Ruby Tuesday Classic Ribs

I’ve loved Ruby Tuesday’s Classic Ribs for 10+ years now. I’ll crave it from time to time and go there and have some, but more recently I’ve been fond of ordering in. It’s especially a hit with the guys! I’ll always order some if I’ve got more than one dude coming over. We’ll all play videogames for a good while (which gets everyone crazy competitive) then we’ll wind down with a guy’s guy movie (my go to is Green Street Hooligans lol but I don’t want people to get sick of it so I’ll only bust out the DVD if someone hasn’t seen it yet), usually something with a high rating on imdb, while we have dinner.

It comes like this, in all-black Styrofoam.

You can choose two sides of; French Fries, Mashed Potatoes, Baked Potato, Rice Pilaf, Chefs Vegetables, or Broccoli. I like getting the Mashed Potatoes because it comes with a cup of Mushroom Sauce (which they never used to charge for but now apparently they do) nestled in there. Sometimes I’ll go for a Rice Pilaf (and drizzle it with Mushroom Sauce) and sometimes I’ll go for French Fries. I got the Broccoli on a whim (because it makes me feel like this whole meal is healthier for it), this time.

You have your choice of ordering One Piece or a Two Piece. I used to have this stuff regularly (back when Ruby Tuesday’s was kinda’ new to Kuwait lol) or I’d order in and have some while I binge-watched Nip/Tuck which would freak out my parents (“Why is she watching very graphic surgery while having dinner?”). Seeing as how I don’t get Ribs regularly anymore, I go for the Two Piece on the rare (lawl) occasion that I do, but it’s still a staple for me when I’ve got dudes coming over. I mean I’ve served Ribs to my girls on several occasions (we never go to Ruby Tuesday’s now) but they sorta’ just nibble at it. My female friends seem to prefer Sushi or Lebanese Cuisine over Classic Ribs anyway.

One Piece KD6/950
Two Piece KD10/950

It’s easy to overlook these Classic Ribs especially in Kuwait when it seems like we get half a dozen new restaurants poppin up on the daily but if you’re a meat-lover and you don’t feel like firing up the BBQ (or the weather doesn’t allow) give them a try! I mean they are called Classic Ribs for a reason.

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