Rain Boots Collection

As soon as I got an account with Aramex (towards the end of 2007) I immediately went crazy on Amazon.com and subscribed to every single girly magazines out there (read more about it in my Book Club post). This was back in 2007 and no I don’t have a good memory. In fact, I have the memory of a goldfish. The reason why I know the exact date is because I’m looking at my order history on Amazon.com. Also from Amazon back in December 2007 (like I said, as soon as I got an Aramex account) I ordered some more Manga, DVDs, girly books (the rest of Gossip Girl, The A-list, Shopaholic, etc…), clothes, jewelry, stuff from Sephora (finally!) via Amazon, and some shoes. Now here’s the funny part. My shoe size is 38… so I ordered a bunch of shoes in a US size 8 (just subtracted the 30 lawl). Logic! Clearly, that’s now how it works. In any case, I’ve always thought that Boots are the epitome of cool and I’ve always loved the way they look on myself and others. Sadly, we didn’t have much options in Kuwait (again, this was back in 2007) so I ordered several Boots from Amazon. Apparently I felt the need to order Rain Boots (plural, bearing in mind that Kuwait is a desert country… where it rains about three times per year) as well.

I no longer have these (they died) which is why I had to resort to nicking the pictures off of google. I was instantly smitten with these Pink Cowboy Waterproof Rubber Rain Boots (don’t judge me!) by the brand Western Chief so they were my first pair of Rain Boots ever. They had three things I love, wings, hearts, and pink! What’s more? They even had a little glitter on the sides! I just had to have them! I proudly wore them in public (during Winter) regardless of whether it was raining or not. I’d just tuck them into my classic blue skinny jeans, pair them with a knit pink sweater on top, and throw on an extra long pink scarf. My family and friends were already used to my… let’s say eccentric ways, so they didn’t even blink when they saw me wearing this out and about. I did get some strange looks from strangers though, but I didn’t care. I was super stoked because I still couldn’t believe that I’d found them in Adult Women Sizes (let’s be real, they look like something you’d see worn by toddlers). I loved these Pink Cowboy Rain Boots! They just made me so happy! I even took them with me when I went to Germany and wore them even more over there! In fact, I fit right in during Carnival (kinda’ like their version of Halloween where everyone dresses up in costumes, and there’s a parade where people are pretty much bombarded with candy, except it’s a celebration welcoming Spring). Sadly, over time (curse you, time, curse you!) they started to yellow with age. I still kept them and wore them (less so than before) but then they started peeling and my mom made me throw them away :(

While in Germany, I came across these gorgeous Turquoise Tattoo City Rain Boots by the brand Chooka. As soon as I spotted them, I walked up to them and started talking to them, “Awwwwww, aren’t YOU darling!”, at which point my friend dragged me away and asked me to, “Please try, just try, to be less weird”. They had the classic tattoo designs of a rose, a skull, and two hearts (one read Rock, the other read Roll) with the less classic tattoo design of two birds and a horseshoe (that read lucky in cursive, underneath it). They even had a black adjustable strap with a buckle on the side for a near perfect fit, and by now you all should now how obsessed I am with both decorative tabs and adjustable strap detailing on anything and everything! They were far superior in quality then the Pink Cowboy Rain Boots I’d been sporting and their price reflected that. Best of all, these beauties were in a glossy, heartbreakingly beautiful turquoise! What with the black sleeve on the shaft, black adjustable strap, and black rubber soles, the stunning turquoise color pretty much glows! It goes without saying that I was obsessed! Sadly, Rain Boots are way too heavy and would take up way too much space in my already full suitcase, which I’d overstuffed on my way to Germany, in anticipation of the cold weather (I don’t do cold). That’s without even factoring in all the gifts I had to get for everyone. I just didn’t have the space for them so I had to pass on getting them.

