Zara Haul

I used to shop at Zara all the time, but for some reason I just stopped shopping there. In fact, bar the one time I went in there looking for a Zara City Bag (but didn’t find it) and ended up getting Zara Black Peony EDT, I haven’t been there in years. It’s not like I rarely shop there anymore. It’s more like I never shop there anymore.

With that being said, I loved my Zara Black Peony fragrance so much that once it was almost finished, I went back to get another (but I couldn’t find it, either) and ended up with two other Zara fragrances. While I was there, I noticed all the pretty clothes and it occurred to me that I should really start shopping at Zara again. I don’t even know why I stopped shopping there, for all those years. I mean during college, my wardrobe mostly consisted of pieces from Zara (short-sleeve shirts, graphic tees, and embroidered denim jeans, etc…). For the record, in the past, I’ve only ever visited the Zara branch at Souk Sharq. As such, everything in this haul was also purchased from that same branch.

The Punk Check Dress had my heart from the moment I laid eyes on it!

Not because of the fly collar…

Not because of the gorgeous, asymmetric (high-low) bottom…

Not because of how smart it looked from the back…

I was in love with this dress because it was all of the above AND in Red Check Print which kinda’ resembles Plaid which kinda’ resembles Tartan, which brings to mind my favorite book series of all time, Outlander (takes place in Scotland), which in turn makes me very, very happy!

The Punk Check Dress pretty much had my name written all over it!

I’ve expressed my love for Shirt Dresses before (Forever 21 Navy Shirt Dress), because they just look so cool, but the fact that I found a long-sleeve Shirt Dress makes me deliriously happy! I love the shirt collar and the buttons down to the waist. I even like the fact that the adjustable lace at the waist isn’t as wide, so I can easily throw on a belt of my own over-top. Most of all, I love the uneven (asymmetric) frayed hem! I’ve always been obsessed with the look of a high-low silhouette, ever since Final Fantasy VIII came out (I thought Rinoa Heartilly’s outfit was the coolest thing ever)! Also, The Punk Check Dress incorporates several of the latest trends, if you’re into that sort of thing. It’s got Red Check Print (soon to be trending), a frayed hem (currently trending but usually seen on jeans), and an asymmetrical hem (which is also trending). Between the button up shirt collar and asymmetric hem, this is hands down the coolest dress I’ve got!!!!

I mean just look at that! It’s even got spacious pockets (+10 swag points) on each side! The Punk Check Dress (that’s what it’s called on the tab that came on the dress) is still available for purchase, if you’re interested. This ridiculously cool Red Punk Check Dress retails for KD 19/900.

Next, this Black Waistcoat With Bow caught my fancy.

As you can already tell, I have a passion for menswear-inspired fashion! Tuxedos, Suits, Waistcoasts, Vests, Suspenders, Ties, etc… You name it.

I was immediately drawn to it because the lapel collar looked so refreshingly different and unusual! I just love the opening by the collar!

It also had front bow fastening with grommet metallic detail. I’m not sure how I feel about front bow just yet because honestly it kinda’ seems impractical. Also, I’m not happy with the fact that the two front pockets aren’t real (-10 swag points).

Up close, the metallic grommet detailing looks pretty cool! I would’ve totally passed on getting this thing, had it been gold. If you’re into trends and whatever, grommet is going to be having a “moment” this year.

It’s also got a back hem slit, er, at the back.

I’m most probably going to wear this with the bow still in there, but unfastened. The alternative of tying it into a bow just doesn’t sit well with me… unless I loop it around itself? I dunno… I was just blinded by the beauty of the lapel collar with the openings and had to get this!

Like I said, I adore the look of tailored menswear, and this definitely falls under that category. I’m mostly obsessed with the collar but I also feel like this Waistcoat could instantly class up any outfit! It’s still available for purchase at Zara, if you’re interested. Black Waistcoat With Bow retails for KD 25/900.

