H&M Buy Two Get One Free (Avenues, Phase III Branch)

According to the Priveleges App, that I’d downloaded on my phone earlier, H&M’s collaboration with The Weeknd was just released in stores (beginning of March). Since I was pretty much obsessed with Starboy (mainly because of Daft Punk), I made time to go check out the collection at H&M (Phase III Branch). I wasn’t impressed with what was left (which had been very picked over) but I did find several exciting new pieces (that had nothing to do with The Weeknd‘s collab) and H&M also happened to be having a Buy Two Get One Free deal going on.

I used to own so many trousers from Zara way back in the day, but got rid of them in my latest “clothing de-clutter”, mostly because I gave up on the idea that I’ll ever fit into them again. That said, I do love me a good pair of Trousers. Like I said before, I’m very fond of the “tailored menswear look” and consequentially anything that falls under the “Business Casual” category. I just think it looks so cool on women! That’s why I decided to try on these Dark Blue Suit Trousers.

These Trousers had a tab (which I love) and a high-shine button on each side, spacious pockets (+10 swag points), and a wide straight leg. They zip up from the side. Unfortunately, they also happened to be high-waisted (-5 swag points), which always ends up making me look preggers. After trying them on (in the changing room), I was already in love with the look of the wide straight leg (so cool!) to even think about returning them.

They kinda’ remind me of what Victoria Beckham was wearing at her Fashion Show. Her outfit here is the epitome of effortless chic! I especially love that she’s paired them with flats (not unlike the H&M model). Unfortunately, un-hemmed, wide-leg Trousers while gorgeous in photos, aren’t exactly practical for day-to-day life (speaking from experience). You’ll end up sweeping all the trash, dirt, and God knows what else, in from the street. That said, I came across this photo randomly (I follow makeup news, not fashion news) but was so obsessed with this “look” that I saved the photo.

I really liked that these are Navy (Dark Blue according to H&M) because I feel like I could wear them with everything from a Stripey Shirt to a Red Top, or even a plain White T-shirt for a “Nautical Look” (which I actually find quite cute)! If I just throw on a Blazer and some Heels, I believe these Trousers could see me through more formal settings, as well. More likely than not, these are probably going to end up being reserved for work. Dark Blue Suit Trousers retails for KD 13/990

Also under the “Business Casual” umbrella is this Black Stretch Shirt. I just picked it up because I like Shirts (regardless of whether they’re trending or not). I used to own so many Shirts (mostly from Zara) in all kinds of different styles, colors and lengths (long-sleeve, short-sleeve, three-quarter-sleeve, no-sleeve), but my favorite was a Pinstriped Black Wrap-Around Shirt (which kept getting undone and had a deeper V-neck so I had to wear a T-Shirt underneath at all times). Like I said, I got rid of most of my clothes recently which included many of my Shirts. Some of them I hadn’t worn in years, while others were starting to look worse for wear. Since I didn’t have as many Shirts anymore, I figured I should start stocking up, again.

I liked this Shirt in particular because the V-neck is more modest and doesn’t go down to my navel (read: doesn’t show any cleavage). I also liked that it was made out of stretchy material which made the fit even more flattering. It was available in both Black and White. Although White is probably the more popular choice of the two (pairs well with everything), I decided to go with Black. I figure it would come in handy if I ever wanted to go for a “Monochromatic Look” (which is very likely). Plus, any other color when paired with Black, just pops!

You could wear it on its own, or you could wear it underneath a Sweater (with the collar peeking out), Vest, Waistcoat, or any other Outerwear. You could dress it down by tucking it into a pair of Blue Jeans, rolling up the sleeves, and throwing on some Sneakers. You could also dress it up with a Skirt, some Heels, and possibly a slinky Duster Coat. It’s just a good basic to have. Black Stretch Shirt retails for KD 5/990

This Utility Shirt was one of the newer pieces I mentioned in the first paragraph. It was yet another perfect addition to my wardrobe, for my imaginary Safari Trip to Africa! In all seriousness, I love Shirts! They can be quite flattering and they can instantly make you look more “put-together”. Plus, I’ve always found the “Utilitarian Aesthetic” appealing, in anything and everything, as I’ve already mentioned (here)(and here)! As such, I was immediately drawn to this Khaki Green Utility Shirt.

