Zara Fragrance Haul

Since I’d just finished up the bottle of Black Peony that I’d purchased from Zara (ages ago), I went in there to pick up another one. Sadly, yet understandably (it had been several years, after all), I couldn’t find the one I wanted, but I did end up getting these two, instead.

They were called Zara Femme and Zara Applejuice.

Zara Femme and Zara Applejuice were only KD 3/900 each (both were 100ml as opposed to the 50ml of Black Peony). I’m not sure why the sticker price on one of them is in Euros, because I’d purchased both of them from the Zara at Souk Sharq.

The packaging on these fragrances seemed different from the one I’d previously purchased. I actually liked the look of the new(er) packaging.

Top notes – Bergamot
Middle notes – Peony and Vanilla
Base notes – Patchouli and Musk.

First, let’s take a moment to appreciate the simple elegance of the bottle. To me, it looks like something you’d see on display in a Scandinavian living area (Minimalist Chic). Both the glass bottle and its plastic cap were square-shaped, yet had modern rounded edges. The tinted glass bottle came in a sophisticated neutral that gradually darkened towards the bottom (so it had this very subtle ombre thing going on), while the underside of the bottle was transparent. I was both surprised and delighted by the gorgeous brushed copper spray head! I also appreciated the fact that the brand’s name was embossed on the cap, as opposed to just slapping on a sticker with the brand’s name on it (which frankly looks cheap). The brand’s name as well as name of the fragrance were also embossed on the face of the bottle, in a clear red against the neutral background. With that being said, the glass bottle was slightly heavier than normal, making it less than ideal to lug around all day. I tried looking up Zara Femme online (kept getting redirected to the local Zara site which is pretty much a joke, not unlike the local MAC site) but couldn’t find anything on this specific version, so I can’t really tell you how old or new it is (In Kuwait? It’s anybody’s guess lawl). I mean the packaging does look kinda’ “new” (read: revamped) but then again, I haven’t been to Zara in years so who am I to say? In any case, the whole aesthetic of Femme struck me as simple, understated and sophisticated!

I’d tested a couple of fragrances at Zara and although Femme wasn’t really my “style”, it was the one that had appealed to me the most out of the bunch. It wasn’t an instant attraction though because at first, I didn’t like it. After it had dried down a bit, I started getting powder-y notes, which I found pleasant. It reminds me of something but the only word the comes to mind is “peppermint” and I know that can’t possibly be accurate. Anyhow, after awhile I get vanilla notes that specifically remind me of The Body Shop’s Vanilla Eau de Toilette. I do get some floral notes (which I don’t like) but mixed in with the creamy muskiness of the powder-y notes and the sweetness and warmth of the vanilla notes, they’re less offensive as I normally find them. Like I said, this does have some elements of sweetness to it but it’s too subtle for my taste as I prefer blatant gourmands, not hints and whispers of it. As such, I believe this would be perfect for daily wear, especially in the workplace, since it’s not as playful as my more fruity fragrances nor as sexy as a full-blown gourmand. Femme comes across as sophisticated and lady-like and I actually really like it… so far. I haven’t worn it out and about yet seeing as how I just got it and this is only my “first impressions” after all, but I believe this might very well be another girl-pretty fragrance (mostly appreciated by other women, as opposed to being appreciated by both girls and guys). I believe the name Femme is spot-on for this light, creamy, musky, feminine fragrance!

Zara Applejuice was released in 2012.
Top Notes – Apple and Grapefruit
Middle Notes – Rose
Base Notes – Musk.

How stinkin’ cuuuuuuuuuuuuute! Not only is this gorgeous glass bottle transparent (which I always love!) but the liquid house inside is a lovely green (which I think is uncommon), and accompanied with the name, automatically makes me think of my favorite fruit, Green Apples! I love that they went with black (as opposed to say white) because it just makes the green pop! You can’t really see it all that well, but the brand name is embossed on the black cap, as well as on the face of the bottle. I adore the whole aesthetic of Applejuice because it’s so playful and cute!

I know I said no more blind buys but Zara Applejuice was yet was another blind buy. I’d been waiting in line to purchase Zara Femme and as my turn came up, I spotted Zara Applejuice and without missing a beat, asked the woman at the cash register to ring it up for me. I mean… it was straight up called Applejuice! How could I resist? Sadly, now that I’m actually smelling it, I kinda’ don’t like it. At first, this is all citrus-y and generally I tend to love a good citrus scent but this is just way too sharp for my taste. Also, I keep getting a whiff of green notes (I dunno… mint?) which I don’t like. It actually smells like some of the more higher-end citrus-y perfumes (which I generally avoid). It’s not a bad scent, at all. It’s just that I don’t tend to enjoy those scents. Also, there is zero sweetness in this. It does become a little more palatable, and dare I say it, enjoyable, once it has completely dried down though. Overall, I believe Zara Applejuice would be perfect to wear during Spring and Summer, since it’s such a “fresh” scent and smells ten times more expensive than it actually is. It’s not exactly my cup of… juice, but this is only my first impression.

Apparently, Zara‘s habit of duplicating luxury pieces doesn’t end with clothing items because according to the rumor mill, all their fragrances are “dupes” of other high-end perfumes. I don’t really care about all that because I was just looking for a good handbag fragrance that I could carry around all day. These two happen to be significantly heavier than the previous fragrance that I’d purchased from Zara so I won’t be able to carry this around in my bag. With that being said, the tasteful cube-shaped bottles are pretty enough to display on my vanity. I would’ve preferred to have purchased Zara Black Peony (Flowerbomb dupe) but seeing as how I couldn’t find it, I’m glad I got these two instead. They’re not the typical style I usually go for but it’s good to broaden your horizons (calm down LuLu, we’re talking about fragrances here) and branch out. Zara Femme smells like expensive toothpaste and Zara Applejuice smells like expensive bug spray but at KD 3/900 a pop, who’s complaining?

Have you tried any of the fragrances at Zara? Do you have a favorite? Have you found a particularly good dupe? Do share!

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