Bath and Body Works Post-Sale Haul

They were stocking the shelves at Bath & Body Works (Marina Mall) with two new(er) collections so I decided to pop in for a quick look and ended up with two bags worth… as per usual. I was actually on the lookout for the Tutti Dolce Collection but apparently that’s too much to ask for. The two new(er) collections that we did have were released world-wide sometime in 2016, while we were only just getting them (in Kuwait) in the middle of February 2017. As always, they had a “Buy Two Get One Free” deal. Sadly, they don’t let you combine products from other collections, which I think is silly because not everyone is crazy as I am and willing to experiment with full-sized, all-new products, at a time. Even I would like to combine my tried and true favorites with some of the newer stuff and qualify for that deal, rather than having to purchase three newer products and three older products from their signature collection. Granted, I’m actually purchasing four products and getting the two for free but still, that’s a total of six too many, as opposed to a more reasonable total of three products. I could just purchase one product be done with it but truth be told, Bath & Body Works products are over-priced (which is painfully obvious during their Big Sale) so even though I’m technically spending more money, if I get a deal on them, it tricks my brain into thinking I’m saving more money in the long run… Does that make sense?

A dreamy blend of pink jasmine, creamy sandalwood & white amber
Top Notes – Sparkling Tangerine, Fresh Linen
Mid Notes – Soft Muguet, Pink Jasmine Petals
Dry Notes – Creamy Sandalwood, White Amber, Cashmere Musk

Initially, the huge Pink Cashmere display by the entrance was what caught my eye. I was on my way to sniff the new scent anyway, when the aggressive Egyptian sales assistant pounced on me and vehemently insisted I sniff Pink Cashmere as he spritzed some of it on the white strip (fragrances-testing paper) and shoved it in my face. He kept yelling “French Perfume” at me, in Arabic. Seeing as how I’m more partial to fruity fragrances and gourmands, I didn’t like the scent of Pink Cashmere, at all. Even though it was faint scent, it was still very much a perfume-y scent. With that being said, the Pink Cashmere range had a variety of fun products in ultra-feminine packaging, all pink and cute with lace and flower petals strewn about. I did what any insane sane person would do… I pretended that I was leaving the store, so the pushy sales assistant would back off and let me browse in peace. Like I said, I didn’t like the scent of Pink Cashmere at all, but I absolutely live for body scrubs and Bath & Body Works make some pretty decent ones, so I picked up Pink Cashmere Foaming Sugar Scrub. The adorable, princess-y packaging didn’t hurt either. At one point, I even picked up the Pink Cashmere Diamond Shimmer Mist but then I remembered that this is Kuwait… not Ibiza, and quickly put it back. Aside from the fact that shimmery limbs might not be as appreciated in good ol’ Kuwait, glitter is pretty much the herpes of the makeup world and seeing as how I already effectively sandpaper my body in the shower, my skin really can’t handle any more aggressiveness, which is precisely what would happen in my attempt to thoroughly remove every speck of “shimmer” due to my OCD.

A heartwarming blend of cranberry nectar, pear leaves & rose petals
Top Notes – Cranberry, Pear Leaves, Sugared Plum
Mid Notes – Velvet Rose Petals, Jasmine Nectar, Ginger Lily
Dry Notes – Spiced Woods, Tonka Bean, Autumn Musk

The other new(er) collection was Sweet Cranberry Rose. Once again, I didn’t love the scent. However, there was something I found so appealing about the botanical theme, especially on the packaging of the Sweet Cranberry Rose Ultra Shea Body Cream. It kinda’ reminded me of my old-school Anime and Manga. It even sounds cute! Sweet. Cranberry. Rose. With that being said, I actually had a more practical reason for purchasing this. Generally, I tend to alternate between a regular bar of soap from Palmolive and Bath & Body Works Deep Cleansing Hand Soap. I ran out of solid soap and started using Bath & Body Works liquid soap exclusively. Between the crazy winter weather and my OCD hand-washing (in hot water temp. might I add) using the Bath & Body Works Deep Cleansing Hand Soaps, my hands got destroyed. I’ve already experienced something similar in the past thanks to Bath & Body Work’s Deep Cleansing Hand Soaps (those things are straight up murder on the hands), but it usually went away on its own and was never ever this bad.

