Boots Collection

These are all my Black Boots.

These are all my Non-Black Boots.

I’d like to preface this by saying I’ve always loved the look of Boots on myself, as well as on others because they just look so cool! Honestly, if I could get away with it, I’d wear Boots all year round! I know it’s March (well, technically the end of March) but I wanted to get this Boots Collection post out of the way now, rather than wait until next Winter. Please note that these Boots are an accumulation of a life-time (not purchased all in one go). I’ve gotten rid of so many of my Boots during the first few times I moved homes. Some of the ones left either have sentimental value (near and dear to my heart), are more unique, or most worn (favorites). With that being said, I’d still like to whittle down my Boots Collection even more.

These Black Platform Boots are the oldest pair of Boots I own. I’ve had them since I was 16 years old! That’s partially why I can’t bear to part with them. As you can see, they’ve got criss-crossed laces on the outer side (which I think looks cool) but a more practical zipper on the inner side. The slightly rounded toe is more flattering on “curvy” girls (I’ve talked about how odd pointed-toe footwear looks on bigger women). Best of all, the toe curves upwards (I’m not quite sure why but I absolutely love the look of an upturned-toe on all shoe)! Everything from the laces and zippers to the heel is all in Black, which just makes these Boots look way cooler (and possibly more expensive than they really were)! These Boots also add a substantial amount of height to my short 5’1 frame. Even though they’re pretty high, due to the platform heel, they’re actually ridiculously comfortable (I can wear them for 8+ hours).

At first, I used to love pairing these Boots with Short Dresses (to Birthday Parties and such) when I was a teenager, because I liked the contrast of the toughness of the Boots and the femininity of the Dresses. Once I got over that look, I started wearing these Boots with my longer (unhemmed) Wide-Leg Trousers and Bootcut Jeans (which even with these Boots on, almost grazed the floor), to elongate my silhouette. I’ve never worn them with Jeans tucked into them, because I always used to favor Bootcut Jeans, which would just look odd stuffed into these Boots. Like I said, the rounded-toe peeking out from underneath my overly long Trousers and Jeans, was flattering against my “curvy” figure, as opposed to a more sharp angled pointed toe. Unfortunately, no matter how comfortable and flattering these Boots are, the slightly chunky platform heel looked quite dated (very Spice Girls-esque) at least in Kuwait and so I pretty much stopped wearing them… as often. I should’ve gotten rid of them a looong time ago but I’ve had these Boots since I was 16 (read: sentimental value) and aside from a few scuffs and dents (which I believe add “character”) these Boots are still pretty wearable. Thankfully, Chunky Platform Heels are making a comeback due to the whole 90’s revival trend, because I noticed a lot of women wearing similar Boots (granted they were ankle-length) this past Winter. Regardless, I’m glad I held on to them! Even if I never wear them again, I’m never getting rid of these Black Platform Boots because I love them so much!

The Yard is basically an area facing the back entrance to Marina Mall, that has wall-to-wall shoe stores with all kinds of footwear available at relatively inexpensive prices. In Arabic, it’s known as “The Housh” which translates to The Yard. I got these Black Platform Boots along with another pair of Tan Platform Boots (which I had to throw away because the heel pretty much disintegrated, which is common with shoes that you’ve had for way too long) from a random store at The Yard but I love and treasure these Black Platform Boots just as much (possibly more so) than any other pair of Boots that I own!

