Next I Love My… Slippers

Actually, I love… Loungewear. I’ll tell you why. Loungewear is just so comfortable (enough to lounge in ergo lounge-wear). Loungewear keeps me warm when it’s cold outside. Loungewear keeps me cool when it’s hot outside. Loungewear is easy. Loungewear is effortless. Loungewear is life.

Just to be clear, I classify Athletic Wear (everything from Yoga Pants and Tank Tops to Hooded Fleece Running Jackets) and Sleep Wear (everything from T-shirt Dresses to Pajama Pants and Shorts) and Outer Wear (everything from Fluffy Robes to Over-Sized Cardigans) and Accessories (everything from Comfy Socks to Fluffy Slippers) as Loungewear. As such, Loungewear is my favorite style of clothing to purchase.

I’ll even go out in public wearing Loungewear. Yup, even in good ol’ fashion-obsessed Kuwait where girls dress like they are going clubbing, when they’re only going to the grocery store across the street (read: local co-op). I’m aware it’s a fashion no-no in Kuwait but honestly I don’t care. I’m big on comfort. You can’t part me from my Loungewear especially when I’m feeling a bit under the weather. I’ve even shown up for a really important test (I mean aren’t they all?) at College in a matching Pajama Set because I had the flu (read: felt like I was dying) but couldn’t miss said test.

I’d wear Loungewear out and about while abroad too but it wasn’t as big of a deal in Vienna, Paris, London whereas in Kuwait people would look at me like I’d grown a third eye in the middle of my forehead, which amused me. I mean I’d love to yell out, “Big picture, people. It’s just stuff we’re wearing to cover our body parts as we go through life on this floating rock that’s miraculously unharmed by all the millions of things out there that could end our existence as a species at any moment.”, but I never do, because I can’t say all that in one breath, and also because it wouldn’t make a difference. Sometimes, I’ll sprinkle some dressy pieces (throw on some heels, for example) with my Loungewear to make the overall outfit seem more formal. That’s why I’m loving the fact that Athleisure is trending at the moment. Everyone just looks so comfortable and is therefore much happier!

So I was at Next (Avenues branch) when I came across these comfy looking slippers.

I don’t really love these slippers seeing as how I just got them but apparently that’s what they’re called, I Love My… Slippers. I could however very well grow to love them, over time, with frequent use.

They didn’t come up with any outer packaging or protective anything but they’re not as scruffed up as they look in the photos (that’s just the power of my awesome new camera) and at KD5/750 I’m not complaining.

They had them in different colors but I went with black because it pairs well everything and looks cool. Cute, cozy, and comfy slippers at Next for only KD5/750. Go getchu’ some.

2 thoughts on “Next I Love My… Slippers

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