The back of my hands were a straight up mess, all the way up to my wrists. I had angry, red, tiny, squiggly lines all over them. At first, I was like “What the heck? Are those… tiny stretch marks… on the back of my hands?”, I was so worried that that was a “thing”. Aside from the redness, I also had all kinds of weird stuff going on including really strange texture. I wouldn’t even know how to begin to describe it. Let’s just say they both looked pretty gnarly. Naturally, I did what I do best and ignored the problem, hoping it would go away on its own. I even kept doing what I was doing (washing up with the deep cleansing hand soap using scalding hot water) because it wasn’t even painful, at first, regardless of how messed up the back of my hands looked. One day, while applying lotion to my arms and by extension my hands, both hands started to sting (due to the fragrance or alcohol in the lotion, I’m assuming). That’s when I relented and finally acknowledged that I had a problem on my hands, literally (law) and that’s why I purchased this Sweet Cranberry Rose Ultra Shea Body Cream.

Speaking from personal experience (I’ve purchased this stuff in Twilight Woods, Warm Vanilla Sugar, and Secret Wonderland in the past) these Ultra Shea Body Creams and Hand Creams from B&BW truly are healing. However, there is one caveat. I’ve searched high-and-low on my blog, because I thought I’d already blogged about this before, but I guess I never got around to it. Basically, products that come in this particular packaging tend to smell like play-dough. It doesn’t matter what scent you purchased it in. It doesn’t matter how new the product is. They always smell like play-dough and it just gets worse over time. I’ve touched on this problem before when I noticed that the larger Cream Silk Conditioners (about the same size as this Ultra Shea Body Cream) had a funky smell to them as well. Even products from The Body Shop that came in the same packaging also have that stinky play-dough scent to them too. I don’t know what it is about this particular packaging but it stinks (literally) which is why I tend to avoid any products that come in this packaging which unfortunately includes Bath & Body Works Ultra Shea Body Cream.

I started slathering Sweet Cranberry Rose Ultra Shea Body Cream on my hands regularly (like every hour, on the hour). I also switched from scalding hot water to lukewarm water but most importantly, I went out and picked up a pack of solid soap bars and lay off the B&BW Deep Cleansing Soap. I’m happy to say that my hands are all healed up now… and I’m back to alternating between bars of soap and B&BW Deep Cleansing Soap (What can I say? I’m a glutton for punishment.) Sadly, Sweet Cranberry Rose Ultra Shea Body Cream also smells like play-dough, even though it was “new” (they were literally stacking them on the display, adjacent to the Pink Cashmere display).

Since the other two products I picked up were from the new(er) collections, I got to pick out a third item; either from Pink Cashmere range or the Sweet Cranberry Rose range, for free. I revisited the Pink Cashmere Diamond Shimmer Mist but it was pretty price-y (I wanna’ say about KD7/000) for something I’d probably end up using only once. The pushy sales assistant popped up again at this point and kept pushing me to purchase things I wasn’t interested in. At first I humored him by replying “no, thank you” over and over again but he refused to take a hint so I moved away from the display all together. Once he was gone, I went back and hurriedly tossed a Sweet Cranberry Rose Shower Gel in with the rest of my stuff. I wasn’t in love with either of the new(er) scents but of the two, Sweet Cranberry Rose seemed more palatable (had a hint of fruity sweetness to it). In this instance, I’d have gladly chosen a Dark Kiss Shower Gel over this but like I stated earlier, you don’t qualify for the deal if you combine newer collections with older collections (so stupid).

Pink Cashmere Foaming Sugar Scrub – KD6/750
Sweet Cranberry Rose Ultra Shea Body Cream – KD4/500
Sweet Cranberry Rose Shower Gel – KD5/000

Since there was a Buy Two Get One Free deal on the new(er) collections, I got the lowest priced item (Sweet Cranberry Rose Ultra Shea Body Cream) for free.

Mahogany Teakwood High Intensity
A confident new take on our classic fragrance- Mahagony Teakwood- intensifies beautiful notes of Rich Mahogany, Black Teakwood, Dark Oak, Frosted Lavender

Bergamot Waters
Sparkling Bergamot, Pristine Blue Waters, Sugared Citrus, Creamy Sandalwood

It’s no secret that I’m a fiend for scented candles so of course I had to stock up on my beloved Mahogany Teakwood. Honestly, I just picked it up because I loved the all-black packaging and thought it would look so cool in my yet-to-be-furnished apartment. I don’t know about this whole “High Intensity” business though. I mean we get it. Mahogany Teakwood is most definitely a full-on masculine scent. No need to butch it up further. I also picked up a 3-wick candle in the scent Bergamot Waters. Truthfully, I enjoyed the scent of Bergamot Waters way more than Mahogany Teakwood and couldn’t decide between picking up three Bergamot Waters Candles or three Mahogany Teakwood Candles. I’m not even sure when this happened but apparently I love Bergamot notes in both perfumes and candles. I mean I’ve developed a penchant for masculine scented fragrances and candles but this Bergamot Waters Candle is something else! It’s a zesty, uplifting aquatic but it’s also pretty masculine. Eventually, aesthetic won over and I picked up two Mahogany Teakwood Candles (because who knows when B&BW will ever release them in all-black again?) for my apartment, and a single Bergamot Waters to experiment with (to see if I’m just as smitten with the scent after I’ve burned it a handful of times). The White Barn Candles tend to look more aesthetically appealing than the regular Bath & Body Works Candles, in general.

