H&M Clothing Haul (Salmiya Branch)

H&M was quickly becoming my favorite clothing store because I could pick up a lot of wardrobe staples at a relatively inexpensive price, as opposed to only one or two pieces from a more higher-end store. As such, I went back to H&M again at the beginning of February and got some more stuff.

I know, I know. Clearly I’ve got a problem when it comes to jackets. Like I said, The Walking Dead (Negan, rather) just reignited my love for them. Right off the bat (see what I did there? lawl) the gorgeous Grey-Blue color caught my eye. I just can’t resist a pretty Grey, as evident by my eyeshadow collection. Plus, this was in a lovely faux suede. There’s something about suede that makes certain neutrals look even more aesthetically appealing to me.

This Grey-Blue Faux Suede Biker Jacket had a cropped and fitted style, not unlike my Black Faux Suede Biker Jacket. As you can tell, it’s also got tabs with press-studs at the sides, and long sleeves with zips at the cuff, which I adore!

I love all the details it’s got going on in the front! The lapels are stunning and once again have decorative buttons on them. There’s a zipped chest pocket and zipped side pocket and a small flap pocket with a press-stud. My favorite detail however is that this thing zips up diagonally.

I love this thing so much because it’s such a beautiful color! It’s nice and soft, and it pairs nicely with a whole bunch of other neutrals. I’ve already worn it out and about a handful of times. One of those times happened to be at a restaurant (facing the fountain) at the Sheikh Jaber Al Ahmad Cultural Centre right next to the Opera House, on a particularly cold and windy day, but this beautiful jacket kept me all warm and cozy throughout! What with my darker hair now, I feel like this Grey-Blue Jacket is especially complimentary! If I ever felt so inclined, I could even do the whole matchy-matchy thing and apply a similar eyeshadow. I just adore every single thing on this jacket, from the collar to the color. This Grey-Blue Faux Suede Biker Jacket is also part of the Divided range and retails for KD 24/990.

I had no business picking up these Super Skinny Jeans (no really, that’s actually what they’re called) but I was strongly influenced by the prettiness of the Grey-Blue Faux Suede Biker Jacket. I’ve always loved the monochromatic look of black-on-black-on-black or grey-on-grey or olive-on-olive, etc… Even if I don’t feel like pairing these Light Grey Super Skinny Jeans with the Grey-Blue Jacket, I thought it would pair well with a white t-shirt or summat. Like I said, I’m a sucker for anything and everything that comes in a good grey. Also, I figured these would be a nice change-up from my usual black-on-black-on-black aesthetic (hey, it’s slimming, unlike these grey jeans). That said, I actually used to own a pair of light grey skinny jeans and loved pairing them with grey heather tops and flat, embellished, t-strap sandals during the summer, and white tops with pewter ankle boots during winter, but that was back when I was a blonde (about 5 or so years ago).

Aside from the fact that these are a Light Grey (which definitely doesn’t do me any favors) they are also not only Skinny but actually Super Skinny (translation: these Super Skinny Jeans basically highlight each and every single lump and bump). I mean they’re not White, but they might as well be.

I noticed it while trying them on, but conveniently “forgot” that these are Super Skinny Low Jeans. Personally, I don’t do low-rise jeans. I never was a fan of low-rise jeans when they were a thing (way back when) and I’m not about to become one now. The handful of times that I haven’t payed attention and accidentally purchased low-rise jeans have only managed to further cement my stance on them. I wore them once on a flight to Dubai and I was so uncomfortable the entire time. Every time I’d sit, they’d slowly but surely start sliding down. I was constantly pulling my pants up (not a good look)! Can you imagine walking around the airport with one hand holding your pants up? I was wearing a comfy short sleeve top that was quite long and and an even longer jacket over-top, so I’m positive that my behind was covered (literally), but I was still pretty paranoid about anything showing, which just made me so uncomfortable. The whole thing was so unnecessary and easily avoidable had I not worn low-rise jeans. You’d think I’d have learned my lesson but apparently not because here I am with a new pair of low-rise jeans.

