Zara Black Peony Eau de Toilette

Top notes – Bergamot
Middle notes – Freesia and Peach
Base notes – Vanilla and Sandalwood.

I haven’t purchased any clothing items from Zara since my college years (they were my go-to for basics). Funny enough, I’d purchased many of the things that are currently trending again (Appliqué and Embroidery, Plaid Print, Check Print, Camouflage Print, Metallics, Stripes, and Graphic Tees, just to name a few) all from Zara, many years ago. More recently (about 4-5 years ago) I visited Zara again, because I was actually looking for the Zara City Bag (which sadly, I couldn’t find) and ended up getting a different bag and a single fragrance called Black Peony. Since then, I’ve never gone back to Zara, for whatever reason. In any case, I believe Black Peony was released in 2011 but reformulated and repackaged (different packaging and scent) in 2013. The one I’m reviewing is the 2011 version. I’d spritzed the Black Peony EDT tester on my wrist while I was waiting in line at the checkout counter to pay for my bags (I’d actually gotten two of the same bag, only in different colors) and was instantly obsessed with the scent! I couldn’t quite place my finger on it but the intoxicating scent seemed very familiar to me. Obviously, I had to buy it. So, I did just that.

Over time and with frequent use, it dawned on me that Black Peony was pretty much a dupe for my beloved Flowerbomb! That’s why it had seemed so familiar to me. The only difference was that Black Peony didn’t last quite as long on my skin. It scented my hair and clothes well enough, but would become quite faint on my skin (after only an hour or so). I didn’t really mind all that much though, because aside from the intoxicating scent, this fragrance came in simple packaging (which always appeals to me), was purse-friendly (small and light enough to lug around), and ridiculously inexpensive, especially for such an excellent dupe! Hopefully you can tell from the photos but even the liquid (or what’s left of it, rather) was a cute peachy pink! Sadly, the newer version doesn’t look nor smell anywhere near as nice. I savored my Black Peony (2011 version) and tried to make it last as long as I could, but it had to run out eventually. I loved Zara Black Peony (2011) and I’m sad that the newer version (2013) is so blatantly different. With that being said, Zara Black Peony opened my eyes to Zara fragrances.

Zara Black Peony (2011) cost less than KD 5/000.

3 thoughts on “Zara Black Peony Eau de Toilette

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