I purchased these Black Suede and Leather Cowgirl Boots from the brand Bearpaw (Style: 636 Dakota) in 2007 from Amazon (via Aramex). According to my order history, these were $48.94 which was kinda’ pricey. However, I’ve always wanted a pair of good quality Cowboy/Cowgirl Boots, particularly after I saw them on several photos of Japanese Street Style (one of them had paired her slouchy Tan Cowgirl Boots with an adorable little Dress and a matching Tan Bucket Bag). This was before Fashion Blogs were a “thing”, so I wanna’ say I saw the photo in a tiny coffee table book I had called “Fruits“, but I could be wrong. I don’t recall what color the Dress actually was but my criteria started becoming very specific, over time. It had to be Yellow Sundress. I was obsessed with the combination of a cute little Yellow Sundress and slouchy Cowgirl Boots, ever since! When Aramex came along, I had access to all these things that I normally couldn’t find in Kuwait, which included Cowgirl Boots. These were available in several color combinations (Black Suede/Black Leather, Brown Suede/Black Leather, Black Suede, Brown Leather, Brown Suede/Brown Leather etc…) but I felt the one in all Black not only looked cooler but would be easier to pair with the rest of my clothes (which mostly consisted of Black).

Once they arrived, I was shocked by the long length of the pointed toe. It felt like I was wearing a canoe on each foot! It was a rude awakening when I wore them and realized how unflattering they were on my calf area. It goes without saying that the Japanese Women in the photos were skinny which therefore made the slouchy Cowgirl Boots look so cool on them, whereas I am overweight which made my slouchy Cowgirl Boots look horrible on me, especially in the calf area. They made my calves look even bigger! Honestly, I felt I looked like Snookie. Since I hadn’t hopped on the Skinny Jeans bandwagon yet, I couldn’t even stuff my Bootcut Jeans into them because it would look weird, but even when I wore them with Jeans and Trousers, they were so slouchy and bulky, that they created awkward lumps and bumps in the calf area (underneath my Trousers). The heel wasn’t even high enough to keep my unhemmed Trousers and Jeans from sweeping the floor. Plus, the extra-long severely tapered pointed toe was ridiculously unflattering! Basically, these Cowgirl Boots were an all-around mess, on me.

The only reason why I’ve held onto them for this long was because I actually enjoy the fact that I own a genuine pair of Cowgirl Boots. I mean the suede gets dirty pretty easily, never mind that they’re Black, but I feel like the fact that these Boots are made up of both suede and leather just makes them all the more authentic as Cowgirl Boots. Also, Bearpaw don’t make Cowgirl Boots anymore, for whatever reason. Plus, since I went through the whole song and dance of ordering them online and having them shipped via Aramex (paying the shipping prices and whatnot), I’m hesitant to get rid of them. I mean it’s not like I can easily find another pair of genuine Cowgirl Boots for purchase in Kuwait. It’s a good thing that I’ve held onto these Black Suede and Leather Cowgirl Boots because apparently Cowgirl Boots are coming back.

These Black and Fuchsia 5 inch Heel Cowgirl Boots from Pleaser were also purchased in 2007 from Amazon (via Aramex) for $51.69, not including the shipping (x2). I got them for my Halloween Costume, but ended up wearing something else entirely. As you can see, these Boots are a combination of both Platform Boots and Cowgirl Boots. I figured I was getting the best of both worlds. With that being said, I’ve only worn them once (when I first got them), ended up tripping, and accidentally scuffing them. Aside from the fact that I can barely walk in 5 inch heels, these Boots seem kinda’ costume-y for regular wear. Don’t get me wrong. Thanks to the platform heel these Boots are quite comfortable. The wide shaft opening is not only flattering but also gives these Boots that Cowgirl Vibe. It’s got a pull-on tab, which as we’ve already established, I adore. I also really like that it’s got a rounded toe (flattering on curvy women). The Western (Cowgirl) Detailing in Fuchsia is absolutely darling! Unfortunately, due to the height (5 inches) of the width (chunky) of the heel, I feel that these Boots veer a bit too close to Stripper/Dominatrix territory. Personally, I think these Black and Fuchsia 5 inch Heel Cowgirl Boots are quite cute! However, I’m not daring enough to wear them out and about in public, especially not in Kuwait, because I feel like the chunky heel, aside from looking dated, can come across as tacky. I guess I could pair them with my longer Trousers and Jeans, so that only the heel is partially peeking out underneath the hems. *sigh* This was another impulse buy…

