Forever 21 Haulage

I don’t like Forever 21 because I always get suckered into buying things I’d never actually wear. I can’t help it though. Everything they’ve got in the entire store looks so stinkin’ cute! That’s saying something because I’m not even a clothes person (you know what I mean). I just wear whatever (namely jeans) and be done with it. Even back before Forever 21 opened up in Kuwait, I’d always purchase a bunch of stuff from the Forever 21 in Dubai (because Dubai is way cooler than Kuwait and they already had a Forever 21 over there years before we did) and end up with buyer’s remorse as soon as our plane touched down in Kuwait. With that being said, I prefer not dealing with the whole underground parking situation at the Avenues (zero sense of direction) so I’d park right outside Forever 21. As such, I usually pass through Forever 21 to get to the rest of the mall, which means all those cute clothes dead-eyeing me as I pretty much gallop out of the store in my haste to avoid the cuteness! More often then not, I’m able to resist their siren song. This haul however is the result of my giving in (which I do, from time to time). I’m only human after all…

Forever 21 Contemporary – A woven maxi dress featuring an allover striped print with adjustable cami straps, a square neckline, a strappy cutout back, and high side slits.

I honestly don’t know what possessed me to buy this dress. It was hanging on display somewhere and since I had a bunch of stuff I was going to try on in the changing room anyway, I snatched this up and added it to the pile without even stopping. It’s not like I didn’t know what it looked like because it actually took me about two years to get this on (kept flipping the dress over because I couldn’t figure out which way to wear it until it got turned inside out which confused me even more, the cami straps kept getting tangled, and I kept sticking arms through all the opening except the correct ones). Somehow, even after all that, I must’ve taken a look at my reflection in the mirror wearing the demonic dress and thought, “Yup, I’ll take it.” Never mind the fact that a square neckline flatters no one. Also, between the cutout back and the high side slits (even higher on me) this dress was showing way too much skin for me to be comfortable in, let alone wear out in public. There was a commotion going on outside my door (as per usual at Forever 21’s spacious changing room area) so I decided to step out and do a little twirl for them (they were freely giving their opinion to anyone and everyone, which apparently is expected, even though nobody actually knew anyone since we’d all literally just met) and got their stamp of approval (and promptly gave them my opinion on their choices, in return). I loved how flowy this dress was and I really liked the black/ivory stripes so I purchased it for KD 10/000.

Forever 21 Contemporary – A knit t-shirt dress featuring a mini length, shift silhouette, a round neckline, and short sleeves.

I really like the look of this T-Shirt Dress but I’m not daring enough to wear this out in public on its own as a “dress”. It’s mostly likely going to end up being something I wear when I’m chilling at home.

I don’t know what this whole “Contemporary” business is but this dress was also part of that range (just the like the Striped Maxi Dress from earlier). I loved the simplicity of this thing and I especially loved that it’s a Light Olive. This T-Shirt Dress was available in Light Olive, Light Blue, and Dusty Pink but obviously I went with the Light Olive (make my brown eyes look green-y) which retails for KD 7/000

A cuffed short-sleeved mini shirt dress crafted from a linen-blend woven with a buttoned front, a basic collar, chest patch pockets, on-seam pockets, a curved hem, and a self-tie waist.

I’ve always thought shirts dresses looked effortlessly cool! Sadly, a lot of them would look or fit awkwardly on me, for whatever reason. However, this particular shirt dress was actually quite flattering. Even though this dress is considered a mini dress on the 5’9 model, it’s slightly longer on my 5’1 frame. With that being said, I went two sizes up (regardless of all the excess fabric, the self-tie waist would help accentuate my waistline), so it would be even longer and looser on me, and therefore possibly more wearable out in public. At the very least, I could wear it when I’m visiting my girlfriends or when they come over. This is my sane side talking to you now but in-store as I was checking out my reflection in this dress, I was imagining how perfect this dress would be on a Safari Trip in Africa. Bear in mind that I’ve never been on a Safari Trip in Africa before, nor am I scheduled to go on one anytime soon, nor do I even have the desire to actually go on one (the thought of getting up close and personal with predatory animals doesn’t sound all that appealing).