Back in Kuwait, I found these beauties online at Amazon.com and promptly ordered them. They’re the most expensive pair of Rain Boots I own but they’re worth every penny! I always wear them out and about when it rains (I’m not sure how smart it was disclosing that information because my Kuwaiti readers will be able to spot me now). I especially loved the look on my ex-husband’s face when I showed up wearing these Rain Boots (back when we were still married) to go to Ikea with him. He tried everything from pleading with me to threatening me, and even attempted to bribe me at one point, all just to get me to change out of these Rain Boots, which of course I refused to do. For better or for worse, I am me ^_^ I’ve had these Chooka Turquoise Tattoo City Rain Boots since November 2008 and love them still! They have started to go a bit yellow (curse you, time, curse you!) but I believe they’re still wearable, especially since I doubt anyone would stop in the middle of a downpour just to take a closer look.

Since my Pink Cowboy Rain Boots by the brand Western Chief had served me so well, I figured I’d get another pair from them. I love the look of glossy black Rain Boots (still) and I had a “thing” for cherry print (at the time), so these Western Chief Black Cherry Rain Boots seemed like a good idea. With that being said, I was so obsessed with my other Rain Boots that I just never got around to wearing these. I never even took them out of their packaging (as you can see). In fact, what with all the moving around and such, I kinda’ just forgot about them and the only reason I remembered them was because I saw them listed in my Order History on Amazon.com which I was going through for this post. I had to really dig for these in the storage room. Aside from being a little dusty, they’re pretty much in great condition. I’m glad I have them now and will be sure to wear them out and about when it’s raining… or whenever the mood strikes me. I got these cute Western Chief Black Cherry Rain Boots in the same order as the Chooka Turquoise Tattoo City Rain Boots.

Also in that same order (hey, I save more money on shipping if I order more stuff, okay? Logic!) I got these Everglade Green Solid Wedge Rain Boots from Target (via Amazon). Like I’ve said multiple times on this blog, in addition to being a pretty color, I believe that greens make my browns eyes look more green-y. Plus, the novelty of a Rain Boot with a wedge heel appealed to me. Once they arrived and I saw them in real life, I quickly got over the “novelty” factor. In fact, I’m too embarrassed to actually wear these Rain Boots in public. I know what you’re thinking, “You’d wear that pink one and that blue one but THIS is where you draw the line?”, and the answer is a resounding “yes”. You’re either a Rain Boots or you’re not. This in-between business doesn’t suit me. Wearing it would make me feel like I’m a try-hard, and although I may be a lot of things, try-hard is not one of them! With that being said, I have worn these Rain Boots a handful of times (enough to justify keeping them, for now). Since I’m a bit on the short side, I prefer not to hem my pants or trousers because paired with heels, it makes me look and feel like a giant! These Rain Boots are fitted enough that I have the option of not tucking my pants or jeans into them. Even if I chose to wear whatever tucked into them, these Rain Boots are a solid green (including the adjustable strap and heel) which I appreciate. I still don’t know how I feel about the fact that the heel is not only a wedge but also textured. I do like that the inner lining or whatever is a pink though. Overall, these inexpensive Everglade Green Solid Wedge Rain Boots from Target are in pretty good condition which is why I am of two minds. Do I keep them or do I pass them along?

I believe these were purchased locally but also around the same time as the others (2008). Judging by the brand Bita (not to be confused with Bata) it was probably a cheap-y store. I honestly don’t know where I got them from but I do know why I kept them. First of all, they are a beautiful hunter green. Second, their height is substantially shorter than the average Rain Boot, which I thought was quite cute! Lastly, I’m a Sagittarius and the logo depicts an archer on horseback which obviously appealed to me. With that being said, do I really need two green Rain Boots? The fact that I’ve got two is kinda’ weighing on me. I feel like I should get rid of one but they both have their pros and cons so I can’t decide what to do.

With that being said, even one pair of Rain Boots is one too many in Kuwait (on account of us only getting rain pretty much once a year), especially since I tend to splash around in puddles, regardless of my footwear. In any case, I thought it would be appropriate to post my humble Rain Boots Collection to accompany the rainy weather we’ve been having recently, so there you have it. Did you love any of them? Did you hate any of them? Do share! Hope you enjoyed this post!

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