These Black Suede Hidden Heel Bejeweled Pull-On Boots were a gift from one of my cousins. She got these for me during her trip to Lebanon. I appreciate the gesture and it melts my heart that “jewels” are all in Black (she knows how particular I am about these things), especially since she and I have polar opposite tastes. These Boots might look flat, but they’ve got a hidden heel which adds a little bit of height to them. Unfortunately, because they’re so slouchy, I face the same issues with these as I did with Black Suede and Leather Cowgirl Boots. They’re not the most flattering on my figure. Also, the upkeep is a nightmare (black suede gets dirty so easily). In fact, at this point, I’ve spent more time cleaning these Boots than actually wearing them. As such, I’ve learned to despise all shoes with any sort of fabric. It’s mainly the reason why I’ve been avoiding anything and everything in velvet (even though velvet is having a “moment”). I’ve only worn these a handful of times even though I’ve had them for so long. I can’t justify keeping 2 pairs of Black Suede Boots that I rarely wear, (the other pair I’m talking about are the Bearpaw Black Suede and Leather Cowgirl Boots), which is why I’m thinking I’m getting rid of one of them, or possibly both.

I purchased these Midnight Stretch 3 Way Boots from the brand MIA in Black from Amazon (via Aramex) in 2009 for $43.98 (minus x2 shipping) because I’d become obsessed with the idea of wearing over-the-knee Boots. I was slowly warming up to Skinny Jeans and I figured these Boots would look great paired over Classic Blue Denim Skinny Jeans. As soon as these Boots arrived, I attempted to slip them on. They were beautiful! They were cool! They were all-black! The upturned toe looked ridiculously cute! The 3’75 inch heel looked sexy! I tried them on! They didn’t fit! No, seriously, they wouldn’t fit over my calves. The zipper on the inner side didn’t do much to help. I could only wear these over-the-knee Boots bunched up around my ankle area :/ I mean sure that was 1 way you could wear them, and also the reason why they were called 3 Way Boots (you could wear them 3 different ways, tall and fitted over-the-knee, or a little slouched below the knee, or scrunched up at the ankles) but it was the only way I could wear them. It kinda’ defeated the purpose of getting over-the-knee Boots if I could only wear them as ankle-length Boots, y’know? I got rid of so many of my shoes (some well-loved, others most-worn, etc…) but I just can’t bring myself to get rid of these Boots. I’m hoping that at some point, I’ll lose enough weight to be able to fit into these MIA Midnight Stretch 3 Way Boots.

I purchased these Win Knee-High Boots in Winter White by the brand Delicious for $50 from Amazon in 2007. I only started wearing them about two years later, once I started warming up to Skinny Jeans. I didn’t like the fact that these had a sharp pointed-toe but accompanied with the super-high heel, it was more palatable. They had a little buckle strap that went all the way around the fold-over sleeve at the shaft. They also had a zip going all the way up (Remy Ma lawl), the inner side, with white hardware. They hit me below the knee and I’m 5’1 so I’m not quite sure why they’re called Knee-High but whatevs. I tried them on and they fit like a dream! They were surprisingly comfortable too! I don’t know what made me go for them, because everything from the sharp pointed toe to the stiletto heel and even the “Winter White” color on these Boots were definitely not my thing. In fact, they were a bit too sexy and dare I say it, Stripper-esque, but that’s fine though because I could totally tone it down by the way I styled it. I loved these White Boots so much! These Boots really were a Win (apt name lawl) and I got so much wear out of them (as you can tell by their sorry state)! In fact, they’re actually what inspired me to get another pair of “knee-high” Boots, which turned out to be the MIA Midnight Stretch 3 Way Boots (that I can’t get to stretch up to my calves, let alone my knees). Sadly, I have to say goodbye to these these White Boots now, because they’re completely unwearable (as you can see by the rips and tears) but I’m totally on the lookout for a new pair (80’s revival trend, baby!) because these Winter White Win Knee-High Boots were fire!