I grabbed this Black Cropped Jumpsuit on my way to the dressing room, on a whim. I figured it wouldn’t hurt to just try it on. So I did, and I really liked it, and ended up getting it.

I know that culottes as well as cropped pants have been trending for awhile now. With that being said, I held on to mine, from way back in the day (many were from Zara actually) through several moves. I’d already given away a huge percentage when I moved houses for the first time, and again when I got engaged, so what was left consisted of mostly my faves. Once I was finally got settled in my current home, I decided on getting rid of what was left of my clothes. I figured culottes were never coming back in style again and wouldn’t you know it? Shortly after, culottes started trending again (right after I’d given all of mine away, grrr). I wasn’t going to fall into that same trap again. I vowed never to buy another pair of culottes, ever. The cropped length and loose fit of the pants on this Jumpsuit kinda’ play into the whole Culotte/Cropped Pants Trend without actually being a Culotte. So it’s kinda’ the same but different enough to justify purchasing it.

I already have four other Jumpsuits but three of them are sleeveless, while the fourth is a straight up tube-top. This Black Cropped Jumpsuit had short sleeves, which I feel makes it more wearable. Coincidentally, the rest are all either Black with neutral-colored detailing or plain Black.

This particular Jumpsuit was also made out of some nice and stretchy material.

I needed the help of the sales assistant with concealed zip fastening, at the back.

The model is 5’9 whereas I’m 5’1 so it’s slightly longer on me (which I prefer).

Lastly, it’s got pom-pop detailing all over the sleeves and hem. Thankfully, they’re also black, not multi-colored. Again, if you’re into trends and such, pom-poms have been having a “moment” in fashion.

It’s not really my style since it’s kinda’ got a lot going on (what with the cropped length and pom-poms) regardless of the fact that it’s in Black, but I figured this would be appropriate to wear to formal dinners and such (with the elders of the family). This cute Black Cropped Jumpsuit is also still available for purchase and retails for KD 14/900.

They had these Corsets hanging by the changing room area. I’d noticed them the last time I was in Zara (while purchasing fragrances), which is what made me want to come back again, for clothes.

Personally, I think these Corsets look sick!

They’re so versatile too! You can wear them over a crisp collar shirt, a loose dress or just a plain ol’ t-shirt.

Or if you’re really daring, you can even throw this on over a blazer, jacket or coat (as shown) to accentuate the waistline!

Honestly, I’ve always wanted an Obi Belt so I feel like this is the next best thing. I mean, they even look ridiculously cool from the back!

Again, if you’re into trends, Corsets are currently trending. Plus, it’s got the whole Grommet thing going on, which is going to be trending pretty soon.

Since this Corset is in black, you can literally pair it with everything and anything (from neutrals to brights and everything in between)!

I actually got this because I’d like to throw it on over a White Puffy-Sleeved Over-Sized Shirt because I feel like it’s something I might’ve seen being worn by Chang Mi Hee on Rosy Lovers (Korean Drama). Literally, everything she wore on that show was gorgeous! Now that I’ve got the Belt, I just need to find the shirt (lawl). If you’re interested, they’re still fully stocked up at Zara (Souk Sharq). This Black Corset retails for KD 7/900.

Out of everything in this haul (including that ridiculously cool Red Check Punk Dress), this Long Asymmetric Waistcoat is hands down my favorite!

I just picked it up because I’m attracted to long and flowy outerwear. With that being said, once I tried it on, I was obsessed!

For starters, its long length plays into the whole Duster Coat trend! I don’t really follow trends even though I might be aware of them. I just sorta’ do my own thing, especially since I’m a jeans and t-shirt kinda’ girl. With that being said, I’m obsessed with the Duster Coat trend in particular, because I’ve loved that look ever since Keanu sported that Duster Coat as Neo in The Matrix and also when in any given Anime the character’s coat is always dramatically flapping around in the wind! The fact that Duster Coats are trending means I’ll be able to find them more easily (no small feat in Kuwait) and in all kinds of different textiles (material?), colors, and designs!