It’s a long-sleeve, V-neck, with a button-up collar which are all flattering. It’s got a rounded hem which I think is cute. It’s also got a yoke (had to look up yoke lawl) with a pleat at the back. Here’s the kicker, it’s got roll-up tabs with buttons (which I love) on the sleeves! I die! You can see it more clearly in the first photo. I mean I pretty much love Shirts, but rolled-up sleeves with cuffs and tabs and buttons and whatnot, are next level cool! I wouldn’t recommend this if you happen to have a larger chest, because the chest pockets with flaps will only serve to emphasize that area (read: make your chest look even bigger).

It was available in Beige, Light Beige, White, and Khaki Green. I kinda’ wanted them all but I could tell straight away that the White and Light Beige with my luck, would end up being getting dirty in .5 seconds of me wearing them. Plus, the satin-like material in White or Light Beige seems like it would highlight any underarm sweating. I mean I avoid sweating whenever possible, but it’s going to be really hot on my imaginary Safari Trip, y’know? I ended up getting the Khaki Green because it seemed the most Safari-esque, out of all of them. Also, as I’ve mentioned before, Green makes my Brown Eyes look more Green-y. Khaki Green Utility Shirt retails for KD 4/990

To match with my Khaki Green Utility Shirt, I grabbed these Khaki Green Pull-On Trousers which happened to be from the Conscious Range. Both of them together would be perfect for my imaginary Safari Trip to Africa! I believe that both were new to H&M. I was literally walking around the store, holding both of them up to the light (like a crazy person) trying to see if they’d match or not. They looked similar enough to me, granted the texture on these Pull-On Trousers were all crinkle-y whereas the texture on the Utility Shirt was all satin-y but I actually like the look of mismatched fabric, seeing as how they were both pretty much the exact same color.

These Pull-On Trousers were supposed to be ankle-length (as shown on the model) but they were slightly longer on me (which I prefer). They had roomy side-pockets (+10 swag points) and an elasticated waist, which made them not only easy to slip on (Pull-On, respectively) but also quite comfy to wear. They also had cuffs or as H&M calls them sewn-in turn-ups at the hems, which I thought was cool because it kinda’ matches with the roll-up cuffed sleeves on the Utility Shirt. Normally, I don’t like the look of a tapered leg on Jeans or Trousers or anything else I’m wearing. However, there was something about these Trousers that made me overlook all that.

They were also available in Black but I picked the Khaki Green so I could pair them with the Khaki Green Utility Shirt for a “Monochromatic Look”. That said, I could also pair them with plain White T-shirt, or a Black T-shirt, or if I wanted a pop of color, a Yellow T-Shirt or an Orange T-shirt. I could also possibly pair it with the Black Stretch Shirt also shown in this haul. I really feel that these Trousers would look great with all kinds of different footwear; Flats, Slides, Sandals, Espadrilles, Platform Wedges, White Sneakers (that are currently having a “moment”), Block Heels, Pumps, Stilettos, and the list goes on and on. That said, I don’t actually own most of the shoes I just mentioned (I’d rather die than purchase a pair of white sneakers no matter how “trendy” they are). I was only commenting on how I believe these Trousers would pair well with a wide variety of footwear, is all. Personally, I’m dying to try them with Stilettos (you’d think they wouldn’t match, but I have a feeling they will). Again, these were from the Conscious Range. Khaki Green Pull-On Trousers retail for KD 6/990

I saw this Satin Shirt Dress on a mannequin as soon as I set foot in-store, and immediately started scrambling to find it. It just looked so cool! It was styled as outerwear on the mannequin, partially left open (paired with a Top and some light-wash Jeans), which I felt played into the whole Duster Coat Trend. I mean it was knee-length on the mannequin but as always, slightly longer on myself. This was also perfect for my imaginary Safari Trip to Africa. Correct me if I’m wrong, but I believe this was one of the newer items (mentioned in first paragraph).

It had all the bells and whistles that the Khaki Green Utility Shirt had, er, had. It had a button-up collar. It came with two chest pockets with flaps on them. It even had the rounded hem. Granted, it had slits on the side (so cool!) and a tie-belt a the waist (unlike the Shirt). Best of all, this Satin Shirt Dress had the roll-up tabs and buttons and cuffs on the sleeves! It was available in Light Beige and Burgundy but I was already obsessed with the Burgundy from the moment I saw it on the mannequin. I honestly don’t know what my deal is with Burgundy. I mean I got those Treggings and T-shirts earlier because they seemed Christmas-y, but it’s March now and Christmas is long gone, but I’m still just as drawn to Burgundy, for some reason. Also, Satin isn’t exactly the most flattering fabric in the world, especially not when it comes in lighter colors, and especially not on over-weight women.