I came across these Brown Leather Cowgirl Boots at New Look (before they were relocated to the top floor) at the Avenues (I wanna’ say around 2009?) and just had to get them because they totally resuscitated my fantasies of pairing Cowgirl Boots with a Yellow Sundress (… issues). Unlike the earlier pair pair of Cowgirl Boots (Bearpaw Black Suede and Leather Cowgirl Boots), these weren’t slouchy. They were structured! I mean I didn’t love the gold plated pointed toe, but at least it was slightly rounded. I didn’t love the shape of the heel but at least it made me look taller, as opposed to the minimal heel on my Bearpaw Boots. That said, they were tight in the toe area and pinched the sides of my feet meaning I couldn’t wear them for more than 3-4 hours at a time. It took a bit of elbow grease to pull them on and equal effort to pull them off (that’s what the little tab at the opening is for). Plus, I always felt slightly off-balance when wearing them. I was glad I had them because I was starting to branch out from all-black clothing and these Brown Leather Cowgirl Boots paired nicely with my more neutral colored clothing including a Tan Suede Skirt, Brown Turtleneck, and Pink Sweater (not all worn at once lawl), as well as Classic Blue Denim. Aside from a few nicks, they’re still wearable. I was kinda’ over these Boots because I didn’t want to have 2 pairs of Cowgirl Boots (even though one was Black and the other was Brown) but now that Cowgirl Boots are trending again, I guess I’ll hold on to these, at least until the trend dies down.

I picked up these Black Leather Motorcycle Boots at New Look (pre-relocation) along with the Brown Leather Cowgirl Boots. I think both of them were no more than KD 15 each. I would’ve gladly payed more for these Moto Boots! I couldn’t believe my luck when I found them! It was love at first sight!!!! These are single-handedly the coolest Boots I own! I promise you, the pictures do not do them any justice. They look way better on! They’ve got all these straps and buckles and studs that look insanely cool! I don’t even mind that the hardware is brass. They’re not exactly the warmest Boots to wear in the dead of Winter but I did get these from New Look (which is pretty much like H&M). Sadly, they don’t have any arch support and the insoles are a joke (again, I got them from New Look so I wasn’t expecting any miracles), but that’s okay since I only wear these Biker Boots with thick wool socks (which is basically like walking on a cloud) so that takes care of that. I’ve gotten so much wear out of these Boots. Depending on how I style them, they could be either dressed up or dressed down. They pair well with Dresses, Skirts, Jeans, Pants, Everything! It takes half a second to slip them on or off. They’re comfy enough that I could wear them forever! Even though they don’t really add much to my height, I feel so confident in them! I’m just as in love with these Black Leather Biker Boots as the day I got them! In fact, they’re right up there with my Black Platform Boots (that I’ve had since I was 16) as a forever favorite! With that being said, these aren’t in the best condition and even though it pains me, I’m thinking about getting rid of them as well. In any case, I couldn’t believe that I’d found both these Black Leather Biker Boots and the Brown Leather Cowgirl Boots at New Look (same day, same everything) and made a mental note to visit New Look more often. The next time I was there, New Look wasn’t :/ Thankfully I’ve found the new location of er, New Look but they’ve pretty much had the same shoes (which are starting to look ratchet) on display since November, so I don’t know what their deal is.

My mom bought these Purple Leather Platforms for me when I was a teenager so I’ve had them for a minute. These Platforms had this whole Steampunk Vibe going on! I used to pair them with a loose bell-sleeve Purple Blouse and Black Leather Pants (that legit squeaked every time I moved) and strut around Sha’ab Leisure Park with my friends, pretending I was the late David Bowie. As someone who was deathly afraid of heights, I tried to limit the rides I went on to ones that didn’t go too far up but every now and then my friends would force me to go on a terrifying ride with them and I’d suffer through it in silence and vow never to return again, only to come back a few weeks later and do the same thing all over again. Logic.