It might look plain but that just makes it perfect for layering! Something about the way this drapes on the shoulders make it ridiculously flattering as well!

*swish* *swish*

I mean… just look at that! It’s a perfect example of that “Dramatic Anime Look”. I die!

This would look perfect over regular jeans and a plain ol’ t-shirt possibly with some wedge sneakers! Unfortunately, this was marked down meaning I won’t believe you’ll be able to find it. If you do though, definitely try it on! This Black Asymmetric Waistcoat was originally priced at KD 12/900 but I purchased it for KD 4/900.

Also from the sales rack corner, I picked up this Black Floral Embroidered Shirt to try on.

It might look plain from the front…

but then POW! It’s got a party going on the back!

I’m aware that Appliqué and Embroidery have been trending for a minute but I detest that trend. I kinda’ got my fill of it the first time around (at least for me) back when I was in college. Out of all the embroidery pieces I’d had, there was this one pair of jeans that had floral embroidery going up one leg that I literally wore all the time. As such, I was sick of the Appliqué and Embroidery trend before it had even began… again. I braced myself for the oncoming onslaught of Appliqué and Embroidery and worst of all, florals (blech!) and vowed to avoid them at all costs!

Then this shirt came along with all its prettiness, all flowy and sheer and silk-like, and ruined my plans.

What with the texture and sheerness of the silk-like material, the smart button up collar, the ridiculously cool side-slits, the floral design, and the longer length on this this thing, to me this shirt kinda’ looks like a cross between a Cheongsam (Traditional Chinese Dress) and a Kung Fu Master Robe.

Honestly, this thing looks ridiculously cool! Also, it’s kinda’ got that asymmetric thing going on! I especially love the way it’s styled on the model (from her hair thrown up in a messy bun down to the flats on her feet)!

I feel like this Floral Embroidered Shirt can add a little sum’in sum’in to my basics or if I ever felt so inclined, I could always dress it up with heels, jewelry and such. With that being said, I’m obsessed with the way it’s styled on the model so I’m definitely going to try to recreate that look, at some point. Unfortunately, this was also from the sales rack so I’m not sure if you’ll be able to find it. This Black Floral Embroidered Shirt was part of The Premium Collection (whatever that means) and originally retails for KD 19/900 but I purchased it for KD 4/900.

Also from the sales rack corner, I picked up this T-Shirt With Front Knot, except mine was in White, which doesn’t show up as clearly so I figured I’d go with Black to show you.

Once again, it’s got the whole asymmetric (high-low) thing going on, which I absolute adore! It’s slightly longer on me than it is on the model, which I’m also happy about because the extremes of the high-low silhouette are more obvious on my shorter frame!

Another perk of being shorter is that this T-Shirt is modest enough for me to wear out and about because unlike the model, this doesn’t expose my stomach! ^_^

I love the way it looks from the back, all long and flowy and pretty! Unfortunately, this T-Shirt is a bit sheer so since I don’t want everyone to be able to see my business I’m going to have to invest in a neutral Cami or Vest to wear underneath.

The photos (which I nicked from google because I keep getting redirected to our local Zara site which doesn’t even have this thing listed) do not do this thing any justice because it’s way cooler in real life! I feel like this would pair well with most of the stuff in my closet but I really wanna’ try them out with jean shorts. I’m pretty sure this T-shirt was available in several colors at one point but I only found the White, so I don’t think you’ll be able to find it… unless you check all the sales racks in every branch (a bit crazy but definitely something I would do if I was smitten with a particular piece). White T-Shirt With Knot was originally KD 6/900 but I purchased it for KD 1/000.

This Ribbed Top With Ruffles was a total impulse buy.

For starters, its got Ruffles.

I don’t do Ruffles.

I know Ruffles are literally everywhere (can’t escape them) but I’ve been doing so well avoiding them, up until now. It’s fine if they’re your “thing” but they’re definitely not mine, solely based on the fact that they come across as Little House On The Prairie to me. I’m not about that life.

