H&M Clothing Haul

I was at the Avenues a couple months ago (towards the end of November) when I popped by H&M. I was actually looking for my favorite eyebrow gel (dries clear, holds brows in place, not too stiff) but apparently it’s already been discontinued, sadly. A bunch of other stuff caught my eye like a really cool all-black faux-suede biker jacket, gorgeous burgundy treggings and green treggings as well as some cutesy pajama bottoms but I wasn’t really in the mood to try anything on…

However, all that changed once I laid eyes on these babies! I was instantly smitten with that high collar! It looks like something you’d see being worn in an Anime! You know, the ones where the character’s mouth and nose are partially hidden by the high collar. It was available in a bunch of colors including Black, Blue, Grey, Green, and Maroon. Honestly, I wanted them all! I figured I could get just the one, for now, and wear it out and about. If it wore well enough (proper fit, comfy, easy to clean, etc…) I could always go back for one or two more (…or so I thought). I went with the green one because it appealed to me the most out of all of them. I know I’ve already purchased a masculine coat (New Look Navy Military Coat) just recently but this double-breasted jacket is much shorter and therefore way more wearable.

It’s actually a fitted jacket, regardless of how unisex or masculine it might look. I absolutely love the tab on the back and tab on the sleeves! Apparently, I have a “thing” for sleeve straps (I hope that’s what they’re actually called and I’m not just making stuff up… again). They just look so cool! Also, how awesome does that collar look, both buttoned and unbuttoned? As for the buttons themselves, I believe they actually elevate the whole look on this thing from the way they’re aligned and by not being too showy and shiny, or worse gold (ugh!). Best of all, this thing has got spacious, room-y side pockets!

You can wear it all buttoned up for that dramatic Anime look and even drape a scarf around the high collar.

You can wear it unbuttoned and strut around with your hands in your pockets for that effortlessly chic look that says “Yeah, my jacket’s unbuttoned. And wut? I don’t waste my time on buttons.”

You could also leave the jacket all the way open with the high collar folded down. It’s quite flattering that way, and it showcases whatever else you’re wearing underneath. I mean this double-breasted jacket is ridiculously cool whichever way you choose to wear it.

See? Even Allesandra Ambrosi thinks so too! Just kidding. I wouldn’t know what she thinks. I was searching for pictures of the H&M double-breasted jacket online so I could include them in this post, when a picture of her wearing said jacket popped up in the results. Anyways, speaking from personal experience, this jacket is seriously cozy! A couple months back, I got pretty sick (probably from walking around in unbuttoned jackets lawl) and I couldn’t sleep at night which meant I was going to pass out during the day (read: sleep like the dead) and consequentially overslept, only waking up until after the sun had set. That would’t be an issue if it didn’t happen to fall on election day in Kuwait. I had to go vote. So, I just tossed my hair into a messy bun, threw on this green double-breasted jacket from H&M over whatever else I was wearing and went out to vote. It kept me warm and toasty throughout the whole thing! I went back to H&M to pick up the same jacket in maroon, black, and possibly dark blue but they were long gone by then, sadly. With that being said, I’m completely in love with this jacket!!!! This Green Double-Breasted Jacket retails for KD16/900.

I figured since I was going to be trying stuff on in the changing room anyway, might as well grab everything else I’d been eyeing and try them on all at once, so I went back to get the Biker Jacket I’d seen when I’d first set foot in store. I’ve always loved Biker Jackets or Motorcycle/Moto Jackets and when I say always, I mean always. In fact, I’ve still got a creamy beige one from Next that I’ve had since I was 16 years old. I believe that Biker Jackets or Moto Jackets just look so sexy on both men and women! Sadly, I’ve always had issues with the way Moto Jackets fit me. They just fit so weird. Like, the sleeves will either be way too long or way too short, or the whole thing will be tight in certain areas and loose in others. Going a size up or a size down only exacerbates the problem. As such, I’ve learned to admire my beloved Moto Jackets from afar, up until Jeffrey Dean Morgan reignited my love for Moto Jackets and Biker Jackets on The Walking Dead. As you can clearly tell, I’ve become obsessed ever since. Luckily, H&M is dirt cheap meaning purchasing an ill-fitting Moto Jacket from H&M won’t be as bad as say purchasing an ill-fitting Moto Jacket from Balmain. Also naughty H&M, just like Zara, Topshop, Forever21 and all the other high-street brands, tend to replicate stuff from designer brands all the time, which happens to include Balmain Moto Jackets.