In addition to everything else I just mentioned, these jeans have gold hardware (ugh) which isn’t as easily visible in the photos but trust me, it’s got reflective yellow-gold buttons, tabs and zippers all over. Like I said, I don’t know what I was thinking when I purchased these. I guess you could call it an impulse buy. These Light Grey Denim Super Skinny Low Jeans retail for KD 8/500.

Going with the whole grey theme, I couldn’t resist (even though I really tried) picking up this Fitted Heather Grey T-Shirt Dress for KD 8/500. I know, I know, I just purchased a couple of T-Shirt Dresses from Forever 21 but those were in Olive, Navy, and Black whereas this one was in Heather Grey. The one I purchased has a slightly higher neckline than the one shown but other than that they are pretty much the same.

Since I was trying a bunch of stuff on in the changing room anyway, I picked up these Dark Denim Blue Skinny Regular Ankle Jeans on a whim. I’ve always loved the look of Dark Blue Denim because I believe it’s such a classic look and the epitome of effortless chic, especially when paired with a White Shirt!

I appreciated the fact that these jeans were ankle-length and had a regular waist because accompanied with the Dark Denim Blue color, they were quite flattering!

I didn’t even mind the fact that the hardware was gold. For some reason, I sometimes find the combination of blue and gold appealing. I think it’s something I picked up from reading Harry Potter (maybe one of the houses?) or more likely from Archie comics. In any case, the button was a brushed gold which looked kinda’ cool and not quite as obnoxious. Also, the two pockets at the front were fake, whereas the two pockets in the back were real.

They came in different colors including Light Denim Blue, Denim Blue, Dark Denim Blue, and Black but I loved the look of the Dark Denim Blue Skinny Regular Ankle Jeans so much that I purchased two for only KD 4/900 each! Honestly, I was pretty surprised that these cost so little.

I really wanted a Long-Sleeve Jersey Top and H&M had a vast array of those in everything from Marl to Stripes. They had a slightly wider neckline, long sleeves, and were fitted, which I thought made them perfect for layering. I wanted to pick up several but decided on picking up just the one, to see how it would wear, before going back for more.

So, I went with the Burgundy. These tops are part of the CONSCIOUS range (not sure what that even means) but apparently the top is made out of organic cotton and retails for KD 3/500.

I had to stock up some basics so I got these Short-Sleeve Jersey Tops in Dark Blue (looks Grey to me but whatevs), Plum, and Black for only KD 1/990 each from the Divided – Basics range.

Lastly, I picked up three more of those magical Super-Stretch Treggings in Black, Dark Blue, and Dark Denim Blue (same order as shown) for KD 5/900 each.

DIVIDED Grey-Blue Faux Suede Biker Jacket KD 24/990
Light Grey Denim Super Skinny Low Jeans KD 8/500
Heather Grey T-Shirt Dress KD 8/500
Dark Denim Blue Skinny Regular Ankle Jeans KD 4/900 (x2)
CONSCIOUS Burgundy Long-Sleeve Jersey Top KD 3/500
DIVIDED – BASICS Dark Blue Short-Sleeve Jersey Tops KD 1/990
DIVIDED – BASICS Plum Short-Sleeve Jersey Tops KD 1/990
DIVIDED – BASICS Black Short-Sleeve Jersey Tops KD 1/990
Black Super-Stretch Treggings KD 5/900
Dark Blue Super-Stretch Treggings KD 5/900
Dark Denim Blue Super-Stretch Treggings KD 5/900

Although nothing I purchased was on sale or part of an offer, I spent a total of KD 69/200 on 12 items that could’ve easily cost triple that, had I purchased them from any other store. It’s not exactly the most exciting clothing haul out there but I seriously needed to stock up on a few staples. Aside from the Faux Suede Biker Jacket, everything else can pretty much be worn year-round. Plus, since the majority of them are neutrals, they’re perfect for mixing and matching and even layering (when the weather allows). Like I said, I’m a jeans and t-shirt kinda’ girl and these are the things I actually wear. Hope you enjoyed this post!

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