H&M Cosmetics Haul

I went to H&M (Salmiya Branch) again in December because they were having a Buy Two Get One Free deal on cosmetics. I’ve always enjoyed H&M cosmetics because they’ve got a vast array of products and everything is so inexpensive! I’ve purchased so many of their face masks, scented wet-wipes, eyeshadow palettes, colored eyeliners, black liquid liner (which is amazing!), nail polishes, and so much more from them, in the past. In fact, I always used to purchase at least one pink-y lip gloss every single time I visited H&M. However, I stopped purchasing makeup-y bits from them because everything always looks so ratchet (severely picked over) now. Plus, I feel like they bumped up the prices. With that being said, I downloaded the AlShaya Privileges Club Application on my phone (which is supposed to tell me whenever any of the AlShaya Stores such as H&M, Victoria’s Secret, etc… are having some sort of “offer” which normally aren’t even that enticing). That’s how I found out about the Buy Two Get One Free deal on select cosmetics (not all). I wasn’t really in the mood to try anything on in the changing room so I only purchased another one of those stripe-y pajama pants, aside from all the makeup-y bits. Now on to the haulage…

LIMITED EDITION. A super-sheer tinted gel that creates a natural tanned glow. The moisturising formula glides on smoothly for a subtle bronzing effect with a silky finish. Formulated with soothing extract from liquorice root and nourishing shea butter. Suitable for all skin types. 30 ml. How to use: Gently massage onto the skin until absorbed.

I wasn’t planning on getting a Tinted Bronzing Gel but since I rarely wear foundation, I figured these would be a good alternative. I was only planning on getting the one, but these were marked down from KD 4/900 to KD 1/000 so I got both Sunrise Glow and Golden Honey (only two shades I could find). Plus, they sounded nice and summer-y!

LIMITED EDITION. A lightweight, sheer powder that instantly adds sophisticated shimmer and dimension to the skin. 7 g. How to use: Sweep across your face, décolleté and collarbones.

I don’t know about all that. I’m just a sucker for baked makeup, especially if it’s all domed and sparkly! Kinda’ looks like a MAC Mineralize Skinfinish, dontcha’ think? I got it in the shade Brilliant Copper and it was also marked down to KD 1/000.

A soft powder blusher that blends easily for a natural, healthy-looking glow. The sheer formula offers buildable coverage and comes in an array of elegant shades to match any skin tone. 5 g. How to use: Apply alone or after face primer and powder.

I don’t know what to make of the er, unique packaging…

I was instantly attracted to Golden Peach because it looked so shimmery and pretty when I swatched it, and strongly reminded me of Nars Orgams. I got Imperial Red because aside from being a gorgeous coral-y shade, it also had a matte texture which makes it perfect for that slightly flushed cheeks looks. I wasn’t interested in any of the other shades. These were KD 4/900 each.

The curved brush creates classic volume, definition and length, along with a lovely panoramic curl for the ultimate fluttery lashes. 12 ml.

I walked by this thing and did a double-take once I glimpsed the name, Best Curlfriend Mascara (LOL) and upon further inspection, discovered that this thing had a curved brush on it, which I just so happen to love! This particular mascara retails for KD 4/900 but since the two blushes I got were also part of “deal”, I got this mascara for free! Basically, anything with a red sticker on it was part of the Buy Two Get One Free deal. I love that H&M let you combine products from different collections for their offers (unlike Bath & Body Works).

A highly-pigmented eyeliner pencil with a soft and creamy formula for effortless one-stroke application. Comes in a range of intense shades in matte, metallic, pearly and glittering finishes. Easily blendable just after application. 1.2 g. How to use: Apply on the upper lash line, then blend as desired.

It took me forever and a half to find plain old black pencil liner or Panther as they call it. In fact, I didn’t even find it. This charming woman saw me struggling (I was cradling my stripe-y pajama pants in one hand) and came to my rescue. She was wearing an Abaya and barely there makeup and yet had a full-on American accent. We practically went through the entire pencil liner stand while we chatted away but just could not find a black pencil liner. The lighting wasn’t bright enough to see if the swatches on her hand (I know, I know. I’m shameless but again I was still cradling my stripe-y pajama pants, okay?) were black, dark brown or dark green. The names weren’t much help either. The name Celestial doesn’t really tell me much about the shade. Eventually, my rescuer found a full-on matte black called Panther (it was all the way in the back) and handed it to me while I thanked her profusely. This pencil cost KD 2/900

A maximum-shine lip gloss with a lush and luxurious texture. With its sheer coverage and standout shimmer, this is guaranteed to turn heads. 13 ml. How to use: Apply on clean lips either alone, after lip primer or on top of lipstick.

Initially, I was only going to purchase the shimmer-y pink (Dolled Up) but then I was smitten by the shimmery white (Snowflake) and eventually ended up getting the shimmery brown-y mauve (Touché) because I figured it would be a good topper over MAC Whirl. These kinda’ remind me of both MAC Dazzleglass and Milani 3D Glitzy Glamour Gloss. The Show Stopper Glosses retail for KD 3/600 per pop. They were also included in the Buy Two Get One Free offer so I only payed for two of them and got the third for free.

Nail Polish
Fashion-focused nail polish in a gorgeous array of inspiring colours and effects. Application is quick and easy – one coat of the high-gloss formula provides a rich, flawless finish. 8 ml. How to use: Apply on top of a base coat and finish with a top coat for extra protection and shine.

I picked up Yolo Holo because it truly was a gorgeous holographic color but then sales assistant at the cash register said that I qualified for another free item so I chose Cashmere. These nail polishes retail for KD 2/900 each and combined with the Panther Pencil Liner which was also KD 2/900 I ended up having to pay for only two out of the three items.

I spent a total of KD 30/600 on H&M makeup (which is roughly about 100 US Dollars) which is a bit much, but then when you factor in that several of these items were actually free, (as part of the Buy Two Get One Free offer), and that some had been marked down significantly, it’s not quite as bad. I was seriously tempted to purchase some of their newer face masks (the ones that come in a pod as opposed to the pack) and their hair care stuff but I’ve got way too many skincare and haircare products in circulation right now (still haven’t gotten around to posting those hauls yet) but maybe later down the line… much, much, much later.

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