Colourpop Haulage

My first order ever from Colourpop was in November 2016. I accidentally titled that haul Black Friday when it should’ve been titled Cyber Monday. I felt like I was getting a good deal that I just couldn’t pass up which is why I placed my first order with Colourpop during Cyber Monday. I put in a second order with Colourpop before the first one had even arrived, in December 2016. Once again, they were having some kind of deal going on. If you purchased $100 worth of products, you got $25 off your next purchase (coupon code to be received via e-mail a week or so after your order ships). My third order (this one) was placed in January 2017 using the coupon code I’d received from my previous order. At this point, I’d played around with some of the Colourpop stuff I’d already purchased so I had a better feel for what would work for me.

It took Aramex forever to finally get my package to me, as per usual :/

I always get a kick out of their Thank You notes! I like how I say always (like I’ve been buying stuff from them for years) when this is only my third order from Colourpop.

Once again, I got a mix-and-match of lip stuff, eye stuff, and face stuff.

Another reason why I placed this order so soon after the others was because I had my eye on a bunch of Shadows and Lip Kits that were Limited Edition, as you can tell by their packaging.

Starting with the Super Shock Shadows I picked up Ignition, Koosh, Sleigh, Moonshine, Wattles, Party Time, and Get Lucky. So the top row are all Limited Edition whereas the bottom row are permanent.

Ignition – A Glitter Lavender (Amanda Steele Collection)

I’m not sure who Amanda Steele is but Colourpop are always collaborating with well-known YouTube Beauty Gurus, so it’s safe to say she might be one of them. In any case, Amanda looks cute as a button in the promo images up on the Colourpop website and her entire collection looks nice, but I have a soft spot for lavenders in particular. Even if I’ve got a million lavender shadows, I’m not going to say no to having a million and one, especially if it comes in Colourpop‘s unique texture, and it’s a glittery one, at that. I figure I could pop Ignition on the lid as a topper over other eyeshadows for that extra oomph. I just wish Colourpop came out with cuter descriptions for their Limited Edition products rather than being so literal.

Koosh – Ultra metallic finish icy silver taupe …*ba dum bum koosh*

Sleigh – Cut that crease and slay in this metallic finish icy sage sprinkled with silver glitter

I figure since I was thinking about these two from day 1 and I’m still thinking about them, might as well bite the bullet and just get them. Aside from having a name that’s fun to say, Koosh is a taupe and I happen to live for a good taupe. Not sure how wearable this is going to be what with it being all icy and metallic but we’ll see how it goes. Sleigh was the one I was seriously regretting missing out on during my previous orders. I was so stoked that it was still available for purchase when I placed this order. I’m not even bothered by the fact that it arrived partially cracked (I’ve come to expect my Colourpop products to arrive a little banged up… abroad lawl). It’s kinda’ like E.L.F. products, you never know in what shape your purchase will arrive in. Such a stinkin’ cute name, though! I feel like Sleigh can go either one of two ways: be really really flattering on my brown eyes or be really really unflattering, no in-between. Obviously, these two Super Shock Shadows were part of the Limited Edition Holiday Collection, as evident by their er, different packaging. I don’t know if I’d say Blue Roses are exactly Christmas-y but I love the print, regardless. I’d have thought the taupe-y shadow would be called Sleigh whereas the green, er, sage, respectively would be called Koosh, if anything. Whatevs, I’m just glad I didn’t miss out on these two!

Top Row – Moonshine, Party Time
Bottom Row – Get Lucky, Wattles

Moonshine – A rich metallic chocolate brown with gold glitter that won’ knock you on your ass

I don’t know about all that. I just picked up Moonshine because I was curious if the gold glitters would show up on my eyes amidst the metallic chocolate brown base. I imagine the sparkles would look very pretty, if it did. Also, the name Moonshine makes me think of a mason jar filled with turpentine, which amuses me (read: I’m easily amused). This really isn’t my usual eyeshadow color but I was drawn to Moonshine for some reason. I took a photo of it at an angle so you guys would hopefully be able to see the gold glitters more easily.

Party Time – Get the party started in this dusty mauve grey

Now this is more my color! I love cool-toned beauties like lavenders, taupes, and greys, and just can’t get enough! Obviously, I needed Party Time, regardless of the fact that its name makes me cringe.

Get Lucky – This shade is so on-point, you are sure to get lucky when you wear this muted metallic gold

Honestly, I’ve had a thing for light yellow-gold eyeshadows for awhile now. I skipped this in my first and second order but didn’t want to pass on it for a third time. The name makes me want to hum that one Daft Punk song.

Wattles – Waddle on over and check out this dusty satin beige pink

Oops, I forgot to take a photo of the bottom of Wattles. Anyhow, this is such a strange color! I popped Wattles on my lids expecting to see what I saw in the pan, but it was actually a pink! Granted it was a light baby pink leaning more towards lavender, almost like the kind I used to sport way back in the day, except that was matte and this is a satin. I just added some winged liner and mascara and was good to go! I even added some of Tinsel over Wattles once I got back home, just to see what it would look like, and I was more than happy with the end result. I’m absolutely smitten with Wattles! This is a very beautiful neutral and such an unexpectedly pleasant surprise!