Anywho, many of my friends asked to borrow these Purple Platforms (back in their glory days, when they were all new and pretty). Aside from one girl whom I was tight with at the time, I refused to let the rest borrow them because ewww. These Platforms really were special though! They were possibly the highest shoes I’ve ever owned but because of the evenly spaced out platforms, they were also quite comfy. They had a zip at the front covered by a large velcro strap closure. They were also this gorgeous aubergine shade! I’ve always thought they’d be perfect for Cosplay! Honestly, I’ve held on to them for this long mostly because I’ve had them for this long (redundant, no?) but I can no longer justify keeping them since they are clearly unsalvageable, and besides I’ve already got the Black Platform Boots which I’ve also had since I was 16 so no need to keep both of them solely for “sentimental value”. Now that I think about it, these kinda’ remind me of the Zipped Sneaker Boots from the Puma by Rihanna Collection. Like I said, Platforms are having a moment, again.

I purchased these White Moon Boots online as well (I was only testing the waters with Amazon but started branching out to other sites shortly after). I can’t remember which site I got them from but I’m pretty sure it was during 2007. I was smitten with these Boots because they just looked so different and unique! They had this whole Après-Ski vibe going on which I obviously appreciated. I wore these Moon Boots quite a bit until I got over the whole novelty factor. I pulled them out again when my trip to Germany came up. I wanted to take these Boots with me but since they were so big and bulky, instead of packing them in my suitcase, I wore them on the flight (to and from). I wore them even more in Germany. That’s where these Moon Boots shined! Even though as a Kuwaiti in Kuwait, I rarely do the whole walking thing, in Germany I was kinda’ forced to do it and these Boots were quite comfy to walk in… for hours on end. They kept my feet warm and dry when it was cold and raining outside, which was pretty much always in Germany (February). They were cute, comfy, and cozy! Back in Kuwait, I kinda’ got over them… again. The soles were so long and flat that I felt like I was wearing Clown Shoes! Plus since they were White, they got dirty pretty easily, which meant I was cleaning them every other day, which got old real fast. As you can see, they’ve gone a bit yellow over time so they’re no longer wearable in the presence of respectable company. After this post, I’m definitely getting rid of these White Moon Boots.

I was in Germany when I came across a Shoe Store I recognized (I wanna’ say it was a Kohl’s) and purchased two pairs of shoes, one of them being these Tan Ankle Booties. I’ve never seen a more gorgeous pair! First of all, I usually go for darker colors (as you can tell from this post) but the Light Tan spoke to me! Second, they had this whole Western (read: Cowgirl) vibe going which I was clearly obsessed with (at the time) because I couldn’t let go of my fantasy of pairing a Yellow Sundress with Cowgirl Boots. Unlike my other Cowgirl Boots, the toe wasn’t quite as long, sharp, or angled. In fact, it was slightly rounded. The heel while adding sufficient height (unlike Bearpaw Black Suede and Leather Cowgirl Boots) weren’t flashy and chunky (unlike Pleaser Black and Fuschia 5 inch Cowgirl Boots), or weird (unlike New Look Brown Leather Cowgirl Boots). It had a perforated shaft which I thought was awesome! The shaft had a tab (for pulling the Boots on) which I always find aesthetically appealing for some reason. Best of all, these Boots had a removable (press-stud, as shown) buckle strap that went all the away around the Boots! They even hung super-low which I thought made them even cooler!

