H&M Eyebrow Fix

You were always there for me when I needed you. Your steadfast support helped me during the most heated of times. Your cooling touch soothed my soul like no other. Even towards the end, you were never too stern or stiff with me, even though I was the very reason you became clouded with darkness. I never meant to hurt you… they were all only a momentary distraction in comparison to you. You were the one. It was always going to be you. My one regret, we hadn’t met sooner in life (like say highschool).  Goodbye, old friend. Goodbye, true friend. You are gone but as long as I live, never forgotten. Please, let us all have a moment of silence for H&M Eyebrow Fix. We lost a good one, folks. Rip H&M Eyebrow Fix.

… and that dear readers and friends, is what happens when you stay up for too long. Anyhow, I purchased this H&M Eybrow Fix ages ago, as evident by its sorry state. I believe it was about KD/500 only which in layman’s terms is “dirt cheap”. I wanna’ say this is my third tube of the stuff but I could be wrong and it might very possibly be only my second.

One of the reasons why I enjoyed using this particular brow gel was because of the brush or spoolie which made it quite easy to manipulate my brows into the shape I wanted. This might not be an issue for most but my brows always seem to wanna’ do their own thing. I usually alternate between begging and pleading with them to cooperate or threatening them in anger. I was finally able to skip that step thanks to the spoolie on this thing which would gently coax them into place.

Unlike other “dirt cheap” brow gels, the spoolie on this thing didn’t scratch me up or scrape my skin off or hurt me in any way. I mean it held up pretty well for something that looks so flimsy.

Another reason why I enjoyed this stuff so much is that aside from looking natural on my brows, it also felt natural. I mean I could feel it on my brows whenever I touched them – not gonna’ sit here and pretend “oooh it’s like they don’t have anything on them” – but they weren’t overly stiff or crisp-y. They do feel wet when I first apply this stuff but once it’s dry (which takes forever) it ‘aint coming off until I wash it off. I feel like I could have phrased that better but whatever, I’m tired and in desperate need of rest so leave me alone.

I used to like the fact that the tube was transparent (you can totally still see the spoolie) up until I gunked it up. Normally, I’ll just use this on its own for a “no-makeup” look or pre-makeup application, which is how I kept it in pristine condition. During my “experimenting” with a different brow product, I kinda’ overdid but didn’t feel like washing everything off and starting all over again. I figured a swipe of this stuff would tone it down, which it did, but it also transformed what was left of the gel in the tube, as well as the spoolie and Bob’s your uncle.

I purchased an Anastasia Brow Kit (complete with brow stencils back when those were a thing, brow scissors, brow brush, brow pencil, brow gel, etc…) as soon as I’d gotten an Aramex account (exactly 10 years ago). I’ve been using Anastasia products on an off for years now. They’re good products. You hear me? I’m not saying they are bad in any way. However, they are only good, not life-changing so I don’t understand the ongoing obsession… which kinda’ makes me feel left out. For me, this itty-bitty cheap-y brow gel from H&M was stellar! Not just for the price, either. It was great as a brow product, in general. Right off the bat, it didn’t have any funky medicinal smells as opposed to a handful of others I’ve tried in the past from higher-end brands that did. Anyhow, that’s over and done with. H&M Eyebrow Fix was discontinued (and apparently has been for awhile now but I don’t go there as often so I wouldn’t have known).

Rip H&M Eyebrow Fix

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