I feel like the top three Ignition, Koosh, Sleigh, would be excellent as toppers over other eyeshadows for more festive occasions, whereas the bottom four Moonshine, Dance Party, Get Lucky, Wattles, are lovely neutrals for everyday wear. I feel like they would even pair well with each other; Ignition could be a topper over Wattles, Sleigh and Moonshine would be another good combo, as would Get Lucky and Moonshine. Overall, I’m really falling hard for Colourpop’s Super Shock Shadows. I just wish there was a specific brush that came with them. Sure, I could use my fingers (it’s what I’ve been doing) but it’s not exactly a precise application.

Most Necessary – Warm peach with rosy gold highlights. Aka, you need it. Right meow.

Highly Waisted – Soft golden peach with a pink duo chrome flip…One tequila, two tequila, three tequila, floor

I know what you’re thinking, “More Colourpop Highlighters?!?!”. The answer is “Yes!”. We’ve already established that I’ve got a problem. I couldn’t decide between Most Necessary and Highly Waisted so I just got them both. Most Necessary is the darker of the two and intrigued me because of its description, rose-gold, which is why I wanted to see what that would look like on me. As for Highly Waisted, the fact that it’s a duochrome peach made me not want to walk away from it. However, seeing them both in person, they look way too similar to each other. Hopefully, once I play around with them and figure out their little nuances, they’ll prove their worth.

I’ve noticed that some of my other Colourpop Highlighters seem to be less than flattering on my skin, which is saying something because I don’t even have problematic skin. Also, they aren’t as glow-y as much as they are glitter-y. I can’t possibly be the only one that’s noticed this so what’s with all the stellar reviews? Then again, I don’t wear foundation, at all, or I might just be used to more high-end highlighters… so maybe that’s why? In any case, these are still fun to play around with and these two specifically might even be used as Blush.

Cookie: matte warm brown nude – A warm brown nude – forever on the lips never on the hips!
Skimpy Pencil: matte soft pinky nude – Bare it all with this soft pinky nude

Cami: Matte X cool-toned mauve – No need to cover up in this cool-toned mauve
Bound Pencil: matte muted mauve – You’re bound to be addicted to this muted mauve pencil

LBB: matte rich plum wine – Rich plum wine, this shade was created by one of our favorite muses, blogger: LittleBlackBoots
LBB Pencil: matte rich plum wine – Rich plum wine in a matte finish, this shade was created by one of our favorite muses, blogger: LittleBlackBoots

Trust Me: Matte X vivid true red – Trust us, you’ll love this matte vivid true red
Bossy Pencil: matte classic blue red – We’re not trying to be bossy but you should probably buy this classic blue red

Chateau: Matte X blackened red – Feel fancy as fu** in this blackened red
Dukes Pencil: matte dark blackberry – Put on your daisy dukes and this dark blackberry

I also picked up a Lippie To Go Collection called Hot To Trot, which consisted of 5 Lippie Stix on one end and 5 Lippie Pencils on the other end, all mini-sized! I figured it would be a good way to sample their Lippie Stix and their Lippie Pencils. I actually had my eye on Cookie Lippie Stix (nude) and Chateau Lippie Stix (vampy red) so this was perfect for me because I could get both without having to commit to a full size. I’m not big on double-ended products but I appreciate the fact that they’ve got tiny swatches of both the Lippie Stix and the Lippie Pencil striped around the product.

Surprisingly, out of all of them, Cami was the first one I wore out and about. I have yet to play around with the others. The texture and consistency of Lippie Stix strongly reminds me of my beloved Jordana Easyshines, so smooth and creamy and lovely!

Weekender – Pack it up and don’t forget to throw in your warm true red

With that being said, I still had to get a full sized Lippie Stix in the shade Weekender, because it was Limited Edition and I just knew that if I skipped it, I’d never get another chance to pick it up. I honestly don’t know what it is with me and reds at the moment but apparently we’re having a “thing”.

Best O – This deepened burgundy will make you feel reeeeallll good

I was also eyeing their Crème Gel Pencil Liners so I got just the one, in the shade Best O because burgundies make my brown eyes look green-y. I have yet to try this out yet but they’ve got a wide variety of shades from periwinkles and mints to several variations on brown and even a bunch of metallics including rose gold. If Best O works out, I’m definitely going to be picking up a few more Colourpop Crème Gel Pencils.