Also, Ruffles add bulk to my already bulky (read: overweight frame)! Plus, these are ribbed, which add even more bulk to my frame.

The worst part is, I actually tried this on in the changing room, looked at my reflection and must’ve thought “I’ll take it!”.

Since I’ve been seeing these kind of tops literally everywhere, I kinda’ got brainwashed into purchasing one. I guess I could still wear it if I balance out the bottom, maybe some wide-leg trousers and platforms. In case you’re interested, it’s still available for purchase in Black, Off-White, and Khaki. I purchased this Black Ribbed Top With Ruffles for KD 4/900.

These were on a display table in several colors so I grabbed them in Navy Blue.

I’ve only got one other pair of ripped denim that happen to be in Black (I wanna’ say from Express) so I really wanted a pair in classic blue denim.

I don’t know what my deal is but these are yet another pair of Low-Rise Jeans :/ Since these are “Body Curve” (stretch material) I’m hoping that’ll somehow help them not slide down when I sit.

They’re cropped (trendy) with frayed hems (also trendy) and rips in them (very trendy) so there’s that too.

I just really wanted another pair of ripped denim.

These Navy Blue Low-Rise Cropped Body Curve Jeggings retail for KD 12/900.

Also from the same display, I picked up these Mid-Rise Skinny Jeans in Khaki because I’ve been dying for some Camouflage Print Jeans.

I’ve always found Camo Print aesthetically appealing! Back during high-school, one of my close friends’ dad happened to be “someone” in the Military so he had access to the exclusive textile (material?) that was only available to men in the Military (for their uniforms). So he took us shopping, where he purchased yards of the stuff for us, and we got our own Military Uniforms made! The only reason we wanted them was so we could match for “Twin Day”, which was one of the days we were allowed to stray from the school uniform (white on top, navy on bottom) provided we wore a matching outfit with one other person. You could wear anything you wanted including jeans and a t-shirt but we wanted to stand out, which we did, because everyone wanted to know where we’d gotten the material from. It’s not the typical Khaki Green Camo Print but it was really cool too! I got rid of the top a long time ago but I held on to the pants for the longest time, before my mom eventually made me give them away. Looking back now, I wish I’d kept them.

Like I said, I just wanted these because they were in Camo Print.

The fact that they had rips in them, made them even cooler!

I dunno’ about the frayed hems though… seems a bit much.

They fit really weird too but I just couldn’t bear to turn my back on them.

I’m not quite sure how I feel about front zippers either. In any case, we’ve already established that frayed hems and rips are having a moment, but Camouflage Print is also trending. Regardless, I’ve always thought Camo print was just the epitome of cool!

They were also available in Black and I believe you can still find them at Zara. The Khaki Mid-Rise Skinny Jeans were purchased for KD 12/900

Red Punk Check Dress – KD 19/900
Black Waistcoat With Bow – KD 25/900
Black Cropped Jumpsuit – KD 14/900
Black Corset – KD 7/900
Black Asymmetric Waistcoat – KD 4/900 (originally KD 12/900)
Black Floral Embroidered Shirt – KD 4/900 (KD 19/900)
White T-Shirt With Knot – KD 1/000 (originally KD 6/900)
Black Ribbed Top With Ruffles – KD 4/900
Navy Blue Low-Rise Cropped Body Curve Jeggings – KD 12/900
Khaki Mid-Rise Skinny Jeans – KD 12/900

Overall I spent KD 110 for all ten items which isn’t bad considering it’s from Zara. Except for the Black Ruffled Top, I’m absolutely in love with everything I got, especially the Black Asymmetric Waistcoat! I can’t wait to wear them! Since these were purchased only last month, I’m pretty sure you can still find most of them (aside from the sale items). I’m definitely going to stop by Zara more often, from now on! Hope you enjoyed this haul!

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