Ikea KullaMust Apple Juice

I was at Ikea paying for my stuff at the cash register when I decided to check out their little grocery store (it was in my direct line of vision and I was parched). For whatever reason, I’ve never ever stopped there before until that day. I was delighted by the fact that they had several different variations of Apple Juice that were packaged in what appeared to be beer-bottles. They had Apple & Raspberry, Apple & Strawberry, and regular Apple Juice. Being apple-obsessed as I am, I bought one of each for myself to try out, and another one of each to take back home for whoever else was willing to give them a try. Apple & Raspberry was vile! Come to find out (I’d missed it on the tiny graphic) that it included a shot of mint (ugh!). Tricksy little hobbitses. Everything seemed legit at first but the aftertaste (mint) was horrible, for me at least. The regular Apple tasted nice but wasn’t anything special. The Apple & Strawberry however was everything! I’ve been purchasing Apple & Strawberry in bulk ever since, well, only when I happen to be at Ikea.

Obviously I can’t read any of that. My cousin is half-Danish but refuses to teach me anything, sadly.

But if by any chance you can, I left this partially un-guzzled (took a lot of willpower) so it would be more legible.

As you can tell by the little graphic and er, name, the five on the right-hand side are all regular Apple (I did say it’s nothing special but I’d never say no to good ol’ Apple Juice because I love me some Apples) whereas the rest are all Apple & Strawberry.

Here’s a close-up of the Apple & Strawberry

This is the result of one of my many drive-bys to Ikea. I figure since Ikea is so far out of my way, I might as well purchase half a dozen of these per visit.

If you happen to be at Ikea, I suggest you give their Kullamast Apple Drinks a try.

2 thoughts on “Ikea KullaMust Apple Juice

  1. Hi! The translation says: Apple & Strawberry, Apple juice spiced with strawberry and cardamom. Without added sugar. 100% natural ingredients. Peter Carlsson, Kullabygdens musteri i mjöhult (kullabygdens juice factory in mjöhult),

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