Times Square: Ultra Matte Lip; muted pink beige – You’ll always be bright in this muted pink beige that never sleeps

Solow: Ultra Matte Lip; flamingo pink – Put a little YOLO in your solow in this flamingo pink

Bad Habit: Ultra Matte Lip; dusty mauve pink – This dusty mauve pink will be a bad habit you don’t want to kick

Creeper: Ultra Matte Lip; classic blue-red – Keep it real in this classic blue-red

Avenue: Ultra Matte Lip; deep brick red – Sleep all day, stay up all night in this deep brick red

Another good deal too good to pass up was this Mini Ultra Matte Lip Collection called The Good Times which consisted of 5 Ultra Matte Lips in adorable mini-size! There’s a nude, a flamingo pink (gorge!), a trendy mauve-y pink, and two reds. I feel like the color selection in this specific kit was excellent and for once, none of the shades are “iffy”, unless you count Avenue which was a double from another kit (hauled in full size – here)

Mars – Whether you’re from Mars or Venus this fuchsia will be fab on you

I’ll be honest, I thought this was gonna’ be a coral, regardless of the description. Also, one of my all-time fave girly-girl Manga is actually titled Mars, so I also kinda’ wanted this for the name. Seeing as how I’ve been eyeing this Ultra Matte Lip from the first time I went on the Colourpop website, I figured I should just go ahead and get it, rather than continuing to lust after it from afar.

London Fog – You won’t get lost in the fog in this pinky red

I was hoping this could be a dupe for Revlon Strawberry Suede but even if it’s not a dupe, London Fog looks absolutely beautiful! It even sounds lovely! I was a bit worried because it was such a bright shade for an Ultra Satin Lip but I was worried for naught because besides looking gorge, they also wear like a dream and feel oh-so-comfortable on the lips (as opposed to mattes which can be the teensiest bit drying).

November – Warm Peachy Pink (Kathleen Lights Collection)

I picked up this Ultra Satin Lip in the shade November because it was also part of a collab with the famous YouTuber Kathleen Lights and I’d seen swatches of it on women of color and it had looked ridiculously flattering on them. Now I’m not black, but I’m not white either. I’ve got odd, sallow skin which makes things that look one way on everyone else, look completely different on me. As such, it’s mostly a lot of hope and guesswork to figure out what would suit me. It doesn’t help that I’m so “set in my ways”. Anyhow, I’m hoping (See? There’s that word again.) that November would be a nice neutral for everyday wear. It was actually a toss-up between November and Alyssa but I removed Alyssa from my online shopping cart at the last minute, and obviously went with November.

Fairy Floss – This sheer pale beige is a sugary treat

Another Colourpop product that I haven’t tried out before was their Ultra Glossy Lip. I’m not as obsessed with Lip Gloss as I once was, but I figured a nice nude would come in pretty handy. I could wear Fairy Floss over nude lipsticks, or to lighten darker shades, or to tone down brighter shades, or even wear it on its own. Also, that name <3

Piranha – You’ll definitely get some bites in this sheer pastel pink

Piranha was purchased less for practical use and more because it looked so stinkin’ cuuuute! I don’t think I’ll ever outgrow pastel-y pink lip gloss or Ultra Glossy Lip as Colourpop calls them.

L-R: Avenue (Mini Ultra Matte Lip), Creeper (Mini Ultra Matte Lip), London Fog (Ultra Satin Lip), Mars (Ultra Matte Lip)

L-R: Mars (Ultra Matte Lip), Bad Habit (Mini Ultra Matte Lip), November (Ultra Satin Lip), Solow (Mini Ultra Matte Lip)

L-R: Solow (Mini Ultra Matte Lip), Piranha (Ultra Glossy Lip), Fairy Floss (Ultra Glossy Lip), Times Square (Ultra Matte Lip)

Some (my conscience) might argue that these are all kinda’ the same but nay, I say! The different finishes (matte, satin, glossy) make all the difference in the world.

Like I’ve mentioned in my previous hauls, I get such a kick out of Colourpop‘s color-coding system. I mean sure you can just read the name but storage-wise, it’s just so convenient!

Red – Ultra Matte Lip
Pink – Ultra Glossy Lip
Yellow – Ultra Satin Lip
Purple – Lippie Stix
Dark Teal – Crème Gel Liner

Here are all the prices:

Hot To Trot (Lippie To Go Collection) $18
The Good Times (Mini Ultra Matte Lip Collection) $18
Most Necessary & Highly Waisted (Pearlized Highlighters) $8 a pop
Fairy Floss & Piranha (Ultra Glossy Lip) $6 a pop
London Fog & November (Ultra Satin Lip) $6 a pop
Mars (Ultra Matte Lip) $6
Best O (Crème Gel Pencil) $5
Ignition & Koosh & Sleigh & Moonshine & Party Time & Get Lucky & Wattles (Super Shock Shadows) $5 a pop

10 thoughts on “Colourpop Haulage

  1. i think i pay for aramex shipping more than what I paid for the products, most of my money is going to them like an installment every month x_x
    the ultra matte are my favorite specially the shade Wild Nothing


  2. Same. Honestly, that wouldn’t be an issue if they actually delivered my stuff on time as opposed to 3-5 weeks later :/

    Girl, I love their Ultra Mattes, especially their reds! So freakin’ comfy on the lips! Wild Nothing kinda’ seems similar to MAC Whirl Lipstick in my humble opinion. I just don’t know what to pair it with :( Any suggestions?


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