Bomb Cosmetics Haulage

I was on a much-needed vacation abroad, traipsing through the cutesy souvenir shops nestled amongst darling little cafes on cobblestoned streets, when my nose detected a ridiculously yummy scent! I broke away from my friends and immediately followed my nose which led me to Beauty Bar. As soon as I set foot in-store, I was hit with an explosion of mouth-watering scents! They sold all kinds of beautifully-scented body and bath products including stuff from Bomb Cosmetics. It was the perfect place to buy gifts for my family and friends. I’ve never tried Bomb Cosmetics before but if I had to liken them to anything, I’d say Bomb Cosmetics was a mash-up of Lush products with Bath & Body Works scents. Bomb Cosmetics products are hand-made from natural ingredients, vegan-friendly, and they don’t test on animals. I wasn’t in the UK but apparently Bomb Cosmetics is a UK-based brand that supplies several European countries with their extremely affordable products. When my friends eventually caught up to me, we all ended up purchasing stuff from Bomb Cosmetics for our friends and family back home. Obviously, I’ve already given the gifts to the people they were intended for but I also picked up a handful of stuff for myself, as you can see.

These Little Hottie Wax Melts are what I was talking about in the last paragraph, here. Apparently, each box will give you up to 132 hours of fragrance.

The Little Hotties Box comes pre-packaged (with Little Hotties already selected for you) or you can customize your own Little Hotties Box (choose the scents and the quantity). You just pop one (ideally, four at a time) of the Little Hottie Wax Melts on top of a Wax Melter and light a tealight underneath it. As I stated in the last paragraph of that post, I didn’t purchase the Wax Melter because I had assumed it was electrical and therefore incompatible with us. I figured I could just jerry-rig something together on my own, if I couldn’t find a Wax Melter back in Kuwait.

They had a wide variety of scents ranging from florals (Fleur Botanica, Flower Power, Parma Violet, Magnolia Blossom, Orange Blossom, Raindrops on Roses, Lavender, Geranium, and one even straight up called Floral), to citrus-y (Lemon, Lime, Lemongrass, Bergamot, Citrus Blizzard) to fruity (Banana, Cherry Kiss, Blackcurrant, Fresh Fig) to delicate and aquatic scents (Cotton Fresh, Delicate White Tea, Summer Lawn, Surf’s Up) to gourmand scents (Bottle of Bubbly, Chocolate, Jelly Baby, Vanilla Honey, White Chocolate Truffle, Chocolate Orange, Pink Marshmallow, Blue Sundae, Raspberry Ripple) to tropical scents (Coconut, Passionfruit, Mango, Tropical Sands) to the plain unusual, possibly seasonal (Custard, Log Fire, Xmas Pudding, Gingerbread).

So obviously, I chose my own Little Hotties.

After being lumped together in the Little Hotties Box, their scents kinda’ rubbed off on each other but I’ll attempt to decipher which is which.

Glittery Yellow Stars – Biscuit
Orange Stars – Pineapple
Blue Stars – Oceanic Wave
Yellow Hearts – Banana
Mauve-Beige Hearts – Hazelnut
Brown Triangles – Morning Coffee
Red Circles – Strawberry
Green Circles – Apple

Passionfruit Fandango Tin Candle
A vibrant blend of passionfruit and citrus softenened by a creamy, sweet intoxicating caramel. With pure bergamot and lemon essential oils.

I’m not big on passionfruit in my products. There’s something about the synthetic passionfruit scent that I just can’t stand. In fact, I’d even go as far as to say that passionfruit-scented products actually hurt my olfactory senses. With that being said, Passionfruit Fandago strongly reminds me of berry-flavored candy, possibly grape-flavored Starbursts. It can still be head-achey on occasion, but the caramel makes it smell oh-so-sweet whereas the bergamot and lemon give it that uplifting zestiness which altogether makes the passionfruit not only more tolerable but actually pleasant.

I have to fess up that the color-scheme and hearts embedded in the tinned candle might have played a part in my choice of candle. I mean… just look at it. The whole thing looks stupid cute!

Cranberry & Lime Tin Candle
A juicy, fruity accord of Cranberries and zesty Lime with supporting fruity notes of Strawberry, Raspberry, Plum, Peach, Apple and Cassis with hints of White Flowers on a woody base.

As soon as I sniffed this in-store, I was totally, utterly, and completely in love! Call it Cranberry & Lime if you want but this was straight up Skittles in candle form. I cradled it to my chest while I walked around Beauty Bar browsing their other products. At one point, the sales assistant reached out to take it from me (to free up my hands so I could browse more…er, freely) but after I growled at her, she quickly scurried away.

Granted it’s not as pretty as the other candle, but this one has its own charm too. The outer packaging on the tinned candle seemed quite Christmas-y (all red and gold) and therefore cute as well. The real selling point for me was its gorgeous scent though.

Appley Ever After Lip Balm
A moisturising blend of fruity apple spiced with a touch of almond so your lips will live appley ever after!

Lastly, at the cash register (where they usually sucker us into buying even more junk by stacking the cutest products over there) I picked up one of their lip balms. It was in the scent Apple. Need I say more? With a name like Appley Ever After how could I not get it? As it turns out, it also tastes like apple-flavored candy.

Bomb Cosmetics have ridiculously cute packaging, funny pun-ny names, and the scents of their products are so bomb! Why is Bomb Cosmetics not sold in Kuwait yet? Someone get on that, quick… por favor.

3 thoughts on “Bomb Cosmetics Haulage

  1. I personally like Bomb cosmetics more than Lush .. even the bath bombs look and smell soooooooooo much better than Lush


  2. They sell Bomb Cosmetics in your country? You lucky ducky! I actually picked up a set of bath bombs from them, a gift for my sister and now she’s obsessed!

    Rei, I am telling you, Cranberry & Lime is everythiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiing! They might as well have named it Skittles lol <3


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