal. With that being said, I hate the newer look of their bags! It’s all polka-dotty and whanot. What happened to the adorable stripe-y bags? The new ones are just hideous!

Sun Kissed Body Mist – Be forever sun kissed in coconut water and sunny vanilla.

Out of all the scents, I was only interested in Sun Kissed (because it reminds me of good times, as a teen, at the beach, with my friends, during summer vacation!). I’d actually purchased two travel size bottles of Sun Kissed from Victoria’s Secret before (here), but had given one away and lost the other one. Seeing as how Summer was coming up, I figured now would be a good time to repurchase Sun Kissed, especially since there was a good deal on fragrances. Come to find out, Victoria’s Secret were apparently discontinuing the Sun Kissed range! I was actually looking for the full size (250ml/8.4 fl oz) but could only find the travel size (75ml/2.5 fl oz)!

The mini ones were KD 5/000 each but since there was a Buy Two Get One Free offer, I got all three for KD 10/000 (as opposed to KD 15/000). Why do they keep discontinuing scents I love? First it was Dark Kiss. Now it’s Sun Kissed. Seriously, what is going on?

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