I love Shirts. I love Shirt Dresses. I love the “Utilitarian Look”. This was all of the above, combined. I could wear it as a Dress when I’m with my friends or I could wear it as Outerwear (over Jeans and any Top) when I’m out and about, to play into the whole Duster Coat trend. I’m so stoked that I found this! Burgundy Satin Shirt Dress retails for KD 11/990

I would never in a million years have purchased anything resembling these Chinos before but since I’m on a African Safari kick (for some reason), I figured I’d keep the theme going. I’m pretty sure these were new too (at the time, which was the beginning of March).

It might also have had something to do with the fact that I’d just seen the Grammy Awards and was pretty much obsessed with Katy Perry’s outfit (White Pantsuit) during her performance, which just so happens to be a perfect example of a “Monochromatic Look”. I was obsessed! Doesn’t it kinda’ look like she’s wearing Chinos?

That’s why when I saw these Lyocell-blend Chinos, from the Conscious Range, I grabbed them in a Light-Beige (actually they look Tan), even though they were also available in a more flattering Black. I was “inspired” by Katy Perry’s “Monochromatic Look”. Also, I really liked the look of the tortoiseshell buttons on the belt loop. They pretty much serve no purpose other than being decorative, but I thought they were cute! Most importantly, these Chinos had pockets (+10 swag points).

After trying them on, I fell so in love with these (they looked so smart!) that I purchased the exact same pair (same style, same color) in two different sizes (one in a casual fit for a chic look and one in a tighter fit for more streamlined layering). I know, I know, I’m insane but that’s fine because I’ve already made my peace with it a long long time ago. These Light Beige Lyocell-Blend Chinos retail for KD 11/990 each.

There was a wide variety of Joggers on display, in all kinds of styles, colors, and prints, from plain ones to stripe-y ones and everything in between and eventually I caved and picked one up to try on. It looks exactly like the one shown except mine has a White Bow instead of a Black Bow.

You guys, this is made out of lightweight sweatshirt material with an elasticized drawstring waistband and ribbed hems. It was ridiculously comfy! Once I tried them on, I was loathe to change out of them. In fact, I even sauntered out of the changing room and started traipsing about the store in them. Well, technically I was checking out Lingerie section which was directly facing the changing area, so I wasn’t really venturing too far. Plus, I was waiting for the Sales Assistant to bring me another pair of those Chinos in a different size. He took one look at me (my socks, to be more precise because I wear children’s socks, always) and shot me a bemused look. Bear in mind the H&M branch I was in was directly facing Harvey Nichols, so everyone in that area of the The Avenues was all dressed up, as opposed to the other branch which was facing Shake Shack. I really didn’t want to take these Joggers off. They were even super soft on the inside!

I’ve gotten a lot of wear out of these babies since. They’re particularly comfy after a long day in tight and constricted clothing. They’ve kept me warm and cozy after my late night showers. They’ve already seen me through one bout of the flu. I’ll throw them on when I’m going to the local cooperative. I’ll wear them around the house. Honestly, I really, really love these Joggers! In fact, I’m thinking about going back to get another pair (or ten). These ridiculously comfy Dark Grey Joggers were KD 8/500.

These White Denim Skinny Regular Jeans were another purchase inspired by Katy Perry’s Outfit during her performance at the Grammy’s They were available in White Denim, Black Denim, Denim Blue, Light Denim Blue, Dark Denim Blue-Washed, and Dark Denim Blue. Obviously, I went with the White Denim because I had Katy Perry’s White Pantsuit in mind, which pretty much made me fall in love with White all over again.

They were actually flattering for once and remind me of a pair I used to own from New Look. The reason why I remember so vividly is White Pants, White Trousers, White Everything, always ends up making me look like I’m wearing a diaper. So, when anything White is flattering, I make sure to take note.

Another reason I was so obsessed with this pair in particular was because they were All-White, down to the the hardware (buttons and such). I thought that was different and pretty cool! Also, they had 5 pockets like most jeans usually have (2 back, 2 front, 1 useless tiny one inside one of the front pockets) so that’s cool too.