Oops, I forgot to take a picture of the bottom of Bergamot Waters. They had a Buy Two Get One Free deal on the 3-Wick Candles as well. I guess it doesn’t matter which is which since they’re all priced the same.

Mahogany Teakwood High Intensity 3-Wick Candle – KD7/000
Bergamot Waters 3-Wick Candle – KD7/000

A seductive blend of black raspberry, burgundy rose & dark vanilla bean
Top Notes – Black Raspberry, Burgundy Rose
Mid Notes – Bergamot Incense, Plum Musk Amber, Geranium, Peony
Dry Notes – Dark Vanilla Bean, Labdanum, Vetiver, Sensual Balsam

I stocked up on my favorite Wallflower Fragrance Refill, Dark Kiss. If you’re in Kuwait, do me a favor. Check out the Bath & Body Works website and notice how many different wallflower fragrance refills they’ve got, not including the 2-pack Refills. Then go to the physical Bath & Body Works store and count how many they’re actually selling in Kuwait. It’s ridiculous! Why would they sell and continue to sell every newly released Wallflower Fragrance Plug without the accompanying Wallflower Fragrance Refills? I’m not saying they should bring all of them to Kuwait but some variety would be nice.

Anyhow, there was a Buy Two Get One Free deal on the Wallflower Fragrance Refills. I payed for these Wallflower Fragrance Refills in a separate transaction (same day, same everything) just so I could benefit from the deal.

Dark Kiss Wallflower Fragrance Refill – KD2/000

Vanilla Bean Room Perfume
Madagascar Vanilla Bean, Homemade Marshmallow, Fresh Steamed Milk

I’ve never actually purchased a Room Perfume from B&BW before until I came across these. They were right next to the Wallflower Fragrance section and after being disappointed by that selection, these came into my direct line of vision so I pounced on them. They had other scents but Vanilla Bean was perfection so I grabbed three.

There was also a Buy Two Get One Free deal on these. I payed for the Room Perfumes in a separate transaction as well.

Vanilla Bean Room Perfume – KD2/500

Lastly, I picked up two Dark Kiss Gift Sets. It came with Dark Kiss Shower Gel, Dark Kiss Fragrance Mist, Dark Kiss Body Lotion all in travel-size.

They were actually having a Buy One Get One Free (BOGO) deal on all Gift Sets. I figure I can’t go wrong with only KD7/000 for all of the above, especially since according to the rumor mill, Bath & Body Works are phasing out Dark Kiss… again. So stock up while you can. I like how out of all the scents at Bath & Body Works they choose to discontinue one of my favorites -_- Why Dark Kiss? I mean it’s one of the only scents I literally buy in almost every form including shower gel, body lotion, wallflower fragrance refill, and most of all deep cleansing hand soap.

Dark Kiss Gift Set – KD7/000

I’m not sure why it reads KD7/500 per candle on the receipt when it clearly states KD7/000 on the sticker at the bottom of each candle. I mean sure, at the end of the day 500 fils is nothing to me but if they randomly tack on extra charge on every other product I purchase (and I purchase a lot, like, regularly) it kinda’ adds up, y’know? With that being said, things like this are precisely why I payed for my purchase in 3 separate transactions. Allow me to explain. Let’s say I payed for my entire purchase in one transaction, I’d probably get all three KD2/000 Wallflower Fragrance Refills for free (lowest priced items from permanent line), whereas I’d have ended up paying full price for everything else, minus Pink Cashmere and Sweet Cranberry Rose (because they were from the newer collections). I only came to this conclusion during this specific trip to B&BW and judging by the sheepish look on the woman at the cash register, I was correct. Also, she confirmed it (lawl).

She also tossed in a pink bag, which was part of their Valentine’s Day promo (you got a free bag if you purchased KD30 or more worth of products). It kinda’ reminds me of MAC‘s Holiday Collection (Nutcracker?) which is why I think it’s kinda’ cute. All in all, I’m starting to get really annoyed with Bath and Body Works.

Get your ish together B&BW otherwise I’m totally switching over to Jo Malone (I’m pretty sure they sell hand soaps and body wash in addition to their candles and fragrances).

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