H&M Clothing Haulage (Salmiya Branch)

The last time I was at H&M (Avenues Phase III) I fell in love with these gorgeous flowy Pants. Sadly, there was just the one (last piece) and it was about 100 sizes too small. As such, I decided to hit up all the other H&M branches to hunt down those Pants. Unfortunately, I didn’t find them at Salmiya Branch either (no one knew what I was talking about) but I did get a handful of really good pieces.

This Khaki Green Lyocell Shirt Dress was yet another lovely addition to my wardrobe for my imaginary African Safari Trip. I’ve already got the Navy Shirt Dress from Forever 21, and the Burgundy Shirt Dress from H&M so this Khaki Green Shirt Dress makes a total of three Shirt Dresses, each with their own little nuances and quirks to set them apart. For starters, the Navy Shirt Dress is a nice and airy linen-blend, whereas the Burgundy Shirt Dress is a slightly fussier satin and has longer sleeves, and finally this Khaki Green Shirt Dress is made out of lyocell and is part of the Conscious Range. I think I’m pretty much set with the whole Utilitarian Trend ;)

It’s got the usual tie belt at the waist, and chest pockets with flaps and of course, a collar, but the things that stood out to me on this Shirt Dress in particular, is that it’s got shoulder tabs with buttons (so cool), cap sleeves with sewn cuffs (love!) and that the buttons are concealed! All the detailing on this thing makes it quite flattering as well! It was also available in Beige but that’s not exactly the most flattering color on curvy women. Aside from making my Brown Eyes look more Green-y, I went with the Khaki Green because it looked more Safari-esque!

I only tried this on out of curiosity, but it looked so smart and flattering on, that I just had to get it! I could wear it on its own as a Dress, or pair with the other Khaki Green clothing that I’d purchased earlier and wear it over-top as Outerwear. I could dress it up or down, with accessories. I hate the Slides that the model is wearing but I actually like the look of this Shirt Dress paired with Slides (just not the ones the model is wearing). I love it when certain things start trending (like the Utilitarian Trend) because I get to have a variety of options (different styles, fabrics, colors, prices, etc…) for something (Shirt Dresses) I found aesthetically appealing in the first place. I went from having zero Shirt Dresses, to three Shirt Dresses in the span of a few months! Like I’ve said before, I’ve always though Shirt Dresses looked ridiculously cool but the Shirt Dresses I used to come across would always fit awkwardly on me, but now that they’re trending, I’ve just got so many options! Khaki Green Lyocell Shirt Dress retails for KD 13/990

Like I mentioned in my previous H&M Clothing Haul, I was absolutely obsessed with the White Tom Ford Pantsuit that Katy Perry wore during her performance at the Grammy’s! It was almost enough to make me get over my hatred of White Kicks and go out and get a pair of my own. Keyword = Almost. I just couldn’t get over how cool her outfit looked! That’s why I picked up the Light Beige Fitted Jacket and Light Beige Suit Pants to try on. There were several other Light Beige as as well as White Fitted Jackets at H&M but one of them had 3/4 sleeves with a gathered hem which seemed too busy for my taste and I didn’t like the fabric on the other.

In case you haven’t seen the Grammy’s or read my earlier post, here’s what Katy Perry wore during her performance. So stinkin’ cute!

The Light Beige Fitted Jacket had notched lapels (so cool!) and the Light Beige Suit Pants had pockets on each side (+10 swag points). Both the Jacket and the Pants were available in Black, Dark Blue, Light Grey, and Light Beige. Obviously, I went with the Light Beige because it was the most similar to Katy Perry’s Tom Ford Pantsuit, and at a significantly more wallet-friendly price at that. Just to be clear, I didn’t want to copy her look and wear the exact same outfit. For starters, I am not about to start rocking the Corset-Top Trend. The farthest I’ll go is the Corset Belt I got from Zara. I just thought her White Pantsuit looked ridiculously cool and wanted something similar but obviously with my own spin on it.

If I ever get sick of pairing these two together for a Monochromatic Look (which is also currently trending), I could always mix and match them with other stuff. I feel like this look could possibly play into the whole 80’s Revival Trend (which is also having a moment) too.

Light Beige Fitted Jacket retails for KD 11/990
Light Beige Suit Pants retail for KD 8/500

This White Sleeveless Blouse was more of an impulse buy. I already had my Light Beige Fitted Jacket and Light Beige Suit Pants in hand, so I grabbed this Blouse to try on, paired with them. It’s not really my style, like, at all but I have a thing for Black + White anything and everything.

The pussy-bow detailing looked kinda’ cute but I did not take into consideration how long it was. As you can see in the photo, it’s extra-long which on my short frame means extra extra-long. Between the unforgiving crêpe fabric and the awkward height of the elastication (creating a gathered effect) at the front, this Blouse wasn’t the most flattering thing in the world. I also hated the short frill trim around neckline (more ruffles grrr)! Most annoying of all is the button at the back (you can see it in the photo above) which is a straight up nightmare to deal with! It would only fasten if you somehow managed to stretch the elasticated loop and squeeze the button through it. I had to ask the sales assistant to help me button it up and again shortly after to unbutton it, after trying and failing to do myself… both times. You couldn’t leave it open either because only once it was fastened would the frilly collar stay up. Oh and the whole thing was also kinda’ see-through.