Normally, I can’t stand Gold but somehow on these Boots the tarnished Gold hardware just seemed to fit. These Boots had perfect arch support and comfy padded insoles which made wearing them an absolute dream! I could literally wear them for days on end! Also, because the opening was so wide, these Boots looked so cool scrunched around my ankles! I could wear them with everything (either over or under, they worked both ways!) and they still looked insanely cool! In fact, I’d always get a lot of compliments whenever I’d wear them (especially from my guy friends ‘cuz girls tend to get jealous of each other and prefer to seethe quietly rather than compliment each other). At one point, I even caught a guy friend struggling to try them on, while his girlfriend was the “lookout” (lawl). I loved these Tan Ankle Booties so much! They were my favorite pair along with the New Look Black Leather Biker Boots and my Black Platform Boots (that I’ve had since I was 16). Sadly, between the smudges, cracks, and perforated shaft that literally keeps shedding (as you can see from the residue surrounding them in the photo), these Booties are falling apart (I mean it has been almost a decade since I got them) so it’s time to say goodbye. I’ll be getting rid of them after this post too :( I miss them already!

The other pair I got at Kohl’s in Germany were these Red Ankle Booties. Like I said, I’ve always been obsessed with Anime which has obviously greatly influenced my sense of aesthetic, because nothing about these Boots is my typical style and yet I got them anyway (must’ve been the prettiness of all the Red). They had this whole Victorian Vibe going on. I figured I could wear them out and about in Kuwait and pretend I was Lestat (Anne Rice’s Vampires will always be the O.G. Vampires, at least to me). Sadly, that wasn’t the case back in Kuwait. They took a bit of elbow grease to slip on (or off) but zipped up easily (zip on the inner side, lace tied into a bow on the outer side). My issue was between the vibrant red, the lace bow detailing, the high heel, and the God-awful ruffle trim, these Booties had way too much going on. They came across as so flashy (which was so not me).

Even when I did finally muster up the courage to wear them to my friend’s house, my usual strut was clearly off-kilter. In the past, I’ve had heels that were thinner and higher than these and always managed to find my balance somehow so I don’t know what the deal is with these Booties. They also weren’t flattering peeking out underneath the hem of my Wide-Leg Pants or Bootcut Jeans. Sure they made my feet look smaller (just like New Look Brown Leather Cowgirl Boots) but they also pinched the sides of my feet as well. To top it all off, every time I look at them, all I can think of is Granny Boots. I was going to get rid of these Red Ankle Booties but since I just got a bunch of Red Clothes (New Look Hauls), I figured I’d hold on to these for now and see how well they pair with them. Honestly, sometimes I get so caught up with the idea of something (Oxblood Victorian-esque Booties) and completely dismiss the practical aspects (What will I wear them with? Where will I wear them to? When will I ever wear them?) of it.

My younger brother was doing a little spring cleaning of his own (he regularly donates stuff to charity) when I came across these Prada Brown Leather Lace-Up Hiking Boots (I like how my brothers wear Prada whereas I’m all H&M and Forever 21 lawl). Naturally, I grabbed them from the pile and sped off, never to be seen or heard from again. My family tried guilting me into putting them back into the pile (bringing up some pretty valid points like how the Boots aren’t in my size and things like that) but I’m pretty shameless so I kept the Boots anyway. I mean sure I don’t go hiking, trekking, or even mountain climbing (all things that my younger brother does) but that’s just because I have this tiny fear of heights, is all. That doesn’t mean I can’t rock these Boots on Kuwait’s flat arid landscape. Sure these Boots might not fit me. That doesn’t mean I can’t wear those huge knit socks that’ll definitely make them fit more snugly. Honestly, I just wanted them because they had this whole Vintage vibe going on, which I thought would look so cool (particularly with the laces undone) in a high-fashion editorial (see? I get so caught up in own fantasies) bearing in mind that my actual job has nothing to do with fashion, photography, or anything remotely related to the two. Plus, they look so retro and cool with my Jeans (even if they are a tad on the heavy side)! Unless I fulfill that fantasy… or get over it, I’m not getting rid of these Prada Brown Leather Hiking Boots.

Purple Leather Platforms (Steampunk Vibe!)
Black Platform Boots (Grunge/Goth Vibe!)
Black and Fuchsia 5 inch Heel Cowgirl Boots (Pirate Vibe?)