I believe this Biker Jacket was only available in black but notice how the black overpowers all the little nuances and details of the jacket. That’s why I’m slowly learning to opt out of black (and also because 99% of my wardrobe consists of all-black pieces….) For starters, the whole thing is super soft because it’s faux suede. This really isn’t the most flattering angle for the collar (if I’m being honest, all the pictures of this particular jacket do not do it any justice at all) because in real life the collar looks so cool all buttoned up, as does the horizontal zipper. In fact, I prefer to wear this jacket zipped up all the way, with the collar all buttoned up. It makes me feel like I’m channeling Bruce Lee, for some reason. I like the quilted detail on the shoulders and the quilted stand-up collar but sometimes the shoulders annoy me because they add a bit of bulk to my short frame, making me feel like I’m wearing shoulder pads. See? Now, I know that I don’t like structured shoulders, and to avoid them in the future. I’m just glad I didn’t have to shell out a couple thousand on a Balmain Moto Jacket before reaching that conclusion. Don’t get me wrong. I’m really pleased with this jacket but it’s not exactly the most flattering thing in the world and I always have to make sure to have my hair off the quilted shoulders, otherwise I can easily be mistaken for a linebacker.

Sometimes, I’ll throw it over my shoulders, leaving my long hair tucked in. Other times, I’ll tie my hair up in a bun (my hair is long enough now to where I can just wrap it around itself without bothering with  a hair tie or scrunchie). More recently, since it’s started raining on and off, I’ve been adding lots of mousse (Garnier Fructis Mousse) to my hair and leaving the house with my hair still damp (since it’s going to rain anyway). It’s not a deal-breaker but the structured shoulders give it that 80’s vibe. I adore the zippers and quilted detail on the sleeves though. If I ever feel like it, I can go ahead and unzip the sleeves all way for instant bell-sleeves! The pockets are tiny and my hands barely fit all the way in but even if they did, I’d look ridiculous because the pockets are at the front (not sides) and way too high. It might just be due to the fact that I got this in a size down. In any case, I’m glad that all the hardware (zippers and buttons and whatnot) are a more palatable silver.

From the moment I’ve purchased this, I’ve been wearing it non-stop (all through-out Winter), up until last week! It just pairs so well with everything, including my favorite accessories (“jewelry”, shoes, bags, etc..)! Everyone keeps asking me where I got it from! The only person that seems to have an issue with this jacket is my dad (he hates it lawl). I just love it because I feel like I’m channeling Bruce Lee, especially when it’s all zipped and buttoned up, it kinda’ reminds me of a Kung Fu robe. I’m so glad I got this and can’t wait to get even more wear out of it, next Winter. In case you were wondering, this particular jacket is still available for purchase at H&M (Avenues branch). Just be sure to try it on before purchasing it. I purchased this Black Faux Suede Biker Jacket for KD19/900.

Grrr… it took me forever to find pictures of this dress online! I guess since H&M are regularly churning out new clothes, if you blink, you miss the whole thing. I’m never ever waiting this long to do clothing hauls again. In fact, for the next few days, that’s all I’m going to focus on, just in case H&M update their websites and I’m not able to find the actual names, prices, and pictures of the clothes. I actually found the details for this dress on H&M‘s France website.

Anyways, I picked up this Heather Jersey Dress on a whim. It was available in Dark Grey, Dark Green, and Dark Beige. Even though it’s definitely not my typical choice of color, I went with the Dark Beige. One of the reasons why it took me so long to find this online was because I was searching for long sleeve midi dress in Camel, Tan, and Light Brown. It never even occurred to me to search for Dark Beige (lawl). I feel like this is one of the more “trendy” colors that I could possibly get away with wearing year round. I also like the fact that the neck-line is simple. It’s not a turtleneck or mock turtleneck or whatever else that can limit this dress to a certain season. I also appreciate the fact that the neck-line isn’t down to my naval (as opposed to the rest of the H&M dresses and shirts). While trying the clothes on in the changing room at H&M, I actually paired this Dark Beige Heather Jersey Dress with the Black Faux Suede Biker Jacket and really liked the look of both of them paired together!

I ended up getting this dress because I’d like to incorporate more dresses into my daily wear. With that being said, I prefer to dress somewhat modestly and most of the dresses and skirts I come across are either too short, too tight, too showy, or straight up transparent. I’ve got several mini-dresses and mini-skirts and several maxi-dresses and maxi-skirts so I like the fact that this is a midi-dress (mid-calf length). I know, I know it looks way shorter on the model but she’s a model and they’re supposed to be giants. I’m 5’1 (which is excessively short) and therefore the dress is slightly (read: much) longer on me than it is on her. I also really like the fact that it’s got long sleeves because I feel like that makes it perfect for layering! The Heather Jersey Dress was part of the H&M Basics range (not even joking) and retails for KD8/500.

They were folding these Super-stretch Treggings on one of the tables when I first spotted them, but I didn’t feel like unfolding one just to see what it would look like (also I might’ve been scared that the sales assistant would murder me if I tampered with the display after he’d just gotten done setting it all up) but once I resigned myself to trying on some clothes, I went back to the display and picked up a handful of treggings in different colors. I didn’t even know what treggings were, up until now when I blogged about them (read: had to google treggings lawl). Never in a million years would I have guessed what they were. Apparently treggings are leggings that are designed to look like trousers.