Even after all that, I still decided to purchase it (lawl). It was also available in a Patterned Print (I wanna’ say Cheetah Print?) but I wasn’t interested. White Sleeveless Blouse retails for KD 8/500.

Initially, the White Long-Sleeved Lace Tops were what attracted my attention, but when I saw them hanging side by side with the Black Long-Sleeved Lace Tops, and went for the Black instead. I was obsessed with the White but since there was a very big chance it would look unflattering on me, I decided on going with the Black. I figured I could experiment with the Black by wearing it out and about and if it was comfy enough and didn’t do any of that weird stuff (like constantly riding up) I’d go back for the White. If it did do any of that weird stuff (if the lace was itchy, for example), at least I’d have gotten the more flattering and therefore more wearable and therefore more practical of the two.

Basically, it was a transparent long-sleeved Stretch Lace Top with a narrow shoulder strap jersey Vest underneath. For some reason, my brain could not register what I was holding because I could not for the life of me figure out how to put this thing on! I kept flipping it over and over again, until I finally gave up and just asked for the sales assistant’s help, again (at this point, we were on a first name basis). Worst of all, it had the same horribly button closure system as the White Blouse, except this Black Lace Top had two of them! I swear those buttons are the stuff of nightmares!

It’s got this whole Victorian-esque Vibe going on which I think is pretty cool! It’s also quite feminine when worn so you could pair this with just about anything from Skirts and Culottes to Pants and Jeans. I actually paired it with the Light Beige Fitted Jacket and Light Beige Suit Pants in the changing room at H&M. I still can’t get the White one out of my head though. Black Long-Sleeved Lace Top retails for KD 11/990

I also picked up the most gorgeous Blouse I’ve ever seen! I tried it on with Light Beige Fitted Jacket and Light Beige Suit Pants and it looked bomb! It’s not the one shown because I can’t find it (neither on the local H&M nor any of the ones abroad). Mine is exactly the same, only in a different color (I wanna’ say Taupe). It was available in several colors too but I went with the beautiful Taupe-y one. It’s a long-sleeved figure-fit blouse in silk with concealed buttons at the front and double cuffs with a button. The reason why I’m so obsessed with this thing is because of the gorgeous color! Don’t worry, once I figure out how, I’m definitely going to start doing Look Books, especially after all these hauls. Gorgeous Taupe Silk Blouse retails for KD 8/500

I also picked up an Oversized Navy Shirt. It was actually Navy and had thin White Stripes as opposed to the White Shirt with thin Navy Stripes shown in the photo. Again, I’ve searched online but I couldn’t find it anywhere. Come to find out it had been marked down which meant it had been out for awhile. I didn’t get this because Stripes are trending. I got it because Stripes are flattering and I’ve always believed that they make me look taller. Plus, we’ve already established that I’ve got a thing for Navy, just like Green. Anyways, this was so oversized that I could wear it as a Dress belted at the waist (possibly with the Corset Belt I got from Zara), or as a Shirt paired with Jeans, or as Outerwear possibly over White T-Shirt. I could even wear it as a Nightshirt if I wanted. This Oversized Navy Shirt was originally KD 8/500 but I got it for KD 5/990.

Lastly, I noticed a whole bunch of Graphic T-Shirts which kinda having a moment. They were all very cute! Some of them had funny stuff on them, but most of them just had names of places. The one that stood out to me the most was this one.

First of all, it was in Black. Second of all, it straight up had “Addicted To Black” printed on it (which obviously I could totally relate to). It was so very me!

In fact, I loved this Black T-Shirt so much, I picked up two (granted they were in different sizes). I’ve always loved Graphic T-Shirts (I don’t wear them to be ironic lawl) so I’m super stoked that they’re trending again! Black T-Shirt retails for KD 3/990

Conscious Khaki Green Lyocell Shirt Dress – KD 13/990
Light Beige Fitted Jacket – KD 11/990
Light Beige Suit Pants – KD 8/500
White Sleeveless Pussybow Blouse – KD 8/500
Black Long-Sleeved Lace Top – KD 11/990
Taupe Silk Blouse KD 8/500
Oversized Navy Striped Shirt – KD 5/990 (originally KD5/990)
Black Graphic T-Shirt – KD 3/990 (x)

Aside from the Oversized Navy Striped Shirt (which was marked down) nothing else that I got was on sale and there were no offers, but I couldn’t pass up those pieces, especially the ridiculously cool Light Beige Jacket and Pants or that gorgeous Taupe Blouse or even those adorable Graphic T-Shirts (obsessed!) so I spent KD 77/400 in total (worth it!) but unfortunately I still couldn’t find those Wide-Leg Pants that I’d tried on attempted to try on at the Avenues Phase III. The was still on! Hope you enjoyed this post!

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