I’ll always have a thing for Platforms because 1) They look so cool! 2) They’re flattering on curvy women! 3) They’re ridiculously comfortable, no matter how high they are! I’ve had both the Purple Platforms and the Black Platforms since I was 16. I’ve kept both of them for many reasons including sentimental value but after this post, I’m getting rid of the the Purple Platforms.

Bearpaw Black Suede and Leather Cowgirl Boots (ugly as sin)
Pleaser Black and Fuchsia 5 inch Heel Cowgirl Boots (too costume-y)
Kohl’s Tan Ankle Booties (perfection!)
New Look Brown Leather Cowgirl Boots (uncomfortable)

Apparently, I’ve got a “thing” for Cowgirl Boots or western-inspired Boots. My first pair (Bearpaw) was a total miss (too unflattering). My second pair (Pleaser) was another miss (too flattering). My third pair (New Look) was more wearable (look-wise) than the other two, but was significantly less comfortable (wear-wise). My fourth pair (from Germany) were juuust right! They looked, fit, and wore like a dream! Sadly, they’ve pretty much started disintegrating in my hands so it’s time so say goodbye, which leaves me with the other three. Nobody needs three pairs of Cowgirl Boots, at least not in Kuwait. With that being said, I believe Cowgirl Boots are going to be big this year, so I’ll hold on to the other three for now (since they’re still in good condition) and revisit getting rid of them once the trend dies down. All these Cowgirl Boots and I have yet to fulfill my Yellow Sundress fantasy.

Delicious Winter White Win Knee-High Boots (fire!)
MIA Midnight Stretch 3 Way Boots (don’t fit)
Kohl’s Red Ankle Booties (too busy)

These three are the only Stiletto Boots I own. I’ve never wanted a pair of Knee-High Boots (mostly because I figured I was too fat for them to even fit me so why bother?) until I came across these Winter White Boots. They’re not my usual style, but I just couldn’t get over them. So, I decided that they were worth the gamble and ordered them online. Not only did they fit me perfectly, but they also had enough space for me to tuck my Black Skinny Jeans into them! That’s what made me think rethink my whole stance on Knee-High Boots and also inspired me to order another pair (Midnight 3 Way Boots) which unfortunately didn’t fit (not every gamble pays off hence gamble lawl). The Winter White Boots were absolutely beautiful! Sadly, they’re no longer wearable and I will be getting rid of them after this post. The Black 3 Way Boots don’t fit but I’ll be holding on to them just in case they ever do fit (hope, there’s always hope). The Red Booties were an impulse buy in Germany which I want to get rid of but I’m afraid of regretting it once I do.

New Look Black Leather Motorcycle Boots (So cool!)
Bearpaw Black Suede and Leather Cowgirl Boots (too big and bulky)
Black Suede Boots (too big and bulky)
White Moon Boots (too big and bulky)

Lastly, these are the somewhat flatter Boots. I’m toying with the idea of getting rid of my beloved Black Biker Boots (which I love) but keeping the Black Cowgirl Boots (which I hate). Logic! I’m definitely going to be getting rid of the Black Suede Boots (which were gifted to me) and the White Moon Boots though. Both the Black Suede Boots and White Moon Boots needed constant upkeep and maintenance because they got dirty easily so I’m not sad to see them go. I’m devastated about saying goodbye to my Biker Boots though.

MIA Midnight Stretch 3 Way Boots (don’t fit)
Black Platform Boots (sentimental value)
Pleaser Black and Fuchsia 5 inch Heel Cowgirl Boots (too costume-y)
Bearpaw Black Suede and Leather Cowgirl Boots (too unflattering)
New Look Brown Leather Cowgirl Boots (too uncomfortable)
Kohl’s Red Ankle Booties (too busy)
Prada Brown Leather Lace-Up Hiking Boots (don’t fit)

So I’m only going to be keeping these 7 pairs of Boots. Hope you enjoyed this post!

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