I’m not sure how wearable these will be or what I’m going to pair them with. The previous pair of White Jeans that I owned had a slight flare at the hem (very flattering on over-weight women) which I paired with a Royal Blue Top, and Blue Plaid Wedges because they looked so complimentary on me as a Blonde. I guess I’ll have to experiment with these a little more to find out what works with them. Right off the bat, I’m thinking the Black Asymmetric Waistcoat I’d recently purchased from Zara, would look striking against these Jeans. Obviously pairing them with a White Top is an option as well. White Skinny Regular Jeans retail for KD 8/500

I saw this stunning Long Chiffon Blouse on the mannequin, all the way at the other end of the store (I told you, I do a lap, grab whatever, and try them all at once and be done with it). Realistically speaking, I don’t believe I’d get much wear out of this. I mean, where would I wear it? What would I pair it with? As such, I kept walking past it, averting my eyes. Eventually, I went back for it (the heart wants it wants) and tried it on. Hey, at the very least these could pair well with Skinny White Jeans, also in this haul.

It’s nowhere near my usual style! I mean, I’m not crazy about the pin-tucks at the front of the bodice or the ruffles around the armholes. With that being said, I thought this Long Chiffon Blouse was just too gorge to walk away from. It was all pretty and flowy and feminine! Oh, oh, and get this, it was longer in the back (I die!) and like I said before, I’ve always been obsessed with the high-low silhouette. Anything with an asymmetric hem, I’m all about. Even the floral print seemed strangely familiar and comforting! I can’t quite put my finger on it, but I’m sure it’ll come to me eventually.

This Blouse was also from the Divided Range (someone needs to explain to me what Conscious and Divided and all that even means). It was only available in this color but that’s fine because I’m absolutely in love with it! Since it’s quite sheer, I’ll only be able to wear this as outerwear (over other outfits) which I guess make it also fall under the Duster Coat Trend Category. Long Chiffon Blouse retails for KD 11/990

This Crêpe Dress was just so stinkin’ cute! It’s definitely not my style and yet I couldn’t resist trying it on.

It’s extremely girly, what with the cap sleeves and floral print, as you can see. I liked that it had a button up collar and that the buttons themselves were covered with the same crêpe fabric as the Dress but I loved that it had a gently flared skirt with a concealed zip on the side! After trying it on, even on my 5’1 frame, this Dress was quite short. Regardless, it was still ridiculously cute!

I’m totally going to pair it with Rain Boots! Juuust kidding. I doubt I’d wear this Dress anywhere outside my home because it’s very short but I just couldn’t resist the cuteness! This Dress was also from the Divided Range. Crêpe Dress retails for KD 9/990

After she’d rang up my purchases, the women at the cash register told me that I qualified for one more free item so I hurriedly (there were people in line behind me) grabbed a pack of Bangles that I’d been eyeing up. I honestly don’t need any more “jewelry” but these just looked so cool, plus they were “free”. Unfortunately, I couldn’t find a picture of them online (the ones shown are Gold) but they are in the exact same style shown above, except mine were all Black. The 9-pack Black Bangles were KD 5/990.

Dark Blue Suit Trousers – KD 13/990
Black Stretch Shirt – KD 5/990
Khaki Green Utility Shirt – KD 4/990
Khaki Green Pull-On Trousers – KD 6/990
Burgundy Satin Shirt Dress – KD 11/990
CONSCIOUS Light Beige Lyocell-Blend Chinos – KD 11/990 (x2)
Dark Grey Joggers – KD 8/500.
White Skinny Regular Jeans – KD 8/500
DIVIDED Long Chiffon Blouse – KD 11/990
DIVIDED Crêpe Dress – KD 9/990
9-pack Black Bangles – KD 5/990

The total was exactly KD 112.900 for all 12 items, but I actually payed KD 76/400 (meaning I saved KD 36/500) since they were having a Buy Two Get One Free deal going on. I can’t be more specific because I lost the receipt so I’ve only got the Price Tags on the clothes and the Privileges App to go on. I wasn’t really going for a theme here (the African Safari Trip thing was a joke) but like I said, I liked a lot of the newer stuff which just so happened to have that whole Utilitarian Aesthetic. Again, this stuff was purchased at the beginning of this month, meaning most of it is probably still there, if you’re interested. Hope you enjoyed this haul!

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