These treggings or whatever are ridiculously flattering! I’m pretty sure it’s witchcraft. No, hear me out. These treggings don’t have any zippers or buttons or any of that. They’ve only got “concealed elastication” at the waist. I don’t know about you but elastic waistbands, concealed or otherwise, usually translate to muffin top, and if you go a size up, it just bunches everywhere else which is equally unflattering. Not these treggings though. You just slip them on and they fit perfectly! Plus, they look great from every angle! Like I said, witchcraft!

I couldn’t try them on fast enough. Burgundy? Yas! Forest Green? Yas! White? Oh, no, no, no (made me look like I was wearing a diaper). Dark Blue? Yas! Black? Heck yeah! They had treggings in a whole bunch of other colors, and even different washes of denim, but I only had my eye on these. I thought I’d purchased all of the ones I’d tried on aside from the White but once I went home, I couldn’t find the Black or Dark Blue. They weren’t even on my receipt :/ Of course I went back to H&M (later time, different location) and immediately hunted down the Black and Dark Blue Treggings.

These fit like a dream! No joke, these treggings easily make me look like I’ve dropped 5kg from my overall weight! They wear like a dream! They don’t do all that weird stuff, like slowly riding down when you sit. They wash like a dream! The inner elastic doesn’t start flipping over inside (to where you can’t reach it to flip it back, afterwards) when you wash them, as opposed to other joggers and pants that utilize elastic bands. I love both the Burgundy and Green equally but when I’m rocking the Dark Blue, everyone always asks me if I’ve lost weight, to which I usually reply “Sure”. These treggings have rekindled my love for H&M. I mean I used to buy blazers from them way back in the day for work, and I’ll still get “basics” from them like simple t-shirts and their cosmetics are always enticing but that’s pretty much it, until now. To think, I would have passed on these life-changing Super-Stretch Treggings if not for those gorgeous high-collar double-breasted jackets. These treggings were only KD5/900 each.

I also picked up the softest pajama pants ever! Okay, maybe I’m exaggerating but they are pretty soft. Sadly, I can’t find a picture of them online because the ones I got are actually Navy Fleece Pajama Pants with the exact same Stars and Moon design as shown above on the Pink Fleece Pajama Pants.

Everything else is pretty much the same. As soon as I tried them on in the changing room, I couldn’t bear to take them off again. They were so nice and soft and warm and fluffy and cute!

The Navy Fleece Pajama Pants (same design as shown above) kept me warm all throughout Winter… well I did wear other pj’s to bed but these were my new faves! These retailed for KD6/900.

I’d been wanting some Red Pajamas in the Fair Isle design because Christmas was coming up and they seemed so cute and appropriately festive but I couldn’t find any, sadly. I figure if I couldn’t find them at H&M then I wasn’t going to find them anywhere. I did however find these Gray Pajama Pants with a Snowflake design so that’s something.

I thought they were really cute and would pair nicely with any neutral tops. Plus, they’d also keep me nice and warm during Winter. Normally, I’m not a fan of elasticated hems but I didn’t even mind that when it came to these ultra-cozy and super-soft fleece pajama pants!

These Gray Fleece Pajama Pants retailed for KD6/900.

Lastly, I couldn’t resist getting these Striped Pajama Pants. I know stripes have been trending for awhile now but this specific print of different sized stripes in red, white and dark blue seemed particularly appealing to me. I feel like if I dressed this up (threw on some heels, blazer, etc…) it’s something I could possibly wear out and about… or maybe not. With that being said, they were a bit too room-y so I had to go a size down.

I tend to enjoy the lighter texture of pajama pants like these during the summer because they keep me cool, literally! According to H&M‘s website, it’s woven viscose made of 100% rayon. So if you speak “textiles” (which I obviously don’t) there you go.

I’ve worn them a handful of times now but once it occurred to me that they’d eventually show signs of wear and tear and their color would fade over time, I stopped wearing them as much. I’m so in love with them and don’t ever want to say goodbye! These Striped Pajama Pants retailed for KD6/900 as well.

Basically, I blew KD77/800 on 8 items, which I was fine with because I’m still just as obsessed with everything I got, as the day I got them. Here’s the kicker, H&M not only marked down those jackets but also had a Buy Two Get One Free deal (store-wide) shortly after (lawl).

Hope you enjoyed this haul!

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    Watch someone come up to you and be like “Cosplay?” and you be all “Nuh, this is just what I normally wear.”

    Thanks! If you meant the stripe-y ones, I’m so obsessed with them that I actually got a backup pair (issues…) at a different branch, shortly after ;P


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