This dress was available in both Olive and Navy. Normally, I’d go with the Olive but in this case, the Navy just spoke to me (also, significantly more flattering) and in my head, I was already pairing it with my White Wedges and Aviators. Best of all, this dress has even got room-y pockets (+10 swag points)! This Navy Shirt Dress was only KD 7/500.

A ribbed knit T-shirt dress featuring short sleeves, a round neckline, and a flowy hem.

I’ve learned over the years to stay away from ribbed anything and everything because it adds bulk to my already over-weight frame. Not only that but this particular dress is quite short on 5’8.5 model and just as short on myself so it’s not long enough to even be considered a dress or worn out in public (at least in Kuwait), but it’s also not short enough to be worn as a T-Shirt either. I did try it on in the changing room (might’ve even nodded at my reflection approvingly) and somehow still ended up purchasing it. I mean, I don’t know if I’ll ever get some wear out of this out in public. I guess this one could also be reserved for when I’m visiting my girlfriends and cousins or when they’re coming over.

This Ribbed Knit T-Shirt Dress was available in Black, Rust, and Olive. Thankfully, I picked it up in a more forgiving Black for KD 4/500.

I couldn’t resist picking up this Cap in a Black too! I’ve always thought Newsboy Caps or Captain Caps or Sailor Caps or Cabbie Hat (or whatever you wanna’ call this specific Cap) look ridiculously cool, especially the over-sized ones. Even though I don’t wear them as much, I’ll pick one up every few years or so. It might not appeal to everyone, but I absolutely love this thing! This particular one had a cute little braid and gold hardware but I’m actually growing fond of the black and gold combo (in certain items). This was only KD 6/000.

A cable-knit fisherman sweater featuring a high neckline, long dropped sleeves, and a boxy silhouette.

Boxy is right. These things make even the 5’8 model look big. I know I just stated that I tend to avoid anything ribbed because it makes me look even bigger, yet I go and get a cable-knit sweater which adds even more bulk to my frame (logic!) but something about this sweater seemed so appealing!

It might’ve been the fact that the display had a whole bunch of these fisherman sweaters in gorgeous pastels including Light Blue, Light Yellow, Peach, and Cream. The colors struck me as a bit odd since we were in December, with Christmas coming up pretty soon, but they all seemed quite cute (especially stacked next to each other), and enticing enough for me to break my own rule (to avoid bulky pieces) and pick one up for myself.

I definitely wasn’t going to get the Cream and it seemed like it would be a struggle for me to find stuff to pair with the Peach, so it was a toss-up between the Light Yellow and the Light Blue, but eventually I settled on the Light Blue. I figured I could pair it with my jeans, for starters. This thing is especially handy for layering. I myself am partial to that whole shirt-collar-peeking-out-of-the-sweater thing which I find both preppy and cute! I’ve already gotten a great deal of wear out of this thing, especially whenever I’m at any of the restaurants at Marina Waves (gets pretty chilly sea-side) or just out and about. Thankfully, since I’m shorter, it’s slightly longer on me (than it is on the model) and therefore more flattering. This Light Blue Fisherman Sweater retails for KD 8/500.

A slub knit tee featuring short sleeves and a crew neckline

One of the things I always stock up on are basic tees, from any and every brand. They’re super comfy! They pair well with everything else in my wardrobe. I can wear them underneath any jacket or sweater during Winter or just by themselves during Summer. This particular Slub Knit Tee was available in Denim, Olive, Sunset Gold, Oyster Grey, Charcoal, Navy, Dark Purple, Heather Grey, White, Peach Burgundy, Pink, Red, Aspen Gold, and Oatmeal but regardless of the names, they’re mostly lighter in color. In fact, even the Navy one I got is kinda’ see-through in direct sunlight.

With that being said, this Navy Slub Knit Crew Neck Tee was only KD 1/500.

A pair of knit skinny pants featuring a mid-rise waist, five-pocket construction, and a zip fly with a high-polish button closure.

I love these Navy Skinny Mid-Rise Pants so much! They fit my body like a glove! It’s like they were made for me! I always get compliments every time I wear them. Every. Single. Time.

I had to struggle at first to find the right fit (I just don’t understand all these different sizes) but eventually found one that fit like a dream! They were available in Mustard, Wine, Olive, Khaki, Navy, Teal, Burgundy, Taupe, Black, Sage, Pink, Dusty Blue, Sapphire, Watermelon, Ivory, Yellow, Grey, and Light Olive.

I’ve worn these ridiculously flattering Navy Skinny Mid-Rise Pants many times over since I first got them. I’ve paired them with everything from the Light Blue Fishermen Sweater to my H&M Black Faux Suede Biker Jacket. Just think, I’d only picked these up on a whim (Thank God!) and ended up falling in love with them almost instantly which is why I was so adamant about finding them in my proper size (as opposed to giving up on them). They looked like jeans but they were actually pants! Mindblown, riiight? Just me? Ok cool. Thankfully, I had the presence of mind to pick up another pair, then and there, albeit in a different color.

I loved the look of these Skinny Mid-Rise Pants so much that I grabbed them in Olive too! Honestly, the Olive had this gorgeous taupe-y thing going on and I just had to have it. Both pants had lovely high-polish hardware in copper. These Skinny Mid-Rise Pants in Navy and Olive retail for KD 8/500 each.

Forever 21 Contemporary – A pair of woven skinny jeans featuring a five-pocket construction, zip fly with button closure, and belt loops.

Again with the whole Contemporary business. I guess it’s kinda’ like H&M’s Divided range, kinda’, sorta’, maybe? Anyways, I picked these up because I wanted a true Olive and regardless of how gorgeous those Taupe-y Green Skinny Pants were, they kinda’ looked more Grey, than anything. As such, I grabbed the nearest Olive Green pants, which turned out to be these Olive Skinny Jeans, on my way to the dressing room.

For once, I kinda’ liked the fact that there was high-polish gold hardware on my jeans because juxtaposed (I’m not actually 100% sure I know what juxtaposed means, but it sounds appropriate, dontcha’ think?) against the Olive background, the whole thing seemed aesthetically appealing. Anyhow, I feel like these Olive Jeans could be paired with everything from darker colors to lighter colors, from Black to Light Grey, and Tan, possibly White, or even Olive-on-Olive for that monochromatic look. They did fit kinda’ weird but I was willing to give them a chance anyway, based on their gorgeous color.

They were also available in Black, but I went with the Olive Skinny Jeans, which retail for KD 7/000.

Contemporary Black/Ivory Striped Maxi Dress KD 10/000
Contemporary Olive T-Shirt Dress KD 7/000
Navy Shirt Dress KD 7/500
Black T-Shirt Dress KD 4/500
Black Newsboy Cap KD 6/000
Light Blue Fisherman Sweater KD 8/500
Navy Slub Knit Tee KD 1/500
Navy Skinny Mid-Rise Pants KD 8/500
Olive Skinny Mid-Rise Pants 8/500
Contemporary Olive Skinny Jeans KD 7/000

I got all 10 items for KD 69/000 which is okay since I love everything I’d purchased but in hindsight, I shouldn’t have picked up so many “dresses” because realistically speaking, aside from that gorgeous Navy Shirt Dress, I doubt I’m ever going to wear them outside of my home. The Striped Maxi Dress is pretty but sadly just too casual for any of the formal events, yet a bit much for any casual get-together. What can I say? I’m a jeans and t-shirt kinda’ girl (as evident by my clothing hauls), which just doesn’t fit in with the whole “more is more” Kuwaiti aesthetic.

It looks like I kinda’ had a theme going on here, Olive and Navy (Blues and Greens, respectively) but there was no method to this madness. I just grabbed stuff that appealed to me and when I had enough stuff, went to try them on in the changing room. I wasn’t really looking for anything in particular. It’s just that I hate trying on clothes in-store because I always look disheveled afterwards, so rather than popping in and out of the dressing room, I’ll make a quick lap around the store, grab what interests me, and try everything on all at once, and be done with it.

If anything, I really suggest you give those Navy Skinny Mid-Rise Pants a try because they’re ridiculously flattering! Hope you